Creative Learning Workshops for Secondary Schools

Creative Learning Workshops for Secondary Schools

Secondary teachers: Use our exhibitions to stimulate your pupils’ work this autumn and winter…

Creative Learning Workshops for Secondary Schools:

Nottingham Lakeside Arts’ galleries provide an inspiring range of changing exhibitions as the stimulus for educational activity with school and college groups. In fully facilitated sessions students are encouraged to engage with the artefacts, articulate responses and gain new skills/knowledge. Associate Artists and Learning Team staff provide practical sessions in the galleries, the Museum of Archaeology, the studios, and the wider Lakeside environment; make connections with work on show, and extend students’ art, design, history, literacy and cross-curricular experience.

Carve a Viking Character All Key Stages

Study the designs of the Viking carved artefacts, such as the Lewis chessmen, and then learn carving techniques so that you can make your own small figure out of soap and/or balsa wood.

Create a Viking Hoard Key Stage 3 and 4

Discover Viking hoards in the exhibition and use them as a starting point to spark your creative imagination. Craft your own Viking treasure and learn about the value of silver and gold in Viking society.

Digging for Vikings Key Stage 3

How did Vikings in Nottinghamshire live? What did they eat? What did they wear? How did they spend their time? All of these questions and more will be answered in this archaeology-based session which invites pupils to take part in their own indoor mini-dig and examine the objects they find.

Discover the Vikings Key Stage 3 to 5

Explore the fascinating Vikings exhibition with a Museum learning officer who will take students on a guided tour of the material. Students will handle and examine real artefacts and replica material to deepen their understanding of the Vikings as well as develop their critical thinking and historical enquiry skills.

Introduction to Basic Drawing Skills All Key Stages

Learn the basics of observational drawing, including sketching and shading techniques, within the rich historical environment of the Viking exhibition.

Viking Bling! Key Stage 3

Create your own Viking ‘bling’ in the form of headbands, rings and bangles. See the exhibition and then take inspiration to make and decorate your jewellery out of card, foil and other recycled materials.

Viking Rubbings Key Stage 3 and 4

Observe imagery, textures and patterns in the exhibition and then create collages, as individuals and in groups, which can be rubbed in the same way as medieval church rubbings. Using graphite and wax crayons the group will leave with many Viking-inspired pictures.

Viking Settlement Ancient Bush Craft Key Stage 3

Travel back in time and learn how to live like a Viking. Surviving those times was tough and living off the land was key. Submerge yourself in ancient crafts such as making tools, building shelters, weaving timbers and fire craft. You will emerge from this experience stronger, wiser and ready to take on the world.

Cost of workshops (2 hours): £100 per class plus VAT.

Maximum 35 in each group.

For more information about any of these sessions, contact Ruth Lewis-Jones, Learning Officer (Galleries) 0115 823 2218, , and visit our website: Sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of your class, so feel free to contact arts centre staff to discuss.To book, contact Jodie Clifford: 0115 846 7185,