Council Meeting March 14, 2005

Council Meeting March 14, 2005

Council Meeting March 14, 2005

Council Chambers:

ROLL CALL:The City Council of Lincoln Center convened in regular session at 7:30 p.m. with Mayor Del Vignery presiding. Councilmembers present: Marion L. Florence, D. Leon Kingan, Craig L. Ledet, Arletta R. Morse, Glenn M. Stegman. Officials present: Attorney Daniel D. Metz,Clerk Rose M. Gourley. Also present: Superintendent Ron Mason.

VISITORS:Visitors in attendance for portions of the meeting: Sheriff Russ Black, Undersheriff Les Richards, Debbie Ortiz, Pat Florence, Chris Timson.

MINUTES:Minutes of the February 14, 2005, regular meeting were approved as written.

PAYROLL VOUCHER:Payroll Voucher No. 05-02, for February wages and salaries in the amount of $43,999.10, was presented. Included in the total was the reimbursed Library payroll totaling $1,725.28, leaving a net City payroll of $42,273.82. A motion by Stegman, seconded by Kingan, to approve said Payroll Voucher, carried.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:Accounts Payablelistings were reviewed, including prepaid invoices in the amount of $1,416.50 and unpaid invoices totaling $164,598.56. (Included in the total was APAC-Kansas, Inc.’s Pay Estimate #2, in the amount of $85,341.59, for the Sheppard Development Project.) Upon motion by Stegman, seconded by Morse, all said invoices, in the amount of $166,015.06, were approved for payment.

DELINQ. ACCNTS.:Eighty-four accounts, totaling $9,693.98, were on the list of delinquent utilities.

PARK/POOL/CEMET.:The City Council authorized the placement of advertisements for swimming pool manager, pool lifeguards, and park and cemetery maintenance worker positions.

LIBRARY:Debbie Ortiz and Pat Florence, members of the Lincoln Carnegie Library Board, informed the Governing Body of a sizable bequest given to the Library from the Jane Crawford Estate. They said the Board hoped to use the funds to add on to or otherwise improve the library building, while keeping in mind the historical significance of its place in the National Register. It was agreed that the Governing Body would be kept involved and apprised of developments.

BEER LICENSE:An application for a license to retail Cereal Malt Beverages on the premises at Extra Innings Barbeque was reviewed. The appropriate fee accompanied the application. Carla Timson, the applicant, was present to answer questions posed by the City Attorney regarding her knowledge of applicable laws. There followed a motion by Ledet, seconded by Stegman, that a Cereal Malt Beverage License be issued to Carla Timson. Motion carried.

POST ROCK APTS.:Correspondence was received from Denise Ehrlich, Executive Director of the Lincoln Housing Authority, indicating the Post Rock Apartments’ bond payoff had eliminated the requirement that the City of Lincoln approve the annual budget. She would, however, continue to submit the budget to the City for informational purposes and, as always, would forward the annual audit information.

HOUSING DEVELOPMENT:APAC-Kansas, Inc’s Contract Change Order No. 1, for changes made necessary to the Sheppard Subdivision Project due to revisions in the Corps of Engineers Flood Plain

Council Meeting Minutes – March 14, 2005 - Page 2

Permit, was submitted for approval. Said Change Order would increase the contract price by $468.00 and extend the date of completion by 60 days to August 15, 2005. Stegman made a motion to approve the change order. Motion seconded by Kingan, carried.

Mayor Vignery reported the dirt work on the project was completed and installation of utilities was to begin later this week. He suggested the City haul out the dead trees from the area of the creek, if time permitted.

Clerk Gourley reported over 700 inquiries had been received regarding the free lots and, at present, 4 lots had been reserved. Several more applications had been returned and were being processed. Following discussion with the Governing Body and City Attorney, it was agreed that some form of proof of financial ability to construct the required home should be submitted prior to the transfer of property.

UNIFORM CODES:Clerk Gourley advised certain uniform code books had been purchased last year; however, the appropriate sections in the City Code had not been amended. City Attorney Metz said he could have a relevant ordinance available for consideration at the next meeting.

BALL PARKS:Mayor Vignery reported the blue shale material donated by Keith Vestal had been hauled to the LionsWestBallPark by local truckers. He said the local Lions Club had agreed to pay for half of the hauling charges. Upon motion by Stegman, seconded by Ledet, payment of the other half of the delivery charges was approved.

LAW ENFORCEMENT:Sheriff Black and Undersheriff Richards discussed law enforcement issues with the Governing Body, including animal control (specifically pit bulls), municipal court, and 24 hour coverage. The City Council expressed its appreciation for the coverage finally being provided for Lincoln.

SENIORCENTER:Clerk Gourley presented a Platinum Award Certificate from the LincolnSeniorCenter in appreciation for the City’s contribution for 2005.

PERSONNEL:The City Council authorized placement of an advertisement for a part-time employee for the City Clerk’s office.

WATER SYSTEM:Superintendent Mason reported the Gabelmann, Woody, and Tunnel wells were all at levels about a foot lower than this time last year. He suggested the City could be facing a very serious water shortage if conservation measures were not strictly enforced. Public notification options were discussed. It was agreed that alternate water sources should be considered as well. Clerk Gourley inquired as to the status of the water plant study contracted for in 2003. Superintendent Mason was instructed to contact the engineering firm to determine why the study had not been completed.

CITY CLEAN-UP:Due to the number of projects outstanding, Superintendent Mason said it was unlikely that the City Crew would have time this spring for any organized City-wide clean up activity. If City assistance was necessary, he suggested waiting until the fall.

SURPLUS PROPERTY:Superintendent Mason asked about selling certain pieces of used equipment. It was agreed that any sale of City property would required a solicitation of bids.

CEMETERY:An issue involving damage to stones by vehicles turning in the cemeterywas discussed but no action taken.

Council Meeting Minutes – March 14, 2005 – Page 3

INOPERABLE VEHICLES:Councilmember Stegman suggested it was time to place a notice in the paper that the provisions of City Code regarding inoperable vehicles were going to be enforced.

ADJOURNMENT:There being no further business, Stegman moved to adjourn. Motion seconded by Morse, carried. Council adjourned at 8:52 p.m.

S/Rose M. Gourley

City Clerk