Core High School Courses

Core High School Courses

NPA Grade 8Course Selections for 2015-2016

Please write your first and last names neatly at the top of this sheet. Select your top four choices for the elective courses you will take beyond the main courses listed. Get the appropriate teachers to approve your selections where required. Current teachers sign for cores, teachers listed sign for electives, and some courses do not require teacher approval (------).THIS CARD IS DUE BACK WITH ALL SIGNATURESTHURSDAY, APRIL 16th.

1. English:

Course Number / Course Title / Teacher Placement
EN011 / English Composition 8
EN021 / English Comp. 8 Honors

2. Math:

Course Number / Course Title / Teacher Placement
MA011 / Pre-Algebra MS
MA321 / Algebra I
MA401 / Geometry

3. Science:

Course Number / Course Title / Teacher
SC011 / Physical Science 8 / ------

4. Social Studies:

Course Number / Course Title / Teacher Placement
SS011 / US History 8 Pre-AP / ------

5. Physical Education:(check one)

Number / Course Title / Teacher Placement
PE001 / PE/ Health MS / ------
PE003 / Sports/PE 8-9 (select only if already took PE001 in Gr.7or if committing to take 8th grade Health through NPA Summer School) / Anaya/Schmidt
Substituting Dance for PE / Complete box at right if student is taking Dance and committed to take 8th grade Health through NPA Summer School. Get initials from Mrs. Lewis at right, but do not list Dance as #6 or 7 below. (It’s your #5.) / __Dance I MS
__Dance II MS
No PE in Grade 8 / Students who have completed PE001 in 7th Grade may opt out of 8th Grade PE. Get Mr. Anaya or Mr. Schmidt to initial here. Three of the selections below will beyour courses 5/6/7.
Definitely returning for 2015-16
Likely to return for 2015-16
Not likely to return for 2015-16, but please hold spot until we notify school otherwise
Definitelynot returning for 2015-16; okay to give spot away to the wait list

6 & 7. Please list yourchoices for your sixth and seventh courses, plus at least two backups.

Course Number / Course Title
1st Choice Elective
2nd Choice Elective
3rd Choice Elective
4th Choice Elective

Fine Arts Electives:

Number / Course Title / Selection
(  ) / Teacher Placement
FA007 / Digital Photography MS / LaCour
FA011 / Art I MS / Bopp
FA012 / Art II MS / Bopp
FA015 / MS Art Survey / LaCour
FA021 / Concert Strings I MS / Bruner
FA022 / Concert Strings II MS / Bruner
FA023 / Symphonic Strings MS / Bruner
FA044 / Glee 8 MS / Wilkins
FA025 / Chamber Choir MS / Wilkins
FA027 / Beginning Band / London-Hall
FA028 / Concert Band MS / London-Hall
FA029 / Symphonic Band MS / London-Hall
FA037 / Beginning Jazz Band / London-Hall
FA030 / Jazz Ensemble MS / London-Hall
FA031 / Dance MS / Lewis
FA032 / Dance II MS / Lewis
FA035 / Beginning Guitar MS / Byers
FA036 / Intermediate Guitar MS / Byers
FA040 / Beginning Drama MS / London-Hall

Other Electives:

Number / Course Title / Selection
(  ) / Teacher Placement
EL000 / Integrated Learning Strategies / Curr. ILS Tchr.
EL003 / Mock Trial MS / Baron
SE001 / Trans. Study Skills MS / Prentice
EL005 / Creative Language Arts MS / Pohl
FL011 / Latin II / Rudebusch

Re-Enrollment Status: (check one)


  • I have investigated the classes requested, consulted with teachers as needed, and understand that I cannot later request a change based on claiming not to know the nature of the courses.
  • I understand that while every effort will be made to honor requests, selections and course listings are not guaranteed.

Student Signature: ______

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______Date ______