Computer Systems Engineering 1-2 (Computer Repair)Syllabus for 2016-2017

Computer Systems Engineering 1-2 (Computer Repair)Syllabus for 2016-2017

Computer Systems Engineering 1-2 (Computer Repair)Syllabus for 2016-2017

Welcome to Computer Systems Engineering 1-2 (PC Repair). This year long course will count for your graduation credits as an occupational CTE credit. This course will prepare you for the TestOut PC Pro Certification Exam while teaching you practical knowledge of the technology and employability skills for on-the-job success. You will spend class time in self-paced labs as well as on-line curricula and traditional classroom lectures and demonstrations. This year you will learn and gain an understanding of how computers work, how to troubleshoot a non-working computer, and how to design and assemble a computer system. Your time spent in this class can be the beginning of a great career in Information Technology. You will have the opportunity to take one free PC Pro Certification exam.School Internet policy is strictly enforced!

WA State Learning Standards: Common Core English Language Arts, Mathematics and 21st Century skills:
We will be incorporating the WA State Learning Standards and the 21st Century Employability Skills. The standards require a practical, real-life application of knowledge that prepares Washington students for success in college, work and life. 21st Century skills and/or Employability skills are the non-technical skills and knowledge necessary for effective participation in the workforce. They can include skills such as commitment to quality, work habits, communication, citizenship, and attendance/punctuality. They are also sometimes referred to as generic skills and soft skills.

Computer Systems Engineering 1-2 Power Standards: Students will be assessed on the following:

Computer Systems- Students will evaluate computer system components and applications and understand their functions.

Safety and Workplace Behaviors- Students will demonstrate industry safety, leadership and professional workplace behaviors.

Tools & Technology Applications- Students will apply the correct tools, techniques and vocabulary in their work.

Career Readiness - Students understand, apply, and evaluate, technology career fields.

Computer and Internet access is available to students in the Auburn Riverside High School Electronics Program. Our goal in providing this service is to promote educational excellence in our school by facilitating resourcesharing, innovation, and communication. This access is being provided to the student for educationalpurposes as established by the existing curriculum and will be supervised by staff members. All rules andregulations set in the Auburn School District acceptable use policy must be adhered to, students agree tothese terms every time they log in to a school district computer.

Release of student directory information - Student photographs may also be published in yearbooks, student/school newspapers, school handbooks, school or district Web pages, etc. Such publications are considered public domain and can be reproduced by the media. The district must receive written notice from a parent/guardian indicating they do notwant their child images or personal information used in this way.

This is a "TechPrep" course! This course qualifies for college credit with local community or technical colleges in the area. The student must pass the class with a B or better. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.My room has video surveillance cameras installed in an effort to deter theft. The room is monitored twenty-four hours, seven days a week throughout the school year.

How to contact Mr. Medina

Classroom location ……………………….. Room 349

Email ………………………………………

Telephone …………………………………. 253 804-5154 ext. 3490 (work)

Time available ……………………………Before school, after school, by appointment

Class rules:

1. Be present, be on time, and be ready to work. A student is considered tardy if he/she arrives up to 10 minutes late. If the student is more than 10 minutes late, they will be marked as an un-excused absence. More than twelve absences (excused or un-excused) may result in a non-passing grade. If a student's absence is un-excused the student does not have the right to make up missed work.

2. The ARHS dress code is observed. All electronic devises (portable CD players, etc.) are prohibited during lectures and labs. Cell phones are not allowed during classroom periods. Repeated requests to put them away will result in confiscation.

3. Foul language or harassing behaviors will not be tolerated. NO BAR TALK!

4. Follow all safety rules and procedures. Unsafe behaviors will result in a student's removal from the classroom.

5. This classroom is a DRUG FREE ZONE! Practice professional behaviors.

6. Cheating is not tolerated and will be acted upon in accordance with the ARHS Cheating prevention policy. All policies and procedures listed in the student handbook will be followed.

Class Expectations:

I have high expectations of my students and want to provide a quality-learning environment. If your conduct is not appropriate the following policy will be applied:

1. Warning 2. 15-minute detention 3.30-minute detention 4.Parental conference 5.Immediate removal

Guests in the Classroom:

Any time we have a guest in our classroom I expect you to treat that person with respect. This would include substitute teachers, parents, guest speakers, administrators, or any other guest that might spend time in our room. This is a time to show others that positive things are happening in our classroom and in public schools. Any behavior problems that occur while a guest is in the room will result in a minimum of one after school detention and a call home to parents.

Grade policy:

Grades at the quarter are only a progress report; they are not averaged to achieve the semester grade. Points are assigned for the following standards:

1. Computer Systems.2. Industry Safety 3. Appropriate Tools4. 21st Century Skills 5. Practice Work 6. Assessment

Grade scale:

92.51%-100% = A / 86.51%-89.5% = B+ / 76.51%-79.5% = C+ / 65.51%-69.5% = D+
89.51%- 92.5% = A- / 82.51%-86.5 % = B / 72.51%-76.5% = C / 59.51%-65.5% = D
79.51% - 82.5% = B- / 69.51% - 72.5% = C- / Below 59.5% = F

Class materials required every day:

1. Pencils.

2. Notebook and paper.

I am thrilled to have you in my classroom and look forward to being your teacher. I am here to help you learn, but the learning is up to you. Feel free to contact me with any question or concerns you or your parents/guardians might have.

Sincerely, Mr. Medina.

Technology Instructor, Auburn Riverside High School.

Computer Systems Engineering 1-2 Safety Contract and Syllabus Acknowledgement Form

Welcome to the wonderful world of electronics! Please take a moment and go to the following website:

and select the Computer Systems Engineering (PC Pro) Course syllabus. Please take a moment and review the document with your child. I have covered this document in depth with the class and your child should be fairly familiar with the content. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you any further questions. Students are expected to master the TestOut,LabSim, PC Pro standards for computer maintenance theory and practice. Because of the possibility of personal injury, possible damage to equipment and materials, and the danger of electrical shock, you are expected to follow all safety precautions and procedures to be successful in this class. Students are required to pass the safety exam with 100% accuracy. This is a state requirement for all Career and Technical Education courses. Please return this form. It will be kept on file.


I have read and understand the class expectations for this Computer Maintenance course. I will conduct myself in a safe and responsible manner. I will follow all school rules and classroom policies. I will do my best to be successful and fully understand that I am accountable for my actions.

Student Name (Printed) Student Signature Date

Additional Comments from student:


I have read and understand the expectations for my student in this Computer Maintenance course and will do my best to support them. I understand that my student is responsible for the equipment they work on and intentional damage may result in a fine. I will support my student in their efforts to be successful.

Parent/Guardian Name (Printed) Parent/Guardian Signature Date

Optional contact information:

Parent/Guardian e-mail address: ______

Daytime phone numbers: Home ______

Work ______

Cell ______
Additional Comments from parent/guardian: