Computer On-Line Exam One - A

Computer On-Line Exam One - A

Microsoft Word 2007 Chapter 4 – Lab Test A

Enhancing a Draft of a Proposal

Purpose: To demonstrate the ability to add a shadow box border with shading and color, insert clip art, insert a watermark, insert an existing document into an active document, create a table with the draw table feature, and chart a table.

Problem: You have decided to open your own a computer repair and software engineering company. You need to write up a business proposal to obtain a bank loan. Because the process is quite lengthy, the loan officer has asked you to prepare a short proposal for the bank officers. You want to impress them, so you are going to add tables and a chart showing projected income for the first three years.

Instructions: Perform the following tasks:

1.Create the title page shown in Figure W4A-1. Use appropriate clip art and colors. Add watermark using computer_clipart_cd.gif from location provided by your instructor. Insert a section break. Return to normal style.

2.Insert the draft of the body of the proposal below the title page. The draft is called Word Draft 4 – A and can be found at a location provided by your instructor. The draft of the body of the proposal is shown in Figure W4A-2.

3.Use the data below to create a table below the first paragraph in the proposal. Create a table double-spaced with no borders. Add an empty first row of cells and merge them. In the newly merged row, center, bold, and underline the title ELMPARKVILLAGECOMPUTERCENTER. Center the table.


First Year45,00068,00038,000

Second Year49,00079,00052,000

Third Year57,00087,00073,000

4.Use the Formula button on the Table Tools Layout ribbon to add totals for the three years in the total column.Change the sum formula as needed so that the totals are for the rows and not columns.

5. Create the following table with borders below the second paragraph in the proposal. Center, bold, and underline the title BASIC UNIT PRICES above the table.



P7-500 22992499




P8N-700 Notebook28993199

5.Select all the rows in the table and chart the table using the Object arrow in the Text group on Insert ribbon to insert a Microsoft Graph chart. Resize the chart so it is easy to read.

6.Single-space and add computer-shaped bullets to the list of items below the third paragraph.

7.Add your name and course identification to the bottom of the document and then save the document using the file name, Lab Test A – Word Chapter 4.

8.Print the document.

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We fix any brand, any model!


See us about a painless upgrade to merge onto
the information superhighway!

Call us at 317-555-6131

Figure W4A - 1

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I am making a loan request based on a detailed financial projection, which demonstrates that by combining $85,000 of my own assets with a loan of $155,000, I can open a computer store and offer consulting services. I will consider securing the loan using the equity in my home as collateral. The loan will allow me to hire a full-time salesperson, a full-time technician, and two part-time salespeople and technicians.

My conservative estimate of revenue and cash flow indicates that I will make a profit after three months and will become self-sustaining after six months. I currently have two small business contracts for supplying 30 computers, and I expect to have a third proposal approved within the next three weeks. Within one year, I expect to double my sales and technical staff to meet growing demand.

ElmParkVillageComputerCenter will offer a wide variety of services to its customers.

Name brand hardware products and peripherals

Name brand software products

Professional technical support

On-site and in-store computer repair

ElmParkVillageComputerCenter will be conveniently located for both the home and business computer user. We look forward to being part of the growing community of ElmParkVillage.

Figure W4A - 2

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