Complete IGNOU Help Guide for Course Selection and Admission

Complete IGNOU Help Guide for Course Selection and Admission

Complete IGNOU help guide for course selection and admission.

IGNOU offers courses through correspondence. IGNOU study centres are spread all over India.This guide is to help studentswho are willing to enhance their educational qualification while working by doing distance learning courses from IGNOU.To start career oriented journey, students will have to follow some simple steps as outlined in this guide.

Step 1 – Find area of interest through career counseling.

IGNOU Online portal offers many student related sections. Sakshat is one of them; it aims to fulfill learning needs of students. On clicking this link student will be taken to Sakshat website.

In this site under student’s corner there is link for career counseling. On clicking that link student will reach a page which will tell student something about “Shine”.

Shine project is developed by The Promise Foundation. At the bottom of the page is Next button, which student clicks to start career exploration.

In this student’s area of interest is discovered. It is a known fact that a person is successful in life, if they pursue career in which they have maximum interest. Same principle is applied here, when a student is given choices between different activities and has to make choices according to his interest.

The best activity comes to the top in which that person has maximum interest. That activity can be related to their future career.

Then student comes to a page which tells them before embarking on the path of career choice it is important that a person knows self. It also tells students that result of the questionnaire which is going to follow is going to analyze aptitude of that person attempting it. Accuracy of the results would depend on the input of the student.

The first set of questions relate to hobbies and accomplishments of a person. In this section it is not necessary student chooses all the activities listed.

As student progresses then comes page about “Interests in life”. In this student has to choose one option in all four questions.

A series of question pages come about different interests –Linguistic, Analytical – logical, Spatial, Personal and Physical – Mechanical Interests. In the last after answering all questions comes the result.

When student clicks the button –”Show me my profile”, they are taken to the results page. In this page the personality traits is shown in terms of percentages given to interest – areas in life. The dominant area, as in this case is Analytical – Logical Area, gives idea as what type of occupations if chosen would be good for that person.

After that student is shown, list of careers according to dominant area of interest. In this he has to choose 4 to 5 best career which he can select.

Above are some of the probable choices a person can makes according to the Analytical – Logical Interest Area.

Step 2 –Search Programmes in IGNOU website

Student now has to search courses according to their area of interest as discovered during career counseling session. Student will find Programme search in IGNOU website on home page under Student Zone tab. On Clicking “know more”, they will be taken to the page where they can search IGNOU courses.

In this page student can see links on left side. First student has to choose that, it will define what level of course, student is looking for. Then according to the level selected would change “search programmes” displayed on the right side. In this also student has to make choices in sequence. First delivery type of the course has to be decided then stream which will automatically adjust school.

Suppose a student makes the following choice

It shows the result – Master of Computer Application. When student will click on the link, then they would be taken to the page which will have all the information related to that course.

The student can get information about eligibility, fees, syllabus and details of study centres offering that course.

Step 3 – Selecting study centre.

Learner on clicking of study centre link provided below the course information will get selection box in which student has to choose regional centre. On selection of regional centre, list of study centres will be displayed with contact information. Student can call that study centre for more information or can visit it by seeing its exact location in the map.

Step 4 – Filling of Admission Form

Student can fill admission form and get it submitted to the regional centre in person or by post. Student can also do it online through Admission page under student zone.

When student will click on the link “Apply Online” they will be taken to this page. In this page they have to tick mark, documents they would submit through post along with demand draft.

Step 5 – Checking Admission details online

Student can check their admission status online by filling fields of the form.

By – Rashmi Arora (Owner – Operator ) for more details mail to . Visit career counseling and take first step towards a bright future.