Classroom: Performance Arts Center Classroom

Classroom: Performance Arts Center Classroom

Viking Success



Teacher: Ms. Brittany Stacy

Classroom: Performance Arts Center Classroom

Purpose and Concepts

This course is designed to assist the student in becoming a successful high school student. The student will learn about themselves and how to set their own goals and to understand their perceptions and ideas.

Assignments and Activities

Students willfollow directions daily; will take part in exercises that will help them to become a successful student and peer to others. Group activities andindividual assignments will be a part of our daily schedule.

All major submitted assignments will be typed, double-spaced.

Major assignments will be stapled in the requested order with a cover page that includes student name, title of the assignment and the date.

Course Objectives

1.Students will speak confidently in and before groups.

2.Students will learn tools to help them be successful.

3.Students will recognize barriers that may keep them from becoming successful.

4.Students will learn note taking and studying strategies.

5.Students will understand community and culture in a high school setting.

6.Students will learn to reflect on themselves as well as others around them.

7.Students will have a strong understanding of the high school experience and will have an open forum to discuss questions and concerns.


Instruction will involve class discussion, experiential activities, written assignments, group assignments, tests and quizzes

Tests dates, major speaking and written assignments will be announced in advanced to give students time to prepare for the assessment. All assignments must be turned in or presented on due date to avoid penalty.


Attendance is important because the student will learn the most by actively participating during class. Students the first week of school need to make advance arrangements with another classmate so to collect assignments/handouts and to take notesin the event of an absence. When a student is absent it becomes the student’s responsibility to seek out missed class work, homework, and to turn in assignments that were due on the day(s) missed. Do not interrupt class to get missed assignments. See Ms. Stacy at the end of the class period, during her planning period or after school for information.

Students are expected to bring their notebook and pen to each class meeting. Ms. Stacy will inform students when it is necessary to bring other materials.






Classroom Expectations

All students will

use appropriate language.

enter the classroom quietly and take assigned seat before the last class bell rings.

respect all people, equipment, and furnishings in the classroom andthe Caudill Little Theatre.

bring materials to class ready to use for the purpose of learning.

wait for the teacher to dismiss the class not the bell.

sharpen pencils before or after class.

remain quiet during intercom announcements, telephone calls, or visitors coming to the classroom door, classroom, or theatre.

not chew gum or consume candy, food, drinks in the classroom and theatre. There are two water fountains located in the speech and theatre facility.

Daily Routine

Food, gum, drinks will be left outside the theatre lobby, classroom and theatre.

Notebook, pen and other necessary class materials will be brought to the classroom each day.

Students will be seated quietly in assigned seats before the tardy bell rings.

Students will refer to any instruction on the board.

No personal grooming will be permitted during class.

Students will be dismissed by the teacher, not the bell, after work areas are cleaned

andall students are seated.

Storm/Fire Drills

No talking during instructions.

Upon teacher’s instruction, line up in an orderly fashion on the classroom ramp that is located by the classroom exit door.

Proceed to proper location and stay with the class.

After“all clear” and teacher instructions, go back into the building in an orderly and timely fashion.

Teacher Conference

Parents may contact Ms. Stacy to discuss a student’s progress and or classroom behavior. Ms. Stacy’s email is