Church of Sts.Anny

Church of Sts.Anny

Church. Catherine
It is difficult to say whether it is the oldest church in Nowy Targ or not. The fact is that in place of the present church was earlier wooden church erected in 1327 years. During the re-location of the city on the Magdeburg Law in 1346. Casimir the Great founded a new church dedicated to the patron Saint of the city. Catherine of Alexandria. The relevant inscription confirming this event was placed inside the temple and says: Fundata Casimiro Magno Anno Domini 1346. Originally, only the chancel, which has survived to our times was made of brick, while the remaining part of the church was wooden. With the construction period is also sourced stone bowls placed at the entrances. Many fires which ravaged the city, as well as the invasion of the Swedes completed the work of destruction. After another conflagration in the seventeenth century, it was decided to rebuild the church in the form of a brick.
The church is open to visitors, and during the summer are held in the summer organ concerts.

Church of Sts.Anny

This small, charming wooden church was built in the fifteenth century, it is likely that the site already pre-existing temple. Due to its historical and architectural church. Anna is on Małopolski Trail of Wooden Architecture. The characteristic location on the hill may suggest that the church might once have been part of the old medieval defensive. For its construction were used larch wood and the building has a log construction, boarded boards. The wooden temple is oriented, which means that the altar and the faces of the faithful praying facing on the east. An interesting architectural are small windows placed only on the southern wall. In this way the church was "reheated" and provide less heat loss.
Church of Sts. Anna is a monument, which is located on the Malopolska Wooden Architecture Route. During the tourist season the object is open to the public:
Friday from 14:00 to 18:00
Saturday from 12:00 to 16:00.

Church of the SacredHeart of Jesus

Church of theSacred Heart of Jesusis called bynowotarżanthe "new"as opposed to "old" or churchCatherine.Construction ofthe templebegan inthe 30s of thetwentieth centuryand lastedalmost30 years.
Finally, aftermany years ofall kinds ofadversityin 1961. Bishop. JulianGroblickisolemnlyconsecrated thechurch.The buildingis the largesttemplein Podhaleandalso the onlythree-navechurch.
Churchtowercountingeach65meters highis the tallest buildingin the city.

SquareandTown Hall

Nowotarski square should not be the smallestone, becauseoccupiesan area of over1.5hectares.To this dayit preservedits originalmedievalurban layout. The central squareof thetown hall,side streetsextendingperpendicularlyfrom the fourcorners.Until1784 yearssurrounding thesquarewere woodenhousesandbungalows. After the greatfire, whichappearedalmostall the buildingswere builtof brickmarketandbunkhousesNowy Targtownspeople. The historicnature of thebuildingsarefrom thenineteenth century, andmarked with numbers9, 11, 27 and18. The most important buildingwas thetown hall,which was firstwrittenrecords datefrom the latesixteenth century.Likeall of the remainingbuildings of the citywas awooden structure. It housed theoffice ofthe municipal government, courtandprison.


The museum was establishedinthe 60sof last century,it isheadquarteredin the City Hall. Inits collectionit has more than7,000exhibits. It organizestemporaryandpermanentexhibitionsthat presentamong others:the traditionalPodhaleceramics, leather craftas an importantelement in the developmentof Nowy Targand othercraft professions. The permanent exhibitionisexposedequipmentnineteenth-centuryoutbuildingsprinting: a uniquehandprinting pressimported fromVienna toNowy Targ,machineprintingpress,a set of fonts, leaflets, newspapers, pamphlets (published in Nowy Targprinting).
The museum is open:
Mon:fromh. 10.00for hours.18.00
Tuesday - Fridayfromh. 8.00pm. 16.00

The exhibition "City of New Markets -Pope John Paul II; pastandpresent"

In October 2011,Nowy Targon the ground floorof City Hallwas openedpermanent exhibition"City of New Markets -Pope John Paul II; pastandpresent". Among thememorabiliavaluable, interesting, oftenof high artistic value, it accumulatesmanyrelics ofthe second degree(objects with which Blessedstillhadphysical contactorfor a long time). The exhibition is openduring working hoursTatraMuseumMondayafter midday. 10 to 18, Tuesday - Friday fromh. 8 to 16.

Papalchapelon PolanieRusnakowej

Locatedon the trail ofyellowchapelis one ofthe biggest tourist attractionsin the Gorce. It was built(without the consent ofthe then authorities) in 1979. By thevisit of Pope JohnPaul IIin Nowy Targandwas dedicatedto Our LadyQueenof Gorce. By tourists it is called thePontificalorpastoral. The chapel wasplacedon a cruciform planVirtueMilitari, the highest Polishmilitarydecorations. The interior ofthe small, but extremelyatmosphericchapeldesignrefersto the value ofhisMarianandpatriotic.
During the tourist seasonison SundayintheHoly Masscelebratedat 11:00and16:00.

Nowy Targ -ice cream

Fame andunforgettable tasteof ice creamNowy Targ are going so far. Whenin Polandqueuealreadygoneinto oblivion, in Nowy Targthey are doingquite well.Insunny and warmdays,crowds ofthirstyfans oficedelicaciessetinten meters longpetiolestowindowswith ice cream.Amongwaitingwith tourists fromall overPolishas well asguests from abroad.The Iceraritiescan be tasted inthe Marketat number26, 25and 9, andon the streetFalcon11, Long64 andKosciuszko. In recognition of thetraditional recipesused in the manufactureof ice creamin 2008Nowy Targice wasinscribedon the Listof Traditional ProductsMinistry of Agricultureand Rural Development.

BathsPodhalańskiein Szaflary

Thermal poolshave becomein recent yearsone ofthe biggest tourist attractionsin Podhale. They providegreat funfor both childrenand adults.The pools atthe Baths ofHighlandare filled withmineralizedwater, which is successfullyusedinspas. Soothingbathscan act, inter alia, musculoskeletalsystem-arthritis, neurosisand influenceto improvewell-being.

Cave inObłazowa

The caveis locatedinthe villageSpiszaNewWhite. He has gained notorietydue tothe uniquearchaeological sitein the form ofthe oldestboomerangin the world,whichwas made ofmammoth tuskabout 30,000years BCReplicaallowedto carry outtestsby whichit is known thatthe rangeof these weaponswas over60meters. During thearchaeological workscarried outin the cavethey were also foundremains ofwoolly rhinoceros, cave lionandreindeer.


There is nomore beautifulpanoramaof mountainsthan the viewfrom the aircraft,orduring afree flightwith a parachute.At the airportin Nowy Targcityschool operatesgliderandparachute. Here everyonewillingcan beginthe first stepsin aviationsportsandtourism. The right courseentitling them toacquirethe necessary powerstakes a fewhours, butthe jumpfrom a planewith an instructorrequires onlycourage.

Cross-country skiing

Cross country ski trailsareroutedthrough areasCityAirportand aroundthe reserveBorred.Depending ontheir lengthof snow coverranges froma few to severalkilometers.The entireroute ismarkedandmost importantly,professionally preparedbysnowmobileand a device forcreatingtracks. RunPodhalańskithem. John PaulIIis held everyyear inNowy Targairportandareasadjacentto it. The firstracewas heldin 2004.

Ski lifts

In the citythere are twoski lifts: Move andLongGlade, which, due to its lengthandslopesuitable fora peacefuland recreationalriding. Given theirfacilitiesaswell ascateringski schoolsandactivities for childrenofferedalmostideal fora family vacation.

EducationalPathin the reserveonthe RedBor

The nature reserve "Bor on the Red" near Nowy Targ sports airport, offers beautiful views of the Tatras, Gorce and picturesque bog. The nature trail in the Reserve "Bor on the Red" to see unique peat bog and its living animals and plants. Path length of 610 meters you can explore on foot or by bike in about one hour. The path is made available free of charge to all visitors reserve "Bor on the Red". Part of the trail led on wooden platforms. For visitors prepared special folders with descriptions path and seven boards of education, which includes all the important information concerning the nature of the area. A special attraction is the observation deck of the dome bog with the possibility for disabled persons. Path allows you to familiarize yourself with the largest and oldest living monument of nature in the Forest District Nowy Targ, which is a peat bog.