Chloette Haley

Chloette Haley


Chloette Haley

Program Officer

Andersen Corporate Foundation

342 Fifth Avenue North, Suite 200

Bayport, MN 55003

Dear Ms. Haley,

Stonehill Care Center is pleased to present you with this proposal. We hope to partner with you in order to help make the lives of older adults in Dubuque, IA more convenient, as well as more enjoyable and active through the purchase of a paratransit bus. 250 residents would love to take advantage of transportation around the Dubuque and surrounding area.

The purchase of this bus is extremely important for Stonehill Care Center residents, as well as the surrounding community. The bus will be mostly used by the residents of Stonehill Care Center for doctor appointments, social trips, as well as various events in the community. This bus will be for the use of residents at Stonehill Care Center, as well as for the use of other older adults in the surrounding area. It will provide opportunity for older adults to stay involved in the Dubuque community, and to provide them with a sense of independence and freedom necessary to maintain their health and identity.

Our proposal asks for an amount of $20,000 for the purchase of this bus for Stonehill Care Center. The original cost of the bus is around $60,000, but Stonehill has already raised $40,000 of that by fundraising, and only needs the remaining money in order to make the purchase. This is a great opportunity for both Andersen Corporate Foundation, as a way to support the older adults in the community, as well as for Stonehill, to be able to better provide transportation to the older adults that live there.

We appreciate Andersen Corporate Foundation for considering our proposal, and being interested in the care for older adults in the Dubuque community. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions, we can be reached at (563) 557-0849.

Thank you,

Eric Thomas

President & CEO

Stonehill Care Center

3485 Winsor Ave

Dubuque, IA 52001

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Brief Summary of Request:

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In 1878 the Franciscan Sisters were given the task of opening an orphanage in Dubuque, as well as designing a home to accommodate older adults. As the older adult population increased in Dubuque the residents realized it was time to do something about it, and this was essentially where the idea of Stonehill Care Center was created.

About 20 years later the Archbishop of Dubuque who was Archbishop John J. Keane gave the authorization to break ground for what would eventually become Stonehill. The local parishes in the area helped considerably with the funding which was used to purchase a building. In 1903 they officially began the construction. Throughout the years though, the St. Francis Home was actually the main “go-to” home for thousands of older adult residents throughout Dubuque and the surrounding area.

Moving into the 1970s Stonehill started to show some complications in regards to safety regulations and other things. The local benefactors went to address the Franciscan Sisters to see if anything could be done in regards to getting land from them to use specifically for a new nursing facility. The Sisters agreed upon the land and the new Stonehill was created in July of 1978. As of now Stonehill is a 250-bed, full-service home for older adults at its present location.

Finally in 1990, Stonehill created a program called the Adult Day Care Center and this opened to tend to the needs of the community that would provide a high-quality service for the older adults and their caregivers. In 1998 the Board and Planning Committee of Stonehill made the announcement that they were going to be adding an independent living space called Assisi Village which in 1999 opened to almost full capacity.

Stonehill is seen as a valuable asset to the community of Dubuque as well as the surrounding area. As of 2013 Stonehill has provided services to thousands of people and continues to grow each day.


“We, the Stonehill Franciscan Services community, in the spirit of St. Francis, offer quality residential, respite and health services in daily celebration of the dignity of older adults in an environment that respects families, staff and volunteers.”

The statement above is the Mission from Stonehill Care Center. Below, is the mission as we see it, as members of the community.

We at the Stonehill Care Center, make it our goal to offer care and quality to the residents of our facility. We provide them with health services in an environment that is friendly to staff, volunteers, and family.

We see ourselves as quality service providers for older adults as we partner with their families and the community. Stonehill’s community is not-for-profit so we have some values we like to follow.

There are four different categories that the mission is broken up into: hospitality, compassion, reverence, and stewardship. Hospitality essentially means that Stonehill is very welcoming to every person. Next is compassion which means that Stonehill offers three things empathy, healing, and comfort. After that is reverence which means that Stonehill holds each and every person to high esteem, and they recognize that everyone possessed a gift for life given by God. Last is stewardship which means that Stonehill accepts that they have a responsibility to use and manage the resources that are given to the community. Stonehill values each of these essentials and realizes how beneficial they are to the healthcare of the Catholic faith.

Description of Population Served

Stonehill serves older adults in terms of rehabilitation and short and long term care. It is a care facility that to the public is known as a nursing home, generally where older adults stay when they become incapable to taking care of themselves completely, and need assistance by nurses or other staff to have a full and continually substantial life.

Brief Summary of Request:

This grant is asking for $20,000 to obtain a bus for the residence of Stonehill Care Center. The actual cost of the bus is around $60,000 but Stonehill has already raised $40,000 through many different types of fundraising and smart budgeting. This bus will have many purposes such as: assisting resident in getting to the medical appointments, social, and other activities linking the older adult community to Dubuque. Stonehill residents will be able to use this amazing bus, but the older adults living in the surrounding community will also have the opportunity when space allows, to take full advantage of its’ services. The transportation of the residents and surrounding community will enjoy transportation to different destinations of organized monthly on their behalf. This bus is a way of socializing and getting residents out of Stonehill and out to appreciate Dubuque for what it has to offer.

Most importantly this bus allows four wheelchair stations so more residents who are wheelchair bound are able to be included on these trips. Before, with the previous bus only one resident who needed a wheelchair could go. Floor plan (See attached)

Current Programs:

Short Term Rehab

Rehabilitation is the first step to full or almost full recovery. Several things can cause one to need rehab assistance such as stroke, surgery, a chronic condition, trauma, or disease. Basically anything when something is impaired and can be fixed with time. The short-term rehab residents stay in a new part of Stonehill on the first floor that was recently redone. This includes private rooms, bathrooms, and showers. A cable TV is provided and essentially most of the amenities one would receive in a first-class hotel.

Stonehill’s Rehabilitation program has been the go-to program for older adults in Dubuque for over 20 years now. Tradition is a huge focus at Stonehill as well as putting an emphasis on long-term nursing care. This helps Stonehill respond to certain situations in a better light and deal with challenges that maybe another care center could not. The goal here is to restore each and every patient to their highest form of function and independence.

Stonehill Rehab’s main goal is to get patients functioning as close to their old selves as they can. They offer different therapies such as occupational, speech, and physical therapy. They can provide this for the patient as long as their physician continues to recommend it and it can happen up to 3 hours a day every day of the week. Some of the therapy that is covered is due to these injuries are joint replacement, neuro-muscular diseases, cardiac conditions, traumatic brain injury, stroke, dysphagia, fractures, post-surgical complications, diabetes complications, lymphedema complications, lymphedema treatment, and amputation. Different services are offered here with simplicity of making our residents comfortable, happy, and healthy. These services are: water, sewer and trash removal, heat, light weekly housekeeping, flexible meal service, 24/7 emergency call services, apartment and appliance maintenance, scheduled transportation, common area utilities, insurance, parcel/package acceptance, consulting on planning healthcare needs, landscaping and snow removal, laundry room, access to administrative staff, and all activities and social programs. Also, other utilities including electricity, telephone and gas, are billed separately and are the residents responsibility.

Relationship With Organizations:

As far as we understand it, Stonehill Care Center has a very good relationship with other’s in its category. Stonehill is very highly respected within the care facility community due to it’s amazing patient services and communication with outside members.

Board members:

Michael Berg (Chair)

Platinum Insurance

Main Street

Dubuque, IA 52001

(W): (563) 563.557.2504 ext. 6875

Kevin Ciesielski (Vice-Chair)

Dubuque Bank & Trust

1398 Central Ave.

Dubuque, IA 52001

W: 563-589-2162


Sr. Lila Hellman (Member)

Mt. St. Francis

37 McEvoy Street

Dubuque, IA 52003-7240

(H): (563) 582-9139


Dave Spahn (Member)

Dubuque Stamping & Mfg

3190 Jackson St. PO Box 798

Dubuque, IA 52004-0798

(W): (563) 583-5716


Bob Hoefer (Member)

Dupaco Community Credit Union

3299 Hillcrest Rd

Dubuque, IA 52004-0179

(C): (563) 590-8577


Nancy Dunkel (Member)

Representative-District 57, State of Iowa

1007 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50319Fidelity Bank &

H: (563) 875-8567


Terry Friedman (Member)

The Friedman Group, Inc.

880 Locust St., Ste. 200

Dubuque, IA 52001

(563) 556-0272 (W)


Sr. Helen Huewe, OSF (Member)

Mt. St. Francis

3390 Windsor Ave.

Dubuque, IA 52001

W: (563) 583-5313, ext. 1029


Richard Runde (Member)

Archdiocese of Dubuque

1229 Mt. Loretta

Dubuque, IA 52003

W: (563) 556-2580


Sr. Joan Stoffel, OSF (Member)

Mt. St. Francis

3390 Windsor Ave.

Dubuque, IA 52001

H: (563) 583-9786


Eric Thomas (President/CEO)

Stonehill Franciscan Services

3485 Windsor Ave.

Dubuque, IA 52001

W: (563) 557-7180, ext. 194


Jim Weber (Member)

Weber Paper Co

4300 Chavenelle Rd

Dubuque, IA 52002

W: (563) 588-4611


Kurt Wedewer (Member)

American Trust & Savings Bank

895 Main Street

Dubuque, IA 52004-0938


Phone: (563) 589-0828

Sr. Margaret Wick (Immediate Past Chair)

Mt. St. Francis

3390 Windsor Ave.

Dubuque, IA 52001

Phone: (563) 583-5313, ext. 6170


Alice Vontalge (Member)

Crescent Electric

7750 Dunleith Drive, PO Box 500

East Dubuque, IL 61025

(W): 815-747-3145, Ext. 129



The bus would be extremely useful for the use of the residents at Stonehill. The specific activities that the bus would be useful for include doctor appointments, shopping trips, or recreational use. It will be open to the residents of Stonehill whenever they would like to go anywhere. Residents can simply sign up to use the bus when they have a place they need or would like to go. The bus that was used previously was used very frequently, and is extremely missed. The geographical area that the bus would serve is the Dubuque area. Residents would be able to ride anywhere in Dubuque that they need to be.

The bus would also not only be open to the use of the residents, but it would be open to the use of other older adults in the area surrounding Stonehill. This is a great opportunity for other older adults around Stonehill that have no means of transportation, but have places they need to be, or would like to go. Therefore, if the bus is not filled with residents each time, there will be the opportunity for others to use it as well. Overall, having the use of this bus would be a great asset to Stonehill because it would allow the residents of Stonehill to have a much greater access to various activities throughout the community of Dubuque.

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