Child the One Who Is Our Mouthpiece Is Most Compromised- She Bites Down on Her Tongue Within

Child the One Who Is Our Mouthpiece Is Most Compromised- She Bites Down on Her Tongue Within

Child the one who is our mouthpiece is most compromised- she bites down on her tongue within the social context; Yet we can not allow this to be!

So NOW we take the opportunity to speak through her to you this evening.

  • We heard you speaking of your and lack of direction your confusion of thoughts! (Which you take ownership of toofully- remember you are not your emotions, thoughts or feelings!Beware)

This is only the looping response of the ego-mind andit is a response to your lessons; please do see it as such.

You have been duly prepared and supplied with all the material at hand to diffuse and remedy this set of circumstances and yet you veer away from the simple solution.

By doing this you are in fact rejecting what you already have attained!

Such is the human folly!

Know that looking solely at the ego- mind’s belief system is still the old way; it is clearing yes!

But why chose to dally so?

Is this not more procrastination?

This method is as if the waste is removed by you sitting in the rubbish bin throwing the refuse out article by mucky article.

The reaction you experiencing is actually correct and in response to your lessons and perfect in its timing.

Yet you detour back into the old.


You have been gifted the “state of suspension” you do know, only too well how to enter, and how to listen.

You do have choice and you’re far superior to these old storylines of the ego- minds babble.

It would be advisable for you to embrace this confusion and then to set it aside by entering into the state of suspension.

Instead you have chosen to dive into the symptom rather than the learning!

Can you not see how we created the most perfect opportunity this weekfor you to have the time to reside in this space?

Yet your choice has been to reside in the confusion, to side with it; youeven carriedthe refuse to others for a further examination!

To top this you then throw hard earned money at them for information and assistance that you already possess, and have the ability to remedy in a mere blink of an eye.

Then as a further response you fell into adopting old out moded patterns of behaviour with men.

Ne’er to mind it is all in the learning is it not?

Your ego- minds self doubt is in fact comedic art form!

We ask you to bare witness to this and laugh with your soul voice at your ego- {which is not you!}

You are and have been called to mastery- not to further self doubt and incrimination.

Stop now and abide in thee- and rest awhile in the SUSPENSION.

Hallowed be thy name!

Sing thy praise to thy name to remember who you are!

There are no fools only those to deaf to really chose to hear.

You know how to listen, you are listening well!

But what are you listening to - or for?

This is the question?

You can dive into the beliefs one by one- the Ego- mind as your master is a vixen incomparable in its deception- a magician the trickster of the trade.

When one belief appears diminished another will swiftly arise- it is your ego-mind who is the conjuror but you WHO are making the choice to be a most captive audience.

  • What is real you ask?

When you are submerged in the old story you must recognize it is all illusion, as confusion arises only from fabrication!

If you work in the old way with the ego-mind it is all merely symptomology, belief by belief pain by pain.

Do you understand?

You are not the pain; why side with it in any manner.

Take heed you have a mirror, you need not heed the core belief but the core beauty or essence!

We ask you now YES to deepen the clearing process- take unto your beingness this responsibility!

That is why you have been journeying once again to what we referas the beginning of the lessons.

Yet there is no beginning, and there is no end; it is a continuum of wisdomgained, and understanding deepened.

Each time you travel the vortex a quickening of your understanding occurs.

You are indeed a fine student; the old story is unravelling just as it should be!

Note this!

Do not be deceived.

If you wish to use mirror work please use it to digest your lessons thus: -read each paragraph sentence by sentence as you look into the mirror of your soul via the mirror reflection.

This will heighten ingestion.

You have been asked to work in pairs, or groups.

This needs to take place not as a social event, but as a diligent study group.

The old story needs to be fully written,so as to re-surface and to unravel your resistance- it is important that this action is completed!

This is a solitary act of reconciliation; this acknowledges soul alliance!

Yes, after the writing you then can share this within your group or with your study partners.

This is an amassed clearing of all rubbish, not one article at a time.

This uplifts consciousness for the consensus is that you have then taken responsibility you’re your story.

There is no blame or victimization!

In mastery one undertakes soul responsibility to listen, and to clear,so to BE in the truth of their soul.

This is listening beyond the confusion- the voice is not that which you are listening to in confusion.

it has an entirely different yet equally persistant tone! you are NOW learning to recognize this and to tell the difference!

first and foremostly you must recognize what is not the voice and you are very rightly doing so!

you must hear to be able to discern.

we congratulate you.

this is the starting point do not veer!

You are powerful beyond belief and many wise ones await your confirmation of such inner recognition.

There are masters in spirit who a-wait working with you in this manner;however when you side with the ego-mind all transmission ceases.

Remembering within illumination that you are entering mastery, that you are indeed the highest denominator! NOW!

Action is called for tailored in diligence.

Do not heed the ego-minds confused cries; listen only to the call of your soul.

Please do not argue that you can not discern the difference!

For this is interminable deceit corrupting the purpose upon your path.

You have all the tools at hand!

Why waste the linear time that is at hand.


Beloved we bring you peace. 28:9:08