Chij Our Lady of the Nativity

Chij Our Lady of the Nativity


Teacher’s Name:Mrs Agnes Koh

Subject:Visual Arts

Topic: Large-Scale Portraits

Level:Primary Six

No. of periods: 60 minutes for Lesson Delivery; 4 weeks for completion

Specific Instructional Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  1. Sketch, draw and paint a life-size portrait of one of their classmates
  2. appreciate how artists complete large scale works
  3. understand why artists do large scale works

Materials Required:

  1. Acrylic/Tempura Paints
  2. Four pieces of vanguard sheets joined by Scotchtape on one side
  3. Pencils
  4. Erasers
  5. Paint Brushes
  6. Sketchbooks
  7. Palettes
  8. Cloth Scraps (For Cleaning)
  9. Slides 1-2
  10. Peer Evaluation Form (Source:

Pre-Requisites: Project should be done with pupils in groups of 8-10

Introduction (15 minutes)

Teacher to ask pupils how big they think the artworks featured in the Slides 1-2 are.

Class discussion about why artists like to work on such large scale works

Answers may include: more challenging, break out of artist’s comfort zone, changing scale of object to raise questions about what is really big or what should really be small

Development (45 minutes)

Class discussion about how to create a life-size portrait of one of their classmates in their group

Teacher to distribute taped vanguard sheets to each group.

One chosen classmate in the group to lie on the vanguard sheets, with hands by their side.

Other group members to trace the outline of their friend out.

Note: Traced silhouette might end up with ‘no hair’ or ‘neck’.

Group to refine the traced silhouette by designing clothes for their model and add in the neck and hairstyle. Many pupils love to play fashion designers.

Students then proceed to paint figure. This might take about 3-4 weeks to complete as Visual Arts lessons are usually an hour long.

Conclusion (15 minutes)

Pupils will proceed with peer evaluation of their roles in the project and their learning points about this project.

Slide 1 – Jeff Koons ‘Puppy’

stainless steel, wood (at Arolsen only), soil, geotextile fabric, internal irrigation system, live flowering plants
1234.4 x 1234.4 x 650.2 cm
Installations at arolsen 1992, sydney 1995-96, bilbao 1997 (permanent installation), new york rockefeller 2000, private collection (permanent installation)

Description jeff koons puppy


Slide 2: Ron Mueck ‘In Bed’

Description ron Mueck 1

Samples of Completed Works

Peer Evaluation Form (Source:

Category / Your name ______
Artist's name ______
Description / Check & comment here
Good / Average / Needs work
Growth / How does this work compare to previous work by same person?
Does it show more feeling and expressiveness?
Does it show more thought?
Does it show more skill?
Creativity / How original, innovative, and daring is the work?
Does it extend or change from past work done by same student?
Fulfills Assignment / How well does the work solve the problems outlined in this assignment?
Are the variations from the assignment made for a valid reason?
Care / Is the making of the work appropriate for the style of art being made?
Didn't rush to get it done, but paid attention to consistency in the work.
Helpful / Was the student cooperative & generous in discussions & in helping others without doing it for them?
Were good questions asked?
Work Habits / Did the student stay on the job?
Were conversations with classmates about the artwork, not other topics?
And Design / How are principles of design and composition used to make the visual elements work well?
Is it free from mistakes that distract from the unity and effectiveness of the whole?

Art Rubric - an Artwork Assessment Form by Marvin Bartel