CHE Officer Meeting Friday February 10, 2006

CHE Officer Meeting Friday February 10, 2006

CHE General Meeting

Wednesday 9/13/06


Meeting Started at 5:12 p.m.

Present: Andrea, Jenn, Tonie, Joel, Maria, Isabel, Cecilia, Viviana, Silvia

Welcoming by co-chairs & invitation to get food

Officer Introductions

  • Each officer mentioned a bit about themselves as students and how they are & will be representing CHE.

PowerPoint Presentation

  • Each officer went through slide collection detailing CHE history, introducing our advisor (Abby), collaborations (under BACCO and with BSP and DULCE) the mission, upcoming semester events (including Octoberfest, Sproul Board Fix up, November’s Feed the Homeless, DDLM, December’s clothes and food drive, LMSA Conference, MIH etc.), as well as the professional schools collection for CHE members with information about medical schools.

Co-chairs also gave their information and list serve contact info.


Joel made an announcement for DULCE date and times and the possibility of joining the decal.

Silvia stressed the importance of signing in each and every time there is a CHE event so that hours are accounted for and updated for our members’ convenience.

Andrea emphasized that in order to be a part of CHE you don’t have to take it for units but if you do want units you must pay. She informed members that if you pay you will get the benefit of enjoying assured transportation and other CHE perks. Again, to be a part of CHE did not require anyone to pay.

Advisor/Sponsor Introduction

Abby Rincon came and introduced herself and welcomed students to get her information for unit and other concerns.

Unit break down by Abby

Each person interested in CHE for units must make a serious commitment:


Attend all CHE meetings

Commit to 15 hrs per unit, taking up to 2 units

Write a reflection paper at the end of the semester

Keep a log of hours including CHE events which will be due at end of the semester

In order to get contract, log sheet, and CCN members must:

Email her individually no later than 9p.m. Thur. 9/14/06 with name, standing, amount of units you want to take with CHE and if you want to take more than 2, why, and have paid and been checked off by the secretary and co-treasurers.


Each member received a card from a deck and split groups according to whether they got hearts, clubs, diamonds, or spades while officers facilitated a small introduction and mingling of members. After the groups had gone they were thanked for their participation and attendance.

Unit and Dues Check-off

Viviana and Isabel took money and wrote receipts for those who wanted to take CHE for units. Silvia made sure everyone had signed in.

Meeting ended at 6 pm.