CHATLOG LESSON 13 How to Play a Suit Contract? (5)

CHATLOG LESSON 13 How to Play a Suit Contract? (5)

CHATLOG LESSON 13 „How to play a suit contract?“ (5)

Chat log of Bridge Base Online session for xx1943 starting at: Tue Feb 13 07:45:21 2007

xx1943: here we are

xx1943: let me just advertise the lesson

isabable: yes needs to be annouced al

hope: want me to broadcast?

bilmanager (Lobby): => Club:


AL (xx1943) just opened a teaching tavle in the BIl.

He continues his series of lessons:

"How to play a suit contract


xx1943: Hello everybody. Today a prepared you another 8 boards on HOW TO PLAY A SUIT-CONTRACT.


xx1943: here you'll find the movie with the chatöog short after the lesson

xx1943: The hands today are from the great book " How to play a bridge hand" b W.S.Root

xx1943: A book I can recommend for eveach of you.

xx1943: If you like to get my weekly newsletter mail to:

xx1943: All questions in public please.

xx1943: I recommend you to make your kib-setting so, that you ONLY KIB SOUTH: Does everyone know, how to manage this?

xx1943: #1

hope: y tks

xx1943: what do you bid?

xx1943: North showed 54 17+ HCP

xx1943: what is your bid?

hope: 3!S

xx1943: nice 6-carder cries for 4S I guess

xx1943: Now let us discuss. I freed the decalrers seat

hope: Y born optimist Al:)

xx1943: Count your loser

xx1943: 1S for sure

xx1943: hoping trumps are 3/2

xx1943: You can throw 1H and 3C loser on diamonds bUT ......

xx1943: clap clap clap

xx1943: that is the solution.

xx1943: dummy takes care of the club continuation

xx1943: very well done Janno

jannor: ty

xx1943: now play it with another lead

xx1943: The lead shows, that the K is offside 99%. so you cannot afford to lose a spade early as with the !C lead

xx1943: well done

jannor: ty

xx1943: clap clap clap

xx1943: a little better is to cash 2!Ss at once and then play !Ds until someone ruffs. This wins even against !Ds beeing distributed 6/0

xx1943: 7/0

xx1943: ok ty Janno

xx1943: opening?

hope: 1NT

bwd1: 1nt

xx1943: what is your oening?

mangaro: 1nt

xx1943: you count 1S and a possible !H loser

xx1943: declaree chair is free

xx1943: trumps must be 3/2

xx1943: The trump finesse is 50%

xx1943: Is there a better chance?

xx1943: hi Bernie

xx1943: clap clap clap Bernie played the better chance, that diamonds are 4/3

bwd1->Club: ty


xx1943: here you find a table of probabilities on my site

xx1943: does the link work?

isabable: yes

xx1943: #4 then

xx1943: opps

hope: yes it works

xx1943: how much is 4/3 distribution?

xx1943: ho much says the table?

isabable: 62 percent

xx1943: yes and that is better than the 50% for the finesse.

xx1943: ok bidding not very scientific, but it worked.

hope: How can y bid six against a passed hand??

xx1943: You count 1S and 3D loser

xx1943: You must establish the !D suit

xx1943: without any !D loser

xx1943: there is no problem, if !Ds are distributed 3/3

xx1943: declarer chair is free

xx1943: but if diamonds are 4/2 you have to ruff twice

xx1943: and you can ruff only once high

xx1943: You must be afraid of an overruff

xx1943: No idea?

bwd1: slight

mary 1: think so

mary 1: drtop a spade on diamond?

xx1943: Mary or Bernie want to try?

mary 1: ok

xx1943: hi Mary

xx1943: good luck

mary 1: hi:)

mary 1: stuck

xx1943: go on Mary

xx1943: try

mary 1: i cant play, dont work

xx1943: .(

xx1943: :(

mary 1: card wonbt work

xx1943: ok then free your seat and tell me, waht I shall play

mary 1: 2

mary 1: a

mary 1: !D small

mary 1: K

mary 1: 2

mary 1: A

mary 1: 5

mary 1: A

mary 1: small !C

mary 1: A

mary 1: !D

mary 1: !S

xx1943: clap clap clap

SillyBily: wd Mary

mary 1: :)

xx1943: nice Mary

bwd1: clap clap

xx1943: transfer the ruff to the safe !S suit there is no risk of overruff

xx1943: #5

xx1943: I want to hear pd showing !H support and the best is to force with this non existent !D

xx1943: What do you think of this !C 9 after the bidding?

bwd1: prob singleton

xx1943: 99% singleton or WESt is trying to fool me out of the winning finesse

xx1943: Your loser are: 2S and 1C

xx1943: The C is unavoidable, if EAST has the K

SillyBily: no !C loser if lead singel

xx1943: If East has The !S K too you cabn finesse !SQ and ruff a !S

mary 1: raise !C

xx1943: there is no place you can get rid of this !C loser

bwd1: draw trump

SillyBily: must trump !S loser first

bwd1: no will go on clubs

mary 1: !H again

bwd1: take all trumps

xx1943: take the wheel

bwd1: me?

xx1943: anyone

xx1943: who clicks first

xx1943: clap clap clap Bernie

xx1943: you have the entries to establish !Cs

xx1943: lol

xx1943: but don't lose your concentration!

xx1943: Misclicks are very expensive

bwd1: lol ty

xx1943: ty Bernie great job

sascha3: thank you - must go - was great lesson

bwd1: ty Al :)

xx1943: #6 then

xx1943: free the seat pls Bernie

xx1943: not a surprise

xx1943: If !Cs are distributed 3/2 (as they should) you have 1S and 1D loser so making 5 is no problem

bennyzl: can you also make 5cl?

xx1943: and claim?

xx1943: claim rejected :(

xx1943: ouch

xx1943: down 3

xx1943: yes 5!C can be made I guess

xx1943: but this is a play lesson

mary 1: !H too?

mary 1: !S

xx1943: who can make 4 hearts for sure?

mary 1: let them have 3 !D tricks

xx1943: if hearts are 3/3 you'll make 5

xx1943: but 3/3 is only 36%


xx1943: how do you guard against a trump 4/2 distribution?

mary 1: wait untill you cabn ruff on table

xx1943: yes

xx1943: another example for loser on loser

xx1943: now you can draw 4 rounds of trumps

xx1943: clap clap clap Mary

xx1943: #7

xx1943: seems very easy

xx1943: 1S 1H loser, if hearts and clubs are 3/2

xx1943: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

xx1943: 2H loser

bennyzl: can stil make

xx1943: now let us try, if !Cs work better

xx1943: Binyamin take the wheel

xx1943: correct

xx1943: you must lead the !C from table once more

xx1943: now East is helpless

xx1943: if he ruffs, he ruffs your loser

xx1943: and if he doesn't ruff

xx1943: he cannot prevent decalrer from ruffing

xx1943: but be sure that you play in the first !c trick the A and not K or Q

xx1943: East would ruff the A in the round round and draw the last trump in dummy

xx1943: clap clap clap Binyamin

Miksa: wd B!

bennyzl: ty

xx1943: #8

xx1943: this one is easy

xx1943: we missed a slam if East has Qxx of !S

xx1943: sry

xx1943: ok

xx1943: great no slam

mary 1: and no game:)

xx1943: ouch lost trump control 3 more tricks

xx1943: if youn are in a nice contract, you must think pessim,istic

xx1943: Is there any distribution, which is dangerous?

xx1943: yes, if WEst has Qxxx of !S or Qx and you finesse, you are in danger

xx1943: You don't play 6

xx1943: you play only 4

xx1943: so your job is to make 4

xx1943: you can lose 1D and 2S

xx1943: now you have the last trump and therfore the control

xx1943: REMEMBER:

xx1943: In very good contract think pessimistic

xx1943: in very bad contract think optimistic

xx1943: ok

Miksa: nice tip, thanks!

xx1943: that is the end of the todays lesson

bennyzl: in a great contract use the claim button:-)

bwd1: claim pls :)

kyno40: ty Al

jmav: ty Al

hope: Thank you very much Al -

isabable: ty Al

EdytheG: ty Al!

xx1943: c u all next TUE for the next "How to play a suit contract"

bwd1: Thank you so much Al very helpful :)

xx1943: I'll post the movie now

isabable: cu

bennyzl: ty

marijkenz: Thank you Al

isabable: bye

jannor: thanks Al

xx1943: Many thanks to Mihailo and Yvon for doing the edit

Miksa: Thanks, see you next Tue

bwd1: Al if you don't claim i cannot save it in BBo :(

EdytheG: al :) can you post?

EdytheG->Club: ty :)

xx1943: Now my site is updated

xx1943: Try to get the commented movie there

bwd1: Thank you Al can now replay them :) great help :)


EdytheG->Club: niters

xx1943: does the link work

xx1943: can you find the movie?



xx1943: lesson is finished