Chapter 9 10K Walking Fitness

Chapter 9 10K Walking Fitness

Chapter 9 – 10k Walking Fitness

Juggling it all

We are now up in our training that we are out there for half and hour, forty five minutes or even an hour or more of walking you’re thinking “how am I going to fit another hour into my lifetime”? Well we all live a very busy lifestyle with commitment to jobs and family as well as social and community commitments.

We ask our selves were we are going to find time to fit in yet another activity. Like ever thing else in our lives we have to set time aside, perhaps even juggle other activities and people so that we can fit our training into our lives. There are many hour in the day that we can walkwhen ever we find the time and we are fortunate that we that we are not stuck to the timetables of the gym

There is no set time that works for everyone, there are people that do there walks at 5:30 – 6:00 in the morning. There are also those people that walk the end of the day before bed time. We need to walkhe time that is most convenient for us and our support group.

There will be many days when you will wake up or get home from work and think “I am way too tired to walk” Try this simple trick, put on your walking gear and walk around the house for a little while. Then leave the house, tell yourself that you are just going to walk to the end of the block, and if you are still feeling tired and don’t want to continue then go home but 9 out of 10 times you will continue with your walk and sooner than you know it you will have completed one of your walking routes and you will feel great, refreshed and energized.

When you have a hard time getting going, you are feeling stressed and pressed for time remember that walking helps you to clear your head, can help put some perspective into your problems because you will have some time to think through some of your issues without a lot of outside influences.

Always remember the benefits of walking, how it improves your cardiovascular fitness your muscular endurance and strength, it will also help to sculpt your body and boost your immune system. Don’t forget about you’re your self-esteem, we all now how fulfill and confident we feel when we exercise.

We can all find excuse why we can not exercise but the best thing that you can do for you family or for your career is to be fit, healthy and happy.