Chapter 8 Lesson 3- Alexander S Empirequiz on :______

Chapter 8 Lesson 3- Alexander S Empirequiz on :______

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Chapter 8 Lesson 3- Alexander’s EmpireQuiz on :______

Remember earlier in the unit that the ______set out to conquer the Greek city-states but failed. The Macedonians lived north of Greece and in the ______‘s B.C., they conquered Greece.

Before ______came into power, the Macedonians were farmers and sheepherders who were not a strong kingdom. However, under his leadership, they became a ______in the Ancient World.

Philip spent time, as a young man, in ______and his plan was to unite the city-states to destroy the ______empire.

Since many city-states were weak because of wars, Philip was able to defeat them. At different points, the Greeks tried to ______back or unite, but they tried too late. In the last battle, Battle of Chaeronea, Philip crushed the Greeks and ruled most of Greece.

After conquering Greece, Philip planned to lead both the Greeks and ______into battle against the Persians. He could not carry out his plan because he was ______. At that point, his son, ______, became king.

At ______years of age, Alexander became king and ruler of Macedonia and Greece. Philip had prepared his son for the job and Alexander was admired for his ______and military skills.

Alexander was supposed to ______his father’s dream. So he led 40,000 soldiers into Asia Minor to try and defeat the ______. He was successful!

Persian forces were spread out all over Asia, so after the first ______, Alexander marched his troops on to the next one in ______, where he again was victorious, causing Darius III to flee.

Instead of chasing after Darius, he commanded his ______to move on to ______, where he then built a new city he called ______. It was one of the most important cities in the ancient world.

Next, Alexander’s army went to ______to battle more Persians. After this victory, Alexander’s army took over the rest of the ______Empire.

Even though he had gotten rid of all the Persian troops, Alexander did not stop there. He pushed his troops into ______, where he fought many bloody ______. It was here that his soldiers were tired of fighting and refused to go any farther.

______agreed to lead them home and marched them through a steam desert, where ______killed thousands.

Alexander returned home to ______where he died of a ______at 32.

He is known as one of the greatest figures of the ______world.

His city in Egypt, ______, was home to two large harbors, a grand ______and even a ______.