Chapter 7: Nationalism and Sectionalism

Chapter 7: Nationalism and Sectionalism

United States History Review Guide for UNIT 3 (Expansion and Reform)

Chapter 7: Nationalism and Sectionalism

  1. What is Nationalism?
  2. How do the effects of the War of 1812 promote nationalism?
  3. What was the Monroe Doctrine?
  4. What was the Adam-Onis Treaty?
  5. What invention is Eli Whitney best known for?
  6. What are interchangeable parts?
  7. How does the cotton gin affect the numbers of slaves in America?
  8. Who was Samuel Slater?
  9. Who was Francis Lowell and his Lowell mills?
  10. What are the characteristics of the Industrial Revolution in America?
  11. What are the major characteristics of each section of the US in the 1800’s?
  12. What was “The Era of Good Feelings?”
  13. What was the corrupt bargain of 1824?
  14. Who does John Q. Adams defeat in the 1824 election?
  15. What group was relocated in the Trail of Tears?
  16. What was the court case of Worcester vs. Georgia?
  17. Who does the South believe the Tariff of Abominations helps?(While it hurts them)
  18. What was the Nullification crisis in 1833? (think John C. Calhoun vs. Jackson)
  19. What does Andrew Jacksons actions in the nullification crisis suggest about his beliefs?
  20. What does the political party the “Whigs” support?
  21. What is the Age of Jackson commonly referred to as ?
  22. What does “Jacksonian Democracy” mean?
  23. What presidents are associated with Jacksonian Democracy?
  24. Why was there a Panic in 1837? (think about the Bank War)

Chapter 8: Religion and Reform

  1. What was the temperance movement?
  2. Who supported Transcendentalism?
  3. Who was Horace Mann?
  4. Who was Dorothea Dix?
  5. What was the Cult of Domesticity?
  6. What was the 2nd Great Awakening?
  7. Who was Joseph Smith and the Mormons?
  8. What did Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Staton support?
  9. What was the Abolition Movement?
  10. Who was Nat Turner?
  11. What was the effect of the few VIOLENT slave rebellions?
  12. Who were some of the major abolitionists we discussed?
  13. Who was Fredrick Douglas?
  14. What does Emancipation mean?
  15. Who was the publisher of the magazine “The Liberator?”
  16. Who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin?
  17. Who was Harriett Tubman?

Chapter 9: Manifest Destiny

  1. What is Manifest Destiny?
  2. Who were the “forty-niners?”
  3. What does “fifty –four or fight” mean?
  4. What was the Oregon Trail?
  5. Why were so many Americans attracted to Mexico(The Texas region)?
  6. What was significant about the Battle at the Alamo in the Texas War for Independence?
  7. What was one of the underlying reasons Polk initiated a war with Mexico?
  8. Who led the US troops in the War with Mexico?
  9. After Texas was independent, why did it take so long to be annexed into the US?
  10. What was the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and what states did we get from it?
  11. What was the Mexican Cession?
  12. What purchased established the final borders of mainland US?