Chapter 2 & 3 Activity Packet

Chapter 2 & 3 Activity Packet

The Watson’s Go To Birmingham-1963

Chapter 2 & 3 Activity Packet

All assignments should be done onyour own notebook paper! Label each activity.

Activity #1: Researching Medical Information

Kenny has a medical condition that affects his eyes called amblyopia, or “lazy eye.” You can learn more about this condition by doing informational research. There are many very easy ways to get information: encyclopedia, a medical dictionary, the internet, and various magazine articles.

Read about Kenny’s condition. Write a paragraph, in your own words, which explains what amblyopia is, what causes it, and how it is treated. Also include at the end of your paragraph, how you would cope if you yourself had the condition or if a close relative had it.

Activity #2: Reasoning Skills & Discussion: Think about each question. Formulate a reasonable response for discussion. Why would kids make fun of someone with a physical problem? Why would kids make fun of someone who can read well?

Activity #3: Vocabulary

Complete the assignment for all 19 of the following vocabulary words. Find a sentence in the novel in which each word appears and copy it onto your notebook paper. (Page numbers are in the parenthesis to help you.) Underline or highlight the vocabulary word in the sentence. Tell what the vocabulary word means after each sentence. There is an example below.

Study the spellings and definitions of each of the following terms.

hostile (23)vital (23)incapable (24)intimidate (24)

emulate (24)cockeyed (26)thugs (27)punctual (28)

accent (28)raggedy (29)version (29)desperate (33)

jabbering (33)reinforcements (38)twitching (39)infect (39)

radioactive (39)drawers (43)appreciated (46)


1) automatically – Dad said this would generate a little heat but he didn’t have to tell us this, it seemed like the cold automatically made us want to get together and huddle up.

In the sentence above, automatically means done without thought or instruction.

Activity #4: Critical Thinking

Kenny expresses that there are advantages (good things) and disadvantages (bad things) about having an older relative at school. Draw a T-chart on your own notebook paper (like the sample below) and list the advantages (at least 4) and disadvantages (at least 4) of Byron being at Kenny’s school. Use information from chapters 3 and 4 to help you.

Advantages Disadvantages

of having Byron at of having Byron at

his school his school

Activity #5: Questions (Reading Comprehension)

Answer all questions on your own loose-leaf, notebook paper in cursive. Be sure to restate the question withinyouranswer ! Use details from the novel and at the end of each answer write the page number where you found your answer.

1. Why is Larry Dunn the king of kindergarten to fourth grade?

2. a) Why do Kenny’s teachers treat him differently than other students? b) Is it good for teachers to treat some students differently from others? Explain your answer.

3. a) How does Byron act when Kenny comes to Mr. Alum’s classroom to read? b) Why? 4. Why does Mr. Alums want Kenny to read for his students?

5. Why does Kenny think Byron is proud of him?

6. People tease Kenny about his “lazy eye.” How does Byron help Kenny with his “lazy eye”?

7. Why is Kenny nervous about Byron going to junior high school?

8. Why might Kenny think the older of the two new boys will be his “personal saver”?

9. Why do you think Mrs. Cordell has Rufus sit by Kenny?

10. Do you think Rufus really forgets to bring a lunch?

11. Kenny thinks Rufus will be his “personal saver.” What really happens?

12. a) What kind of playmate is L.J. Jones? b) How does L.J. trick Kenny?

13. Why do the other kids make fun of Rufus?

14. Why does Rufus stop being with Kenny?

15. How do Kenny and Rufus become friends again?


16. Will Rufus and Kenny continue to be friends? Explain out your answer telling either why they will or why they won’t.