Change Management Project Poster Presentations

Change Management Project Poster Presentations

Change Management Project Poster presentations

As you know it is a part of your ST3 obligations to undertake a change management project.

The blurb from the deanery website below explains this.

Step 2 for ST3 in GP placements

At ST3 level the trainees will be expected to look at an area of service within the practice that could be changed. They will meet regularly with a small peer group to discuss the stages of the project, reflect on their progress and identify the skills they need to develop the project.

Throughout the year the delivery team will support this process, helping them to identify the skills needed to develop their ideas and revisit some of the concepts introduced in the first project e.g negotiation skills, time management, presentation skills, obtaining meaningful feedback etc

Again the trainees will be expected to write up and present their project and self evaluate the competencies of leadership that they have demonstrated. This will then be reviewed by the GP trainer/Educational Supervisor and the competencies evaluated. It is expected that all trainees will ‘need further development’ after the first project but that they should be demonstrating competence in most areas in the second project. The trainee can attach evidence of competence to their portfolio and educational supervisors are asked to comment on their achievement of leadership competencies in their ARCP report

Competence in the change management project at ST3 will enable the educational supervisor to assess the trainee as competent for ‘Domain 10’ of the work place based assessment for nMRCGP - Maintaining performance, learning and teaching: maintaining the performance and effective continuing professional development of oneself and others.

Work based change management project

  • Select area to look at
  • Discuss with Action Learning group and set work plan with time lines
  • Start work
  • Reflect on skills needed
  • Address skills learning needs via VTS
  • Revisit Action Learning set regularly
  • Obtain results and write up
  • Present to practice and Action Learning set
  • Negotiate change
  • Present results to practice and VTS group
  • Self assess competence against leadership framework as based on the project
  • Trainer assesses competencies
  • Attach report to ‘audit’ entry on log diary
  • Educational Supervisor includes a report in ARCP Ed Sup report in ‘comments ‘ box and uses assessment to evaluate level of achievement in Competence 10 Maintaining performance, learning and…


The deanery website has lots more on this.

To try and help you and us make this all a bit more interesting we have arranged the following sessions:

  1. At appropriate times we will dedicate small group time to action learning sets to help you make some progress (there is more info about action learning sets at the link above).
  1. The session at VTS on June 10th2015 is your opportunity to “Present results to practice and VTS group” as highlighted above.

At this session we will ask you to come to:

Southway Surgery, 33 Rockfield Avenue,Southway, Plymouth PL6 6DX

at 1.30pm. It is only a short drive from the Baylis Centrebut may be easier to meet there rather than try to run small groups first

There you will be asked to display a poster explaining your change management project. Please bring any materials needed to display these – there are limited poster boards available. Please don’t pin or blue tack to the walls.

The method of display can be of your choosing, but it may be worth considering:

  • Why you chose it
  • What discussions you had and with whom at the practice
  • What you found out about current practice and what you decided to change
  • How you implemented change in the practice
  • How you have ensured that this change continues after you have left
  • What you have learnt from the experience

All the trainers at the workshop will be able to read/ discuss and judge these. You will also be able to look at your peer’s efforts.


  • The trainers will get an idea of some change management project ideas
  • You will have done your presentations
  • We’ll all meet each other and have a jolly time.
  • There may even be prizes.