Cat Trail Public Water District

Cat Trail Public Water District

Cat Trail Public Water District


August 13, 2007

Present: D. Mullen, M. Hinrichsen, D. Ford, R. Diestelhorst, S. Herman (R. Deitrick, Treasurer)

Excused absence; B. Heman, D. Cusac, (V. Seib, G. Long)

Guests: Angela Thewlis, Dale Jones, J. Heiple

The Chairman called the meeting to order and declared that a quorum was present.

Minutes Approved

Mr. Mullen moved the June minutes to be approved, seconded by Mrs. Ford and this was unanimously approved.

Treasurers Report

Ms. Deitrick presented the Treasurer’s report and the bills for July totaled $40,122.84. D.Mullen moved that the bills be paid, seconded by D. Ford and unanimously approved.

Area 1, May/June/July we metered 17,891,477 gal, billed $111,836.36 and had 1,855 active accounts. One year ago we metered 17,079,595 gallons, billed $98,271.28 and had 1,799 active accounts.

MTCO Tower lease termination – received a letter from MTCO requesting termination of tower lease effective 1.1.08. Dan Mullen moved to accommodate the termination, with lease payments continuing until 1.1.08;

and to waive the one-time, lump-sum payment for not terminating the agreement on the annual anniversary of

July 1. The $2,000 security deposit will be refunded in accordance with the agreement. Seconded by S. Herman and unanimously approved.

Received a refund check of $366.60 from Country Companies Insurance for overpayment of Commercial Liability policy.

Clarence Heil (Far Hills Dr.) received a water credit of $153.74 on his July bill due to our meter pit leak. He will also be receiving a credit on his Sept. bill because the leak was repaired on 7/13/07, which is in his next billing cycle.

Michael Lowe (Combs Cove) received a water credit of $192.98 due to a meter mis-read.

3 month and 6 month CD’s up for renewal. Current dividend rate for the 3-month CD is 4.51% with annual percentage yield of 4.61%. Dividend rate for the 6 month CD is 4.98% with annual percentage yield of 5.10%. Both CD rates are the same as last term. Motion to renew was approved.

IEPA loan disbursement # 11 (June & July pay requests) was for $935,451. Shortage of $155,678.02. Did not pay FGI/Bowen.

District Superintendents Report

Gallons pumped – 16,907,78, Bacti’s – OK and Flouride not yet received.

Radio Meters installed to date, 1,659 with 226 remaining to be installed. Purchased a locator at a cost of $3,700. This is the same locator that was originally quoted for $3,816. After some negotiating, the price was reduced and the inductive clamp was thrown in ($300 option).

Jonathan Heiple

Woodford Heights Easement – G. Schumacher requests $1,000 fee for existing home hook-up instead of $2,500 new construction hook-up. After board discussion D. Mullen made motion to maintain the water district policy for new hooks ups, seconded by D. Ford and unanimously approved.

Project Managers Report

Mr. Jones reported that the plant is on schedule, however, some concerns exist. The plant should be able to make water by the end of August, however, the plant will not be on line at this time. The operating permit will most likely not be approved by end August and Greg will apply with the test water, 2 samples within 24 hours and it is expected to have the operating permit by mid September. The plant would be operational vs. having the operational permit, which means the plant will be physically able to perform.

Large project items are on schedule. The storage tank has experienced a leak, has been drained and is being repaired at the time of the board meeting. Root cause of failure still being determined with CBI and G.A. Rich who are making repairs. Key area of concern is if the sub grade has been compromised due to water leakage. Soil report is in process.

Area of greatest concern is with Albrecht Well Drilling. Well No. 6 has been developed and tested with temporary pump. Permanent pump is ordered and estimated to be delivered and installed no later than 8.20.07. Permanent power is scheduled to be installed by Ameren the week of 9.10.07 through 9.14.07. Project Engineer has sent a letter to Albrecht advising that they could be subject to liquidated damages of $1,500 per day for their work not being completed per the contract. The alternative would be for them to supply a temporary generator set until permanent power is installed. Albrecht has advised they will provide a generator for the period of time request, i.e., for one month after the permanent pump is installed.

The installation of the electrical controls at well # 6 being performed by Koener Electric will completed once the Albrecht contract is complete. A shortage exists for labor to perform this work however this should be managed by Koener.

Dan Mullen motioned to approve payment to contractors and D. Ford seconded. Unanimously approved. Payments as follows;

FGI/Bowen Invoice $110,618.46

Contractor pay requests;

Leander Construction- $86,419.00

G.A. Rich & Sons (Div. A.) - $57,930.30

Koener - $29,473.74

Linden & Company - $25,309.80

Penn Valley Pump- $16,380.00

G.A. Rich & Sons (Div. C) pay request #11 - $31,890.27

Farnsworth provided budgetary quotes for consideration of the following additions;

Additional parking around district office - $91,500

Convert the sand filter building to a garage - $72,400

Bulk water sales area - $ 30,500

General discussion with no conclusion and Farnsworth advised these are budgetary without detailed contractor quotations. Farnsworth will request additional parking quotations after providing Leander with engineering drawings which indicate 6” concrete for parking area and 4” for the garage. To be discussed at next months meeting.

Project Engineer advised the need to ensure we obtain the Certificate of substantial completion. This will begin the warranty period and prior to the 1-year anniversary date will require the review of issues to be completed under warranty.

T-Mobile antennae array proposal. Farnsworth Grouphas reviewed the re-submittal from T-Mobile and the key concern of structural verification has not been addressed. FGI will advise T-Mobile that we negotiate a lease with T-Mobile to construct their own stand-alone cell tower on District property.

Board Member Items

After 43 years of service to the Caterpillar Trail Public Water District Virginia Seib tendered her resignation as secretary effective August 31, 2007. Her dedicated service was recognized and her resignation accepted.

The board also recognized Dan Mullen who has served the Cat Trail Water District for 40 years and due to the uncertain date of his departure from the district chose to do so at this date.

Personnel/Public Relations

For the Cat Trail employees the new 401K started with 8/10/07 payroll.

Angela Thewlis hired as secretary, salary $400/month effective September 1, 2007.

The opening ceremony for the new water treatment plant has been moved from September 22 to October 6, 2007 based on the availability of CongressmanRay LaHood and the new date better reflects when the new plant will be fully functional.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Mike Hinrichsen

(acting) Secretary

NEXT MEETING: September 10, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. It has been requested for a personal tour of the new facility beginning at 6:00 pm for all board members at their choice.

Please call and be excused if you cannot attend.