Carers Breaks /Activities Request Form JANUARY-MARCH 2014

Carers Breaks /Activities Request Form JANUARY-MARCH 2014

Carers Breaks /Activities Request Form JANUARY-MARCH 2014


Most are free – if a contribution is required we will let you know.

Please complete and return your form to Heather Goldsmith, Groups and Breaks Co-ordinator,

Swindon Carers Centre,1,Wood St.Old Town, Swindon,SN1 4AN

Title: ______First Name(s):______Last Name:______
Email address: ______
Daytime Telephone No: ______Mobile:______
If you have anything you would like to inform us about, e.g. if you need respite care to attend or if you would like to attend with a friend (who must be registered with the Carers Centre),please do so here:

Please note: this form is a request only and does not guarantee you will be selected as unfortunately we often have more requests than spaces.

We do try to ensure that carers’who have not previously accessed a break before, or for a long time, are given priority when we offer places.

If you are offered a place you will receive an invitation from us confirming details of the date and time of the activity approximately 2-3 weeks before the event.

The times and dates of these trips and courses are subject to change but all changes will be notified where possible.


Date / Event / Venue / Tick if interested
Tues 21st January
7pm-9pm / Ten Pin Bowling- a social evening, 2 games of bowling. ( 20 places) / Ten Pin ,Shaw Ridge, SN5 7DN
Wednesday 5th March / Flower arranging- watch a floral demonstration and then create your own table centre/arrangement.
( 6 places) / Swindon Carers Centre / Please circle the best time
Wednesday 12th March
7pm-9pm / Quiz
Teams of 4, fun quiz night /social evening
(40 places) / Venue to be confirmed depending on numbers

Complimentary therapy/treatments and pampering

Thurs 13th Feb.
1.30-2.45pm / Mindfulness- An introductory taster session with Lizzie Cambray(Counselling Psychologist). ‘
So often, we are in "problem solving mode" - thinking about how to get something done, a human mind state, necessary for survival or we may be on "automatic pilot" - playing out old, familiar habits that may have served us well over time. Mindfulness is about stepping out of these mind states, - simply stopping and noticing what is happening, moment by moment. / Swindon Carers Centre
Carer to arrange appoint. with salon. Voucher to be issued by the Carers Centre. / Pamper session voucher
Carers will receive a treatment eg massage/manicure/ pedicure/facial delivered by students training for a career in the beauty industry. Students will be supervised /assessed by their Lecturers .(30 places) / Equilibrium Beauty Salon.5th Floor, Pegasus Bldg, Swindon College, Nth Star ,SN2 1DY
Carer to arrange appoint. with salon after a voucher has been issued by the Carers Centre. / Hairdressing voucher
Carers can enjoy a hair appointment with students training for a career in the hairdressing industry. Students will be supervised and assessed by their Lecturers.
(15 places) / Inspirations Salon,
Ground floor, Pegasus Bldg, Swindon College, North Star Avenue, Swindon SN2 1DY
Fridays in
Dates to be
finalised / Yoga and relaxationwith Melanie Powell.
Carers need to be able to attend the 4 consecutive sessions.
(8 places) / Swindon Carers Centre / 11.30-12.30
Please circle
Dates to be finalised,probably Tuesdays ( am) / Pilateswith Christine Hardisty ( 6 places) / Christine’s Studio or
Swindon Carers Centre / Mat work or seated
Please circle
Carer to arrange appoint. withthe therapist after a voucher has been issued by the Carers Centre. / Reikiwith Ewa Douglas ( 10 places) / At the Reiki therapist’s premises in Stratton.
Date and time to be arranged if there is enough interest / Meditation
Are you interested in attending a meditation group? / To be confirmed


One talk in January and another in March-date to be confirmed / ‘Coping with caring’ with Kate Woodhouse (Counsellor) (8 places)
Explore in a safe setting:-
  • Different feelings and emotions /coping with your role
  • Managing your own wellbeing / stress management
  • Relaxation tips
  • Where to access additional support /courses
/ Swindon Carers Centre / Please state if you would prefer the Jan or Mar date.
Tues 11th Feb.
2-4pm / The Good Guide to Nutrition-do you worry about nutrition? Is eating or swallowing difficult for the person you care for? This interactive presentation covers-
  • Healthy eating and keeping the body strong
  • How to spot signs of malnutrition, managing swallowing difficulties
Practical hints and tips to improve the diet of the person you care for and yourself ( 12 places) / Swindon Carers Centre
Dates to be finalised- we will go with the majority / Autism and Hearing Impairment-2 new courses byLiz Ayres who is an experienced social worker and qualified teacher with the OU(Open University) . She has a specialism in disability and sensory impairment. Liz is also a carer .The courses to explore the conditions and share practical hints and tips about caring / Swindon Carers Centre / Please circle preferred talk and best time
of day
am /pm
Dates and times TBC / Please indicate if you would be interested in attending any of the listed talks. If we have more than 8 names we can arrange a speaker. Please circle.
  • The importance of making a will, ‘Living Wills’, Lasting Power Of Attorney, care home fees by Nigel Schofield of Foresight Wills
  • End of life with Jo Hyde from The Prospect
Hospice -Explore issues around end of life that a carer might benefit from knowing.
  • The Bobby Van Service with Rod Law
Rod Law will explain about a home security service for the elderly, vulnerable and disadvantaged .Free security audit, necessary security equipment can be fitted to ensure the home is safe and a Fire Risk Assessment can be arranged/smoke detectors fitted.
  • Eye care advice by an optician
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Direct Payments-what are they? How to manage them.
  • Homeline-A team of mobile wardens respond to calls for assistance from the cared for.
  • Dressabilityoffers a specialist clothing alteration and adaptation service for people with disabilities and their carers and for people who are over 60 .
  • PALS–find out about this service and what you can do if you are unhappy about NHS treatment received.PALS aim to to help if you need on the spot advice or provide information about NHS services. They aim to resolve issues as quickly as possible.
  • Other………………...... …..please state
/ Swindon Carers Centre
Please indicate the best time of day for you to attend and we will go with the majority vote / am □
pm □
eve □


Dates / Course / Venue / Tick if interested
A 2 session course
Dates to be confirmed / Dementia Awareness by Jane Rachael ,Associate Trainer for The Alzheimer Society/SEQOL
What is dementia, causes, signs and symptoms.
The brain.Diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.
Coping with caring for someone with Dementia/ Alzheimer’s-to include common problems and practical suggestions.Managing stress levels, emotions etc, support available.
The dementia ’journey’-symptoms in later life, health risks and on-going needs. (14 places) / Swindon Carers Centre / Please circle preferred time
Mon 24th March
1.30-3pm / Basic Food Hygiene and Safety course- Budding chef or more at home with microwave meals and beans on toast? It’s important to know how to prepare food safely and hygienically especially if caring for a vulnerable person. (8 places) / Swindon Carers Centre
Wed. 26th Feb
6.30-8.30pm / Safeguarding Of Vulnerable Adults course-Who is a vulnerable adult? What is meant by the term abuse? What can be done about it? (8 places) / Swindon Carers Centre
Monday 20th January
1-3pm / Basic First Aid Awareness course
How to manage an emergency situation, the recovery position, checking the airway/breathing, how to perform CPR, managing shock, unconsciousness, choking, bleeding etc (8 places) / Swindon Carers Centre
Tuesday 18th March
6.30-8.30pm / Basic First Aid Awareness course
How to manage an emergency situation, the recovery position, checking the airway/breathing, how to perform CPR, managing shock, unconsciousness, choking, bleeding etc (8 places) / Swindon Carers Centre
Courses in Jan and Mar. Dates to be confirmed. / Confidence to care
A course that is mainly useful for new carers but may be beneficial to more experienced carers too. Starts with the ‘Coping with caring’ talk. See ‘Talks’ above.
Other session topics that can be arranged include- physical care, manual handling, medication etc. The Emergency Card Scheme. Telecare. Time for yourself / looking after your own health. Sources of information and services available. Communication. The NHS ‘journey’- PALS (8 places) / Swindon Carers Centre
Dates and times to be finalised / Computer course for the terrified!
A basic computer course ( 6 sessions)that can be studied at your own pace by patient tutors.
The loan, set up and maintenance of a computer for you to have at home may be available. (6 places) / Tech4D
3 York House. Edison Park, Dorcan, Swindon, SN3 3RB
Dates and times as indicated on the LIFT website/leaflet / Wellbeing courses
There are many free courses run by LIFT (AWP-local mental health services), which carers are welcome to attend.
Topics include :-
  • stress and mood management
  • coping with low mood
  • managing fibromyalgia
  • beating low self-esteem
  • introduction to mindfulness,
  • overcoming your worries
  • managing panic, anxiety and worry
  • overcoming sleep difficulties and more.
/ If you are interested, please contact them on 01793 835711 or see their website, for further details.
Lift Psychology,2nd Floor, Old Town Surgery, Curie Avenue, Swindon, SN1 4GB
Tel: 01793 836836

Opening Times: 9am to 5:30pm, Mon to Thurs and 9am to 5pm on Fri
Dates and times will be arranged between you and the Ambassador. / The Health Ambassador Service
The Health Ambassador Service provides help and support from within your community to help you gain a healthier lifestyle. Anyone 16 or over can access or be referred to the Health Ambassador Service. The service is totally confidential, free-of-charge and is provided through a team of trained Health Ambassadors who can meet with you for 6 x 1:1 sessions in your local area.They can help to get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle by pointing you in the right direction with advice, guidance and the support and motivation you need on matters eg
  • Reducing stress.
  • Healthy eating and working towards a healthy weight
  • Becoming more physically active
  • Stopping smoking
  • Sensible drinking
  • Improving your sexual health
/ Contact Health Ambassador Service Peter Kent Health Ambassador Co-ordinator Tel: 07824 868437 (Mobile) E-mail:

Coffee mornings/afternoons

Jan 9th
Feb 13th
Mar 13th
10.30am-12 / Coffee Morning in Highworth-drop-in session
Calling all carers in the Highworth area! Why not join us for a cuppa and a chat once a month? Information available and occasional speakers/trips. / Highworth Community Centre. The Dormers Highworth, Wiltshire
2nd Tuesday of the month
10am-12 / Coffee morning in West Swindon
A drop-in community coffee morning sponsored by SBC. Carers are invited to join them for either a 40 minute walk at 10am followed by a cuppa or stay at the community centre.
Please note that a member of staff from The Carers Centre will not be present at every session. / Toothill Community Centre,Village Centre,Toothill,Swindon,Wiltshire,SN5 8DH
6TH Jan
3rd Feb
3rd Mar
10.30am-12 / Coffee Morning at The Carers Centre, Old Town
All carers welcome. Join us or a cuppa and a chat with people in a similar situation to yourself. / Swindon Carers Centre
1st Wed. of month 1-3pm / Moredon Carers -cuppa/drop-in
All carers welcome. Join us or a cuppa and a chat with people in a similar situation to yourself. / Moredon Medical CentreMoredon Road,SN2 2JG
1st Thurs. of month, 10-12 / Wroughton Carers-coffee morning and drop-in
All carers welcome. Join us or a cuppa and a chat with people in a similar situation to yourself. / Health Centre, Barrett Way, SN4 9LW
3rd Wed. of
month , 1-3pm / Penhill Carers -cuppa and drop-in
All carers welcome. Join us or a cuppa and a chat with people in a similar situation to yourself. / John Moulton Hall, Penhill Drive, SN2 5DU


Dates and times to be confirmed / SEWING GROUP
Would you be interested in attending a sewing group? Hand and machine sewing. Bring your own or share2 machines and some materials. / To be finalised.
Jan 16th
Feb 20th
Mar 20th
2-4pm / OPEN MINDS-Activity /social group for older carersand carers of people with dementia
NB Your cared for person is welcome to attend this event with you, particularly if they have dementia.
A safe and welcoming setting with disabled access and staff trained in older people/ dementia care. Activities will be group lead but can include craft, singing, bingoetc / St Andrew’s Church Hall, Raleigh Avenue. / Please tick if cared for wishes to attend.

Tues 4th Feb
7pm-9pm / 18 – 25’s
Are you a carer 18-25 years old? Would you like to meet other young adult carers for mutual support, make new friends and socialise? / Venue/activity to be confirmed
Date in Feb-to be confirmed / Male Carers Group
Meet other male carers and share experiences in a social setting. Event hosted by 2 male staff from the Centre. / Venue/activity to be confirmed
1st Thursday of each month (eve. meetings, please ask for times/venue) / Mental Health Carer Peer Support Group for those who care for someone with mental health issues. Mutual support for people in a similar situation. / Swindon Carers Centre/ community venue
23rd Jan
27th Feb
27th Mar
2.30-4pm / Alzheimer/Dementia Carer Peer Support Group. Mutual support for people in a similar situation / Swindon Carers Centre
Every Thurs
10.30am-12 / Knitting /Crochet Circle
Learners and experienced knitters welcome. Drop in any time during the session / Swindon Carers Centre
Would carers like to attend any of the following groups? Please circle if interested.
If there is enough response we can start a group.
  • Reading club
  • Bridge club
  • Scrabble Group

Contact directly for details / Life after having a stroke-there are 2 groups, in the community supported by volunteers, that aim to improve the quality of life of the person who has had a stroke and their carers.
  1. Swindon Stroke Support Group –based in Stratton St. Margaret
  2. Wroughton Social Stroke Club. Ellendune Community Centre.
Tel 01793 529693 or email

2.Please contact either Mollie Newman on Swindon 532402 or Joyce Bowles on 525818
Contact ABC for details / ABC- a Swindon based community self-help support group for patients with cancer, their carers, relatives and friends
NB-ABC is run by part-time volunteers / Please contact Beryl Bowles via
their website is
Times and days to be confirmed by the organiser / Swindon Health Walks
Short group walks lasting 40 - 60 minutes followed by socialising and light refreshments.
The walks are available each day, start from various points in Swindon and are guided by trained volunteers as part of a nationally accredited scheme. The aim is to improve health and encourage enjoyment of local parks /green spaces with a chance to meet others. / Please contact
Amanda Rothwell or Gladys Barr
Swindon Health Walks Co-ordinators
01793 465413
for further information.
Contact SWADS for details / Time4Us - (a group for carers who support someone misusing drugs or alcohol). Meetings are usually held at SWADS, 13 Milton Road / For more information please contact SWADS on 01793 695405 or .
Contact Jan for details / Are you a grandparent who acts as a carer for, or looks after grandchildren on a regular basis?
Would you like to meet others in a similar situation, share information and offer mutual support over a coffee? / For further information please contact Jan Weston on
0777 567 5001


Contact Age UK for details / Call in time from Age UK/Swindon Borough Council
A new telephone support service for :-
  • Over 60s who feel lonely or isolated
  • People who may live alone or live in a care home.
Easy access to a landline is required and the person must enjoy a conversation on the phone.
A weekly call lasting up to 30 minutes to establish a mutual on-going friendship ORa shorter call (Good Day) made by Call in Time staff to check if the older person is OK or to remind them of prompts for daily living. Available for up to 8 weeks eg after returning from hospital. / For more information, please contact Wendy Meilton on 01380 727767
or email

3rd Thurs of month / Swindon SOBBS
A new self-help group supporting one another through the trauma, grief and aftermath –for those who have been bereaved by suicide. / West Swindon location.
Please ring the SOBBS mobile on 07543 242 332 or email
National website -

Please call Heather Goldsmith, Groups and Breaks Co-ordinator on

01793 401095or email , if you need more information.