Call for Applications: Remembrance of National Socialist Injustice Conference SUBSIDIES

Call for Applications: Remembrance of National Socialist Injustice Conference SUBSIDIES

Closing date for application:
Submission possible at any time / To be completed by the Foundation EVZ::

Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”
Mr Martin Bock
Lindenstrasse 20–25
DE-10969 Berlin
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Application for the funding programme

call for applications: Remembrance of National Socialist Injustice – ConferenCE SUBSIDIES

Theme (please tick):

Forced labour under National Socialism
Euthanasia under National Socialism
Soviet prisoners of war
The forced Germanisation of children

(Working) name of the project

1.Information on the applicant

Name of the organisation
Post code and town/city


Email / Website
Contact person for the proposed project: (name, function, telephone, email)
Official representatives according to the statutes: (name, function, telephone, email)

2.Details of the organisation

Tasks, objectives and main activities of the organisation (max. ten lines)
What main target groups do you reach?
What experience do you have so far in history or historical-political education work?

3.Information on the project partner

Cooperation partner (name of organisation, contact person, address, tel., fax, email)
Tasks and objectives of the project partner (max. ten lines)
Experience to date in history or historical-political education work
What role has the cooperation partner played in developing the project idea?
What tasks is the cooperation partner to perform in the project?

4.Project outline

Proposed term (from ... to...)
Conference dates
Brief description of the project (preparation, structure and schedule of the conference, documenting of results etc.)

Please describe your project taking the following questions into account:

a)What is the thematic focus of the conference?

b)What aspect of the above-mentioned theme will you address at the conference?

c)What aspect of forced labour under National Socialism are you addressing with the conference?

d)How are you going to channel the current status of academic researchinto the conference and reflect on this?

e)Who are the target group / the participant group for the conference?

f)How will the results of the conference be documented, what products are to result? How will these be used further?

g)How will you reach the public, and what do you want to achieve with the public?

h)How can you measure the success of your project?

Please draft your outline here and answer questions a) to g) - about 2–6 pages:

5.Proposed costs and financing of the project

(You can add further lines to the document if you wish)

Description / Total costs
(Total of your own financing, third-party funds and funds applied for from the Foundation, EVZ) / Own financing / Third-party funds / Applied for from the Foundation EVZ
Personnel costs
Current non-personnel costs
One-off non-personnel costs

Please provide as much detail as possible in the costs and financing plan.

  • You must state the relevant basis for calculation. (e.g. per person, per day.)
  • Enter the costs (including third-party funds and financing provided by your own organisation) for each item in your application.
  • In the case of third-party funds, state whether they have been applied for or already firmly pledged.
  • Administrative costs are current non-personnel costs and can be applied for as a lump sum. We understand these to cover costs of project administration such as office materials, telephone, postage, internet, and expenditures for bookkeeping, furnishing evidence of use of funds and maintaining contact with the Foundation.
  • Please note that input contributions, such as free use of rooms, equipment, or the working time made available to the project do not belong in the costs plan. Please enter these items under the following point.

Brief explanations of the calculation and description of any input contributions (volunteer work or provision of rooms / technical equipment)

Place and dateSignature of the official representative(s) (according to the statutes)

Please note that this form must be signed by the official representative(s) of your organisation. This is not necessarily the project manager!

Please submit the following with this project application:

Your statutes

Your current extract from the Register of Associations and the notice of exemption from the tax office

If appropriate a power of attorney if the signatory is not the official representative

If appropriate image materials showing your organisation or its partners

If appropriate copies of grant approvals from the providers of third-party funds

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