Brief Instructionfor the Work with Price-Listsinsoftware Gatescust

Brief Instructionfor the Work with Price-Listsinsoftware Gatescust

Brief instructionfor the work with price-listsinSoftware GatesCust

Whenplacing an order forsectionaldoorsinSoftwareGatescustthere arewide opportunitiesof creationand usage ofprice-lists. We tried to take into accountallthepossiblesituationsandto integrate it into the doors calculation with the help of the most convenientway. Aflexibleandconvenientpricingmechanismimplementedin theprogramallows setting different prices for a group of clients, customers and individual orders.

Belowtherearethebasicwaystocreate,touseandtoupdatethepurchaseprice-list, the basic ways for the calculation and use of different price-lists for different groups of clients,the use of suchinstrumentsas «Discount» and «Markup» toadjustpricesfor sectional doors, additionaloptions andautomatics.

The brief instruction includes:

  1. Creation of basicprice-list
  2. Creation of purchaseprice-list
  3. Theuseofpricelistsand creation ofindividual conditionsfor the clients
  4. Creationof individual conditionswhen placing an order for the doors
  1. Creation ofthe basicprice-list

Itisbettertobeginthe work with program GatesCust from «Prices»menu.

Fig. 1 Entry intosection «Prices» of the program

Ondefaultintheprogramthere is created a zeroprice-listintowhichthe required data will be imported.

Fig. 2. Zeroprice-listin section«Prices»of program

The import of prices into the price-list is performed with the help of special formin the format Microsoft Office Excel / OpenOffice Calc orbymanual data entering.

To receive the form for the data import it is necessarytochoosemenu«Prices/Export inExcel (Open office)».

Fig. 3. Exportof price-list fromSoftwareGatescustintoExcel (OpenOffice)

Before the export of the price-list we recommend to install the option«Not to load empty fields». During the installationof this optionthe doors curtaingrids with zero prices will not be unloadedintothefile Excel (Open Office).

Fig. 4. Option «Not to load empty fields»

Duringexportoftheprice-listtheprogramgeneratesthe required form which is to be saved on harddiskforfurtherprocessing.

Fig. 5. The form of price-listforpricesloadinginto SW Gatescust

Itisnecessarytotransferallthenecessarydataintothecorresponding table of the price-list without changing without changing the data and file format.

Firstofallitisrecommendedtoimportthe price-list which is basic into the program (as a basic price-list we offerto acceptprice-list of «Alutech»company). Alltheotherusedprice-listsaresupposedtobe derivative from the basic one.

Fig. 6. Filling of price-listfor import of pricesintoSW Gatescust

Thenwiththehelpofmenu«Prices/Import from Excel (Openoffice) »the necessary price-list isentered into the program. Asaresult we receive a formed basicprice-list which is ready to work.

Fig 7. Price-list in SW Gatescust

  1. Creation of purchaseprice-list

Byusingthe formedbasicprice-listtheprogramofferstocreateother price-lists necessary for work. In particularwe’ll consider the creation and use of the purchase price-list.

With the help of menuwhich is opened by pressing the right button of the mouse «To create a new price-liston the currentone» we createthefollowingprice-list.

Fig. 8 Creation of the price-liston the basis of the current one in SW Gatescust

During the creation of a new price-list the program offersto use coefficients:

Kg – coefficientwhich is multiplied by the cost of garage doors standard kit except forthe doors series STANDARD;

Ks – coefficientwhich is multiplied by the cost of standard kitof garage doorsseries STANDARD;

Ki – coefficientwhich is multiplied by the cost of standard kitof industrial doors;

Kw – coefficientwhich is multiplied by the cost of standard kitof the wicket in the façade;

Ka – coefficientwhich is multiplied by the cost of automation;

Kd– coefficientwhich is multiplied by the cost ofadditional kitting.

Fig. 9. Creation of a newprice list

Usingthesecoefficients, wecancreateapurchaseprice-list, as well asa price-list of other type (dealer’s price-list, retail price-list etc.).

Incaseapurchaseprice-listisbelow the basic price-listimported before,the used coefficientsaretobe <1, but >0. (forexample: ifyouhaveadiscount 5%, К = 0,95).

Duringthe creationofdealer’sandretailprice-liststhe value of coefficients is, asarule, >1.

Having applied the necessarycoefficientwereceiveanewprice-listwhich is readytowork.

Fig. 10. Price-list created on the basis of the basicprice-list

It is recommended to create or to import the Purchasing price-list into the base forafulluseoftheopportunitiesofthe programfor calculationof price markup for the order.

Afterinstallationoftheprogramthepurchaseprice-listcreated in the programisrecognizedasthefirstone (the option «PP» is automatically installed).

Incasewecreateapurchaseprice-listwith the help of coefficients orimport it intoSWGatescustsecondarily, for assigning the statusof Purchasing price-list it is necessary to set up the option «PP» by selecting the appropriateiteminthe contextual menu:

Fig. 11. Assigning the status of Purchasing price-list

The algorithm described aboveisusedforcreationandeditingof price-lists for different groups of customers or forindividual clients.

  1. Theuseofpricelistsand creation ofindividual conditions for clients

To use the created price-lists itisofferedtoenterthemenu «ClientsOrders».

Fig. 12. Entry into the section of the program «ClientsandOrders»

In the opened window there are provided the following possibilities (within thesection of this brief instruction):

1. creation of the clients group;

2. creationof clients within a group;

3. installation and adjustment of conditionsforaclientsgroup (1);

4. installation and adjustment of conditionsof conditions foraindividualclientinagroup (2).

Fig. 13. Theuseofprice-listsandcreationof individual conditions for a group of clients and individual clients

It is shown in the example that the client «Service Station №1» enters the group of clients «Service Station». For the group of clients«Service Station»there is assigned the «Purchasing» price. Forthegroupofclients «Service Station»there ismarkup 20%fromthe «Purchasing»pricefor a standard set of garage doorsexcept for the doors series Standard, markup10% for a standard set of industrial doors andmarkup5% for a standardset of a wicket in the façade.

Foraclient «Service Station №1» to the received conditions there is used a multiplying coefficient 1,3 (or + 30%) for a standard set of garage doors except for the doors seriesStandard,amultiplying coefficient 1,1 (or +10%) for a standardset of industrialdoors, a multiplying coefficient 1,2 (or +20%) for a standard set of a wicket in the façade.

Thusindividuallycreatedprice-listcanbeadjustedforthegroupofclientsandeach clientin the group can receive individual conditions.

  1. Creation of individual conditionsduring placing an order for the doors

Theprogramallowstosetindividualadjustmentsfor the clients and determine the conditions of separate orders before the calculation of the order for sectional doors.

Inthemainmenuitisnecessarytopressthebutton «Neworder» andload «Doors wizard».

Fig. 14. Creation of individualprice conditionsforaseparateorder

Atthisstageyouareofferedtocreateanewclientanddetermine the main price conditions of cooperation:

Fig. 15. Creation of a new clientanddetermination of working conditionswiththehelpof «Doors wizard»

AtthisstageYoucancreateanewclientanddeterminethedesiredlevelofpricemarkupordiscount onto the price list applied for this client using Kg, Ks, Ki, Kw, Ka, Kdcoefficients.Analternativewayofclient’screationanddetermination of working conditionswas considered above during the description of the section «ClientsOrders».

ThentheprogramoffersYoutomakean order and determine the parameters of the order. AtthisstageifitisnecessaryYoucan install the desired levelofadditionalmarkupor discountfor a separate order of the client with the help of analogous Kg, Ks, Ki, Kw, Ka, Kdcoefficients.

Fig. 17. Determination ofdiscount/markupcoefficients foraseparateorder

Thesecoefficients will be applied to the individual conditions of the client created earlier.

Then the programwill offer to enter the technicalparameters of the order: door dimensions, to determinethe compositionof commercial positionsandadditionaloptions.

Fig. 18. Calculation of orders with the help of «Doors wizard»

Afterplacingtheparametersoftheorderthere is opened the active window of the programin which you cansee all the dataof the order (3) andifitisnecessaryyoucanmake changes.After the final calculation of doors it is necessary to install the option«L» (4) –

completion of the doors calculation– andfixthe changesby pressing the button (5). Thenyouwillseetheinformation (6) aboutthe purchasingprice, selling price andthe amount of the formed price markup for this order.

Fig. 19. Editingofthedoorscharacteristicsand profitability analysis of the order

ThedescribedfeaturesofSW Gatescust showthatthisprogramisaconvenient, flexibleandclearpricingtoolfor the doors allowing Youto optimize the work with the clients