Boxcryptor Releases Beta of New Mac OS X Version

Boxcryptor Releases Beta of New Mac OS X Version


Boxcryptor releases beta of new Mac OS X version

Today Boxcryptor – the easy and secure encryption software for Drobpox, Google Drive and many other providers has released the beta of its new Mac OS X version. This means that after the big relaunch in June, the new Boxcryptor version in now available on all main platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android next to the Mac OS X beta.

Augsburg, 10/31/2013:Today the German security company SecombaGmbH published the beta for its new Boxcryptor for Mac OS X version. The beta allows users of Apple’s popular operating system to encrypt and decrypt files with the new Boxcryptor file format which was introduced a couple of months ago.

Until today, Mac users had to use Boxcryptor Classic on their Macs if they wanted to securely use cloud storage providers like Dropbox. Boxcryptor Classic is the 1.x Boxcryptor version which is still available, but lacks features compared to the 2.0 version. Both versions are not compatible with each other and while Windows, Android and iOS users were able to benefit by the new version, Mac users still had to stay with Boxcryptor Classic. But since today the new Boxcryptor version for Mac is available in a first beta version and the final version is planned for the end of November.

While the final version will offer all main features, the beta still has some limitations. Users who want to share the access on files with others and create and manage groups have to wait for the final version. Nevertheless, the sharing the other way round already works. This means, that a Windows user can already share the access on a file or folder with a Mac users and the Mac user is then able to decrypt the file.

Andrea Pfundmeier, founder and CEO of Secombaexplains: “We have been working hard on this new Mac version during the past months. We know that our Mac users had to wait for a long time, but we can now offer them an early beta and show them first results. As it is very important for us to gather our user’s feedback as early as possible, I hope that they provide us with a lot of feedback. This helps us to release a great official version at the end of November.”

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Secomba is a company located in Augsburg, Germany, founded in 2011 and dedicated to innovation in cloud data security. Its encryption software Boxcryptor ( is a user friendly software solution which guarantees, under the highest security standards,the encryption and security of files.