Bouquet Pendant Necklacebeading& Jewelry Making Tutorial Series I95

Bouquet Pendant Necklacebeading& Jewelry Making Tutorial Series I95

Bouquet Pendant NecklaceBeading& Jewelry Making Tutorial Series i95


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Flower is a symbol of femininity. I'm sure all girls would love and be interested to create my Bouquet Pendant Necklace. I had fun weaving these flower components and you'd be surprise you can do a lot with them. You can create a pendant necklace, bracelet, earrings and even a ring.

The tutorial is suitable for intermediate to advanced skill level. The steps are presented in diagrams. Though the diagrams are self-explanatory, one must have full knowledge how to bead weave and create a beaded jewellery to understand the steps.

If you followed this tutorial and then sell the accessory or jewellery, please give credit to the author or DIY Beading

Materials and tools needed:

Materials Needed
15/0 Opaque Pepper Red Toho seed beads

15/0 Opaque White Toho seed beads

11/0 Opaque White Toho seed beads

6mm Turquoise round pearls

4mm Turquoise round pearls

6mm Red round pearls

4mm Red round pearls

Wildfire beading thread

Beading needle


Optional materials & tools for Chain Necklace


Lobster clasp

20ga Artisan wire

Jump rings

Wire cutter

Round nose pliers

2 Flat or chain nose pliers

Skill level

Intermediate - Advanced

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1:

With an arm span of thread, string 4mm turquoise pearls. Tie a knot to create a circle.


Step 2:

Weave counter-clockwise inserting 15/0 white seedbeads in between the pearls.


Step 3:

Continue the counter-clockwise weaving direction, stringing a (6) 15/0 red seed bead in between the 15/0 white seedbeads.


Continue weaving and pass thru (3)15/0 red seedbeads. String (1)15/0 red seedbeads then pass thru the next (3)15/0 red beads to create the pointed petal. Repeat and create the rest of the pointed petals. When you reach the end of the round, insert 4mm red pearl at the center of the flower.


Step 4:

After inserting the red pearl at the center, come out one of the turquoise pearl. String (5)15/0 red seedbeads and pass thru the same turquoise pearl your thread is coming out. End this step by passing thru the next turquoise pearl. You have created ARC 1 over the turquoise pearl.


Repeat previous step and create ARC 2 on the next turquoise pearl, but this time, string only (4)15/0 red seed beads. Connect ARC 2 to ARC 1 by passing thru the last seed bead from ARC 1.

Continue with the same weaving process and create ARC 3 to ARC 5.

On this image, we are now on ARC 6. This time, you only need to string (3)15/0 red seed beads because you are going to share the last 15/0 seed beads from ARC 5 and ARC 1 to connect ARC 6. End this step by coming out the next turquoise pearl.

Step 5:

Let's create the inner flower. Continue to pass thru (3)15/0 red seed beads from ARC 1. String 15/0 white seed bead then pass thru 3rd 15/0 seed bead from ARC 6. String 15/0 white seed bead then pass thru the 3rd 15/0 red seed bead from ARC 5.

Repeat previous step 2x and finish the inner flower. When done, secure your thread by making knots and passing thru several beads. Cut off excess thread set aside.

Repeat from Step 1 to 5 and create 7 small flower components then set aside.

Step 6:

After creating the small flower components, you will create a bigger flower component that will be the focal piece of the necklace.

Repeat Step 1 & 2 using 6mm turquoise pearls and 11/0 white seed beads. Repeat Step 3, but this time string (8) 15/0 red seed beads.

Step 7:

Now, like in Step 3, let's create the pointed petal. Continue weaving and pass thru (4)15/0 red seed beads. String 15/0 red seed bead and pass the next (4)15/0 red seed beads. Repeat until you reach the end of the round. Once you created the last pointed petal, insert the 6mm red pearl at the center of the flower. End this by passing coming out a turquoise pearl.

Step 8:

Let's create the ARCS. The ARCS for the big flower consists of (6) 15/0 red seed beads. The diagrams below represent the number of 15/0 red seed beads you need to string for each ARC. Use the same process of creating/weaving the ARCS based on Step 4. The only difference is the number of seedbeads you need to string.

Remember, ARC 2, 3, 4, & 5 are connected to the ARC on the right side so you only need to string only 5 seed beads.

ARC 6 is connected to ARC 5 & 1 so you only need to string 4 seed beads.

Step 9:

After creating ARC 6 have your thread come out the pearl with ARC 1 so your thread is in position to create the inner flower using 11/0 white seed beads. On the image below, the 15/0red colored beads is where you need to pass the thread while stringing 11/0 white seed beads. Once finished, secure your thread and cut off the excess.

Step 10:

Let's construct the necklace and this is how it should look like.

The small flowers are connected at the pointed petals (shown in black circle) by a picot edge using (3)11/0 white seed beads.

With a new thread, secure your thread into a small flower, aim to come out a pointed petal. First, connect 2 pointed petals by weaving in circle, passing thru the 15/0 red seedbeads once.

Then pass thru again the pointed petal, but this time, string (3)11/0 white seedbeads. Now, you have connected one side. Pass thru several beads to get to the other side and connect.

Connect 4 small flowers and this is what it should look like.

When you reach the big flower, the upper part is connected by picot while the bottom is connected by (1)11/0 white seedbead.

Step 11: Optional Steps to Create the Chain Necklace

Now that you have all the flowers connected, you can create your preferred necklace. You can attach a beaded rope, or attach stringed red pearls.

Here is one easy way how to connect a necklace. Prepare the following materials.

Step 12:

First, create a wrapped loop pearl with the folded chain inserted into the loops. Create as many as needed or until you reach your desired length.

Step 13:

At the ends of the chain necklace is your clasp.

Step 14:

To connect the flower pendant and chain, use a jump ring.

You're done!

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