BFW Supportupdate Term 4, 2016

BFW Supportupdate Term 4, 2016

BFW SupportUpdate Term 4, 2016

The BFW has resources to assist teachers & help reduce the workload. Below are some new postings that may assist in your preparations. Click on the links,look in the A – Z Index or use the search function to locate topics. It’s FREE and easy!

During Term 3, time and effort has been put into creating some exciting additions to the BFW. They are:

  1. ‘My Bookmarks.’ The large amount of information on the site occasionally causes problems recalling its exact location. Now,‘My Bookmarks’ enables users to create a list of resources tailored to their individual needs. See a topic / category you like? Click on the tab at the bottom of the post. It will then appear on the ‘My Bookmarks’menu to the right of the main page. Never waste time looking again!
  2. Automatic indexing of posts. Some posts contain a large amount of subheadings. Now you can see every heading at the top of the post. Simply click on the heading link you require and it zips straight down to it. Another time saver!
  3. New search functionality. Regular visitors with eagle eyes will notice a change in the search window results. Type your search requestin the window and the results are immediately displayed as a drop down menu. Use the scroll bar to view all the results.
  4. Photo backgrounds. Just to add a little ‘spice’ photo backgrounds can be added to posts within the website. Check ‘Highlands School Behaviour Management Principles’ to see a snapshot of one part of our school. Want to add a photo of your school to the BFW? Email to a photo, together with the school name and preferred posting for attachment.
  5. Feedback. A short questionnaire / survey will pop up occasionally when teachers log on. It will take about minute to complete or a little longer, if you choose to provide written feedback. Those short on time or new to the website can choose to close it and continue with their research. Suggestions are confidential and may be used to improve the website. No replies will be given as email addresses are not collected.

Website items that may interest are:

  1. Schools that utilise the Assisted School Travel Program may take interest in a new posting – ‘Behaviour Support Plan for Transport.’ It provides a method of quickly designing a plan to identify student needs when being transported to and from school. This plan assists staff to identifies student likes, triggers and behaviours of concern. It then suggests actions to avoid conflict between transport officers and students.
  2. Term 4 means report time. One of the BFW’s most downloaded resource is Report comments for students with difficult behaviours Years K – 10. It may help teachers compose those tricky comments that need to tread the fine line between sincerity, support or affront. Teachers are able to view outcomes & indicators relating to desired positive behaviours and then consider how to express them in a professional way. Suitable for all teachers, ideal for beginning teachers, or executive teachers who supervise beginning teachers.
  3. The Oasis is a unit for Year 9 & 10 Health & Physical Education. It aims toraise awareness of youth homelessness, celebrates the resilience of young people who are experiencing homelessness in Australia and empowers the next generation of young people to take action to prevent youth homelessness in the future.
  4. Class Dojo, continues to upgrade its capabilities (e.g. ‘Student Stories’) to provide positive methods of improving classroom management, especially relating to behaviour. Suitable for both primary and high schools, it is well worth consideration. Log on and brainstorm how to utilise it for next year’s classes!

Finally don’t forget our most popular posts:

  • Templates for Behaviour
  • You Can Handle Them All
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • Report comments

Brendan Barr – Website Resource Development; Ross Bowey - Principal Highlands School