Austria - Quadrennial Periodic Report 2016

Austria - Quadrennial Periodic Report 2016


2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expression

Additional Information: Name of Stakeholders, involved in the preparation of the report

Please note that it is not possible to name all organisations and individuals within these organisations who were consulted and/or provided information for the preparation of the report.

Federal Ministries

  • Federal Chancellery (i.a. Departments for European and International Cultural Policy; music and performing arts, art Schools and general art matters; for film; for literature and publishing, libraries; for medals and awards, event management, special projects, digitization; for cultural initiatives, folks culture; for legal matters; for media affairs and information society, and for data protection)
  • Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (Division for Culture, i.a. Departments for Multilateral Cultural Policy Affairs and for Policy Planning and Legal Matters, Cultural Agreements, Budget, Evaluation; Department for Planning and Programme Matters concerning Development Cooperation and Cooperation with Eastern Countries)
  • Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economy (i.a. Departments for innovation and transfer, creative industries; for multilateral and EU-trade policy)
  • Federal Ministry of Justice (i.a. Department for copyright and antitrust law)
  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management
  • Federal Ministry of Finance

FederalProvinces (Laender)

  • Regional Government of Burgenland (Department for Education, Culture and Society)
  • Regional Government of Carinthia (Department for Art and Culture)
  • Regional Government of Lower Austria (Department for Art and Culture)
  • Regional Government of Salzburg (Department for Culture, Education and Society)
  • Regional Government of Styria (Department for Culture, Europe and Foreign Affairs)
  • Regional Government of Tyrol (Department for Culture)
  • Regional Government of Upper Austria (Department for Culture)
  • Regional Government of Vienna / City of Vienna (Municipal Department for Cultural Affairs)
  • Regional Government of Vorarlberg (Department for Culture)

Municipal Level

  • Austrian Association of Cities and Towns (Department for Culture and Public Relations)
  • City of Salzburg (Department for Culture, Education and Science)
  • City of Dornbirn (Department for Culture)

Cultural Institutions / NGOs / Companies

  • Austrian Film Institute
  • Vienna Film Fund
  • Ars Electronica Linz GmbH
  • as well as independent experts / culture professionals
  • Assocationoca collaborative research.- institute for artistic, migrant and scientific research
  • Association Culture for Children
  • Association of Austrian Artists, Künstlerhaus
  • Association Superar
  • Austrian Association for independent and autonomous cultural work
  • Austrian Association of Authors
  • Austrian Association of Independent Theatre
  • Austrian Cultural Council
  • Austrian Filmmakers Association
  • Austrian Music Council
  • Austrian World Music Association
  • Austrian Zimbabwe Friendship Association
  • Community TV GmbH
  • diverCITYLAB – association for the promotion of diversity in arts and culture
  • EDUCULT – Institute for Cultural Policy and Management
  • EU XXL film. Forum for European Film
  • Flimmit GmbH
  • kulturen in bewegung / VIDC (Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation)
  • KunstSozialRaum (ArtSocialSpace) Brunnenpassage
  • LET’S CEE filmfestival association
  • österreichische kulturdokumentation. Internationals archivfürkulturanalysen
    (Austrian culture documentation. international archiveforcultureanalysis)
  • Witcraft Szenario OG
  • Work SMartAt association
  • Youth and Culture Winer Neustand Association
  • Forum Erwachsenenbildung NÖ (Forum for Adult Education Lower Austria)
  • University and Regional Library Tyrol
  • Verband Gewerkschaftlicher Bildung Österreich
    (Associationof Trade Union Education in Austria)