Article of the Week Reflection Selection

Article of the Week Reflection Selection

Article of the Week Reflection Selection

Directions: Select one of the following ways to complete your reflection for this week. If you choose something from the "Check Minus" section you will receive 70 points, this is the bare minimum. If you would like to receive the next highest grade you select one from the "Check" section. You will receive an 85 if you choose from this section. Finally, if you would like to receive maximum credit, you will select from the "Check Plus" section.

"Check Minus" 70

  • Write down five things you learned by reading this week's article. Which of these five do you think is the most important to know? Explain.
  • Write a summary over the article from this week. Be sure to include something from the beginning, the middle, and the end.

"Check" 85

  • After reading this article, reflect on the author's purpose and who the intended audience might be.
  • Choose your favorite quote or passage from this week's issue and write a reflection, including your thoughts on the quote, any text to self-connections you made, and the reason you chose the quote.
  • Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Be sure to include text evidence. “What surprised you about the article?” “What did the author think you already knew?” and “What changed, challenged, or confirmed what you already knew?”

"Check Plus" 100

  • After reading the article, create a "T-Chart." On the left side, bullet the key points of the article. On the right side, list what the article doesn't say. For example, if I read a chart about influenza death statistics in 1977 and 1999, your "T-Chart" will look like the following.

Influenza Deaths / Influenza Deaths
Approximately 18,000 / 1999
Approximately 65,000
What does the chart say? / What the chart doesn't say?
  1. Influenza deaths have increased dramatically since the 1970s.
  2. In 1977, there were approximately 18,000 flu-related deaths.
  3. In 1999, there were approximately 65,000 flu-related deaths.
  1. What caused such a dramatic rise in deaths?
  2. Deaths where? In the USA?
  3. Who is the source of this information?

  • Write at least a one page reflection over the article. Be sure to include a summary of what you read, your thoughts on the article, and any text-to-self connections you made with the article. If you did not make any connections to the article then write about how you think the article relates in the world you live in, do you think that the information presented in the article is relative to your life? How might it relate?