Arriscraft Design Specification Overview

Arriscraft Design Specification Overview



Whitacre Greer pavers are dry-pressed, fired-clay paving brick composed of shale and/or fireclay. They are formed in steel molds in 400-ton presses and dried and fired at kiln temperatures approaching 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Color and strength is achieved through the thermo-physical change that accompanies the vitrification process.


Whitacre Greer pavers, properly specified and installed, are suitable for pedestrian and vehicular applications, both light and heavy. 2¼-inch thick pavers are suitable for pedestrian and light vehicular applications and comply with ASTM C902. 2¾ and 3-inch thick pavers are suitable for heavy vehicular applications and comply with ASTM C1272.

Two textures are available. Please consult the chart below for size and texture compatibility. Smooth texture is standard. All Whitacre Greer dry-pressed pavers comply with the Access Boards recommendations for slip and skid resistance.

Available sizes and configurations:

SPECIFICATION - (important note)

Whitacre Greer dry-pressed paving brick are produced by the WHITACRE GREER COMPANY and distributed by ______.


Thirteen standard colors are available:

30 Clear Red

32 Antique

33 Dark Antique

34 Mulberry

36 Red Sunset

41 Caribbean

42 Cinnamon

43 Tangerine

44 Mahogany

50 Ivory

52 Majestic

53 Cimmerian

54 Chocolate

All sizes are available in all colors. Whitacre Greer dry-pressed paving brick are produced per specification. Limited items may be available from inventory.

Standard colors may be mingled per specification at the plant.

Colors within a given shipment of Whitacre Greer pavers will vary slightly due to subtle changes in clay composition and kiln firing temperatures. Such variations should not be considered a defect, but a natural desirable feature that gives the pavers greater character and depth.

Many standard Whitacre Greer colors have SRI values of 29 or greater.


Please see ASTM C902 and C1272 for acceptable tolerances. Dimensions of 8-inches should not exceed +/-1/8th-inch. 8x8 and 6x6 pavers may be slightly out of square. Please request a sample.


Whitacre Greer dry-pressed pavers may be installed in systems popular with all segmental pavers, including: compacted aggregate base with sand setting bed, concrete base with sand setting bed, concrete base with bituminous setting bed.


Whitacre Greer dry-pressed pavers conform to the applicable standard specifications for such materials as adopted by the American Society for Testing and Materials C-902-07, Class SX, Type I, Applications PS, unless different specifications are expressly set forth on the customer’s purchase order and on Whitacre Greer’s order acknowledgement form or letter of certification. All material is subject to normal color and shade variations typical of the industry, particularlyof the type of material fired at high temperatures.

Please review the information above with your local Sales Representative prior to releasing a specification for the bid process.

If you have any questions regarding the above you can contact: The local Sales Representative at ______.

Thank you for considering Whitacre Greer dry-pressed pavers for your project.