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Enter Mannatech

Most of the crucial pioneering research in this area was conducted by Carrington Laboratories of Irving, Texas. One reliable source has told us that Carrington has spent well over $50 million (though larger numbers are out there) in research on the medicinal effects of various glyconutrient fractions of the aloe plant. To date, the largest outlet for Carrington's products has been an MLM (multi-level marketing) company in the U.S. called Mannatech Incorporated. We cannot think of a single disease that, at some point, one of the legends of Mannatech distributors out there has not called or emailed us about -- saying that a Mannatech product was the definitive cure.
Do not fault Mannatech. (Our experience with network marketing and pyramid schemes, in general, is that if they care health care products; expect to see a strong propensity for curative exaggerations in the field -- a fact frequently cited by any of a number of state attorney general offices in the U.S. tasked with consumer protection. And then there are the outrageous markups necessary to sustain opulent marketing plans rich enough to attract an effective sales force... but that's another article.) This is not the same as saying that many of the beneficial claims of those consumable products with lower chain mannans are not substantive -- (though any claim of exclusivity most decidedly is). We wouldn't have investigated this thoroughly if the science behind this emerging field of nutrition (one of relatively recent development) was not solid.
However, like all facets of the nutraceuticals world, this is an instance where the devil is in the details. Most of the products made in the world of aloe extracts involve either spray drying or freeze drying. A gentler method that would ensure that more of the long and "extra long" acemannans are left intact, thereby avoiding heat liability issues, would be low temperature dehydration. The problem is expense if you're trying to produce a cheap product for the network marketing industry. Since we don't have this burden, we opted to work with Dr. Siegel's family, which makes it this way.

Since, we don’t have this burden; we opted to work with colleagues of Dr Siegel, which makes it this way.

Effects of aloe vera preparations on the human bioavailability of Vitamins C and E. This study, conducted at the University of Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA), demonstrates how whole leaf extract(which would contain acemannans)affected a substantial increase in the bioavailabiity of vitamins A and C in the subjects tested. Be sure to view the tables at the end of this four page paper.

Demonstrates how the inner gel portion not the whole leaf (aloe inner gel contains the acemannan sugars)

The Importance of Harvesting and Manufacturing Premier Aloe Vera -- This document, like most of the links references in this page, came from Al Low & Associates, run by the son and daughter-in-law of Dr. R. Siegel, M.D., one of the world's foremost authorities on aloe research and the medicinal properties of its diverse nutrients. The dehydrate powder sited in this document is what you are purchasing from Alpha Omega Labs.

This document like many of the links on this page were provided by colleagues and associates of Dr R Siegel MD, one of the foremost authorities on aloe research and the medicinal properties of its diverse nutrients