Agenda Scavenger Hunt

Agenda Scavenger Hunt

Name ______

Date ______

Class Period ______


Agenda Scavenger Hunt

Directions: Using your agenda, a pencil, and a highlighter—locate the following items and follow directions to answer each. USE KEY WORDS IN STATEMENTS TO HELP YOU FIND WHAT SECTION TO LOOK IN.


1. HIGHLIGHT the heading “A Few Things You May Not Know About JCMS”. Underline each of the things listed.

2. According to page 1 the JCMS student handbook ensures that students have access to the following things:

Write down the page numbers where each item can be found on the line after it:

*school calendar ______*school procedures and expectations ______*PBIS guidelines ______

*AVID Instructional Materials ______

3. HIGHLIGHTthree things that parents and guardians can do to support students and make sure they have a

good learning environment.

4. What is the KNIGHT’S CODE?______, ______, ______

5. What is the name of the Principal of JCMS? Write it here. ______

6. Using the school calendar on page 2, what abbreviation do you look for to know when you get Interim

Reports in middle school? ______HIGHLIGHT the four dates that you get interim reports on the calendar.

7. On the calendar what do you look for to know when you get a report card? HIGHLIGHTthe four dates.

8. Academic dishonesty includes what two things? ______and ______

9. Students must be picked up ______from all after school activities. Dances end at _____. Sporting event times will be ______. Students must be counted ______for the day of the event to participate.

10. How could a student receive additional academic assistance (aka tutoring)? HIGHLIGHT it in your agenda.

11. After school detention ends at what time? ______HIGHLIGHT THAT. HIGHLIGHT WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DO NOT GO?

12. Students should not arrive to school before what time? ______Underline where they go if they do.

13. DRAW A BOX AROUND/HIGHLIGHT the assessment/testing information. This is important!

14. To play sports what grades must a student be in? ______

15. Students with more than ______absences in a school year shall not be promoted to the next grade level. HIGHLIGHT THIS.

16. HIGHLIGHT reasons for excused absences.

17. If you arrive after or check out before this time, ______, you will be counted ABSENT for that school day. UNDERLINE this.

18. HIGHLIGHT what happens to a student if they make a bomb, weapon, biological, or chemical threat.

19. What is the reason that book bags are DISCOURAGED in the classroom? ______

20. DRAW A BOX and HIGHLIGHT the bullying/harassment policy. ALL OF IT.


22. HIGHLIGHT the cell phone policy. Put a STAR next to the information in the box about videotaping!

23. DRAW a star next to the clubs that students can participate in.

24. What is the school’s phone number? ______HIGHLIGHT it!

25. HIGHLIGHT the computer and electronic equipment policy!

26. Disobedience, Insubordination, Failure to Comply, and Disorderly Conduct can all result in ______. Underline the word every time you see it in this section.


28. What happens if a student violates the dress code? ______

29. What happens if they have to wait for more than 10 minutes for clothes? ______

30. Draw a star next to the school fees.

31. HIGHLIGHT the policy on fighting.

32. UNDERLINE the policy on food, candy, sodas, and drinks.

33. Grades! Write down the grade scale. A= ____ B= ____ C= ____ D= ____ F= _____ Put a star next to it!

34. HIGHLIGHT the hall pass policy.

35. School lockers may be rented for how much? ______

36. If you were to lose something where would you go to look for it? ______

37. The media center is opened during lunch for what reason? ______

38. What might a student be sent to the Onslow County Learning Center for? HIGHLIGHT.


40. HIGHLIGHT the promotion /retention standards.

41. HIGHLIGHT the school dance policy.

42. DRAW A BOX AROUND AND HIGHLIGHT the tardy policy.

43. When can a student use the telephone in the office? ______

44. What is the tobacco policy at JCMS? HIGHLIGHT AND UNDERLINE IT.

45. What happens to a student who is found guilty of stealing or vandalizing public property? Write your answer and then HIGHLIGHT it. ______

46. All visitors are to report to the front ______and get a visitor’s ______. This needs to be worn and ______the entire time the visitor is on campus. Fill-in-the-blanks and then HIGLIGHT THIS!


  • The Knight’s Code:

Be ______, Be ______, Be ______

  • Each week students receive a new ______.
  • The three colors are ______, ______, and ______.

If a student does not get any “circles” for disruption they are considered what color? ______

If a student represents minimal disruption they are considered what color? ______

If a student represents moderate disruption they are considered what color? ______

A student that is a serious disruption is what color? ______

  • How many points are possible in one week? ______
  • How can points be earned? (4 ways)
  • What is Knight Note Money?______
  • You can earn it by doing what kinds of things? ______
  • What can Knight Money be used for? ______

What pages are the following on…

JCMS Behavior Expectation Matrix ______Writing in the Margins ______

Binder Contents ______Marking the Text ______

AVID Binder Check/Grade sheets ______Critical Reading ______

Four Parts of the Cornell Way ______

Cornell Notes Rubric ______

The Three Story House ______

Costa’s Levels of Questions ______