Acting 2, Spring 2018

Acting 2, Spring 2018

Acting 2, Spring 2018


Instructor: Jim TasseClass time:M/W (9:00-10:45) in 385

Office: T-25Office Hours:T/Tr 11-Noon and appointment


3 credits Time expectation:149 total hours

Classroom instruction: 52.5Reading and Research: 35

Weekly out of class rehearsal:52Performance attendance and response: 10

CatalogueDescription: Basic acting techniques in realism and extended realism through scene work and exercises exploring Dramatic Action, focus of attention and script analysis.

Course Description: Continuing with the work on personal honesty and theatrical authenticity, we will begin to explore elements of craft that relate to the process of audition, rehearsal and performance of text.

Course Goals:

1. To identify and explore tools for the actor’s process in rehearsal and performance.

2. To create an audition piece of professional standards.

3. To collaborate and perform in two 2-3-character scenes.

4. To engage, as an ensemble, a significant contemporary text.

Student Outcomes/Objectives

1. The student will identify, rehearse and perform an audition piece new to them.

2. The student, through class work, table work and rehearsal, will engage and perform contemporary realistic (and extended realistic) texts.

3. The student will perform a scene from the primary play as well as a scene of their own choosing.


As a continuation of Acting 110 this course:

  • Focuses on text and performance;
  • Asks students to interpret and analyze text from an actor’s point of view.
  • Exposes students to a variety of acting pedagogies and terms.

Required texts:

-Jory, Jon. TheComplete Tips: Ideas for Actors, Smith and Kraus, 2013, ISBN #9781575258539

-LaBute, Neil. The Shape of Things, Broadway Play Publishing, 2003, ISBN# 978-0881452228

Recommended Texts:

-Jory, Jon. Tips: Ideas for Directors, Smith and Kraus, 2002, ISBN# 1-57525-241-4


-See shows! As a theatre major, my expectation is that you attend all department productions as well as every other performance that you can; pay for, bully/sneak/charm your way into.

-Engaged and committed.

-Every class, on time. We’ll discuss this further in the grading section.

-Prepared. Be prepared for varied physical activity (dress in layers, lose the jewelry and gum!); ready to take notes (paper, pencils not pens). A usable water bottle is fine, no other food, please.

University Policies

Written work

Book response:A “book response” research paper, somewhere in the 1,500 word range (3-4 pages), written in response to a major piece of writing by a figure of 20th/21st century theatre/performance and their methodology and aesthetic philosophy. We may have time to present these in class. Subject of the paper is found either on the course “Approved Reading List”, or has been decided upon through consultation with the instructor. (10% of total grade) There will be a 10% deduction for late work.

Note: You will receive a written assignment and rubric for each graded project.

Grading (100 points possible)

In class presentations:

-Audition 10 points

-The Shape of Things

Scene preparation/presentation 15 points

-Chosen scene preparation/presentation 15 points


-Class work participation 10 points

-Attendance 30 points

-Book response10 points

-Self evaluation 5 points

-Instructor final evaluation 5 points

Attendance: Each class (30) is worth a point. There are no excused absences and my expectation is that you attend every class. More than three absences will reduce your final grade one whole letter (A to B etc…). Role is taken at the top of class (I strive to begin promptly), if you are not here you will be marked as late. Three lates will equal one absence.Absence for a scheduled presentation may result in a failing grade.

Grading Scale

A 95-100

A- 90-94

B+ 85-89

B 80-84

B- 75-79

C + 70-74

C 65-69

C- 60-64

D+ 55-59

D 50-54

D- 45-59

0-44 Failure

Assignment Due Dates

Convocation Friday January 26, 1pm

Audition February 14

Callback February 19

1st Read through The Shape of Things February 21

Spring Break No class March 18-25

Present The Shape of ThingsApril 18

Book response/presentation dueMay 7

Present Chosen scenes May 9

Exit Interview May 16

Subject to change.