Acomplete the Sentences with the Words Below. (3 Points Each = 30 Points)

Acomplete the Sentences with the Words Below. (3 Points Each = 30 Points)


Targets 2 Photocopiable © Burlington Books

Unit 1 Test


Targets 2 Photocopiable © Burlington Books

AComplete the sentences with the words below.
(3 points each = 30 points)

beg  destination  credit card  immediately
missing  miserable  old-fashioned
reverse charge  youth hostels  straight

1.He was not told ...... that he had
been accepted for the new job, so he spent a
few anxious days waiting for the reply.

2.She wasn’t sure of her final ......
She just knew that she wanted to visit several countries.

3.Gina wanted to save her money. Consequently, every time she phoned home she made a ...... call.

4.Many parents have got ...... ideas and don’t want their children to travel abroad alone.

5.I always like to stay in ...... It gives
me a chance to meet other young people.

6.Most people use a ...... to pay. They
don’t like carrying cash on them.

7.Frank had to ...... for money
because he was left penniless.

8.They were really tired after their flight and decided
to go ...... to the hotel.

9.Lisa was very ...... and lonely. She
wasn’t used to being so far from home.

  1. When I saw that my purse was ...... ,
    I reported it to the police.

BChoose the correct answer.
(4 points each = 20 points)

1.I was very (annoying / annoyed) with her for coming late to our meeting.

2.There seemed to be no solution to the problem.
It was a (hopeful / hopeless) situation.

3.I forgot to phone Pam so it was very
(embarrassing / embarrassed) seeing her at the concert.

4.She is such a (bored / boring) person. She tells
the same stories over and over again.

5.Robert has had a very (successful / success) life.
He is now a famous film producer.

CComplete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the Present Perfect Simple, Past Perfect Simple, Future Perfect Simple, Present Perfect Continuous or Past Perfect Continuous. (3 points each = 30 points)

1.It was midnight. I ...... (read) for over
four hours. No wonder I was feeling tired.

2.I ...... (save) for my trip for two years.
I can’t wait to leave.

3...... we ...... (study) all
the grammar in the syllabus by the end of the year?

4.I was late for the lesson. The teacher
...... (give) the test when I got to

5.He had to postpone his trip because he
...... (not save) enough money.

6.By the time you receive this letter, I
...... (return) home.

7.I ...... (not drive) for long when I ran
out of petrol.

8...... she always ......
(live) in this neighbourhood?

9.I ...... (not eat) since the morning.
I am starving.

  1. She doesn’t deserve a holiday. She
    ...... ….. (not work) hard recently.

DComplete the passage with the words below.
(4 points each = 20 points)

then  the following day  a few minutes later
at first  after a while

I woke up suddenly when the captain announced
that we had reached the island of Ios.
1...... I didn’t know where I was, but
2...... I remembered that I was on a
ship and needed to get off. 3...... I
had packed my bags and was on my way to the
exit. 4...... I realised that the ship was
moving and that it was too late to get off. Sadly, I
waved goodbye to Ios and hoped that I would be
able to make it back there 5......


Targets 2 Photocopiable © Burlington Books

Unit 1 Test Answers card


3.reverse charge8.straight


5.youth hostels10.missing






C1.had been reading6.will have returned

2.have been saving7.hadn’t been driving

3.Will (we) have8.Has (she always)


4.had given9.haven’t eaten

5.hadn’t saved10.hasn’t been working

D1.At first

2.then / after a while

3.A few minutes later

4.After a while / Then

  1. the following day


Targets 2 Photocopiable © Burlington Books