Absent: Charlotte Woodward, Nancy Gibbons, Stanley Skrutski

Absent: Charlotte Woodward, Nancy Gibbons, Stanley Skrutski



Core Team Meeting

Date: May 18, 2010

Time: 1:00 PM

Place: Swartz Center Conf Room D


Cathy Schappert, Tony Spinillo, Mike Gibbons, Karen Boland, Betty DeMatteo, Elaine Orechovsky, Amy Paciej, Jill Schroth, William Manley (for Rosemary Burger), Julie Gavin (for Wendy Brenzel), Lisa Casella (for Christian DiGregorio)

Absent: Charlotte Woodward, Nancy Gibbons, Stanley Skrutski

HR Demographic Data / Mike said the demographic data is ready.
Employee and student photos will be included.
The HR consultant will be here the first week of June. / Mike will review any issuesabout the HR demographic date with Datatel.

ERP Link

/ Mike asked Karen to add a link to enter the Colleague Training site to the ERP web page. / Karen will add a link.

Institutional Hierarchy

/ A discussion was held about the current hierarchy structure. The team agreed that HR needs to be added and Non-Credit (NC) should be moved to the school level.
The academic and non-academic departments have to be merged into the hierarchy.
Julie mentioned a possible issue with the new Sports Nutrition/Exercise Science program since it is a blend of two departments. The team agreed this should not be aproblem since both departments are in HHS. Also, it was noted that Architecture and Interior Architecture are not listed among the departments.
There was a discussion to move Grants under its own category in the hierarchy. The team decided to keep in under HR for now. / Betty will add the specific departmental areas to the hierarchy.
Julie will research why Architecture is not included in the list of departments.

International Addresses Test

/ Lisa reported that the testing of international addresses was completed with no issues. Testing was done with two students.

Charter Goals and Objectives

/ The Core Team approved revision four as the final version.
Default Campus Calendar / Deferred to the May 20th agenda
Data Entry Standards / Cathy referred to Appendix D – Data Entry Standard Procedures in the manual. Other examples of best practices mentioned include DeSalesUniversity and CaliforniaLutheranUniversity. Mike recommended a sub-team be formed to review data entry standards. The sub-team would include Core Team representatives from Admissions, Fiscal Affairs, Human Resources, Non-Credit, and Registrar.
Lisa suggested that a future Core Team meeting be dedicated to data entry standards in which the representatives from those key areas can review and establish a plan. Data entry staff from these areas will also be invited to provide input and recommendations. / Cathy will identify an upcoming date on the Core Team meeting calendar.
Validation Codes / The team continued the review of CORE.VALCODES in the Decision Workbook.
Julie will test duplicate codes to verify that they are flagged. / IMMUNIZATIONS – Add Meningitis
Amy has contacted Linda McDade for additional feedback on the HEALTH CONDITIONS codes.
INDUSTRY.CLASSES –Need feedback from Fiscal (Purchasing) team
INTERESTS – Amy is collecting data from the various student life groups on campus for this section.
LANGUAGES – Remove Albanian and Unknown
MAIL.RULES – Remove fellowship mailings
OFFICE.CODES – Tabled pending discussion with Datatel
PERSON.EMAIL.TYPES – Change college email to univ. email
Next Meeting / Thursday, May 20th at 1:00 p.m., Swartz Conf Room D