About Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services

About Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services

Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services
Graduate Level Clinical Internship Program

Program Description

About Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services

Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services is a non-profit, community-based counselling agency located in Yukon, Canada. Our agency delivers accessible, no-fee counselling services to community members in the Territorial capital of Whitehorse as well as in 10 rural Yukon communities. Many Rivers is a client-centred agency, our counsellors practice from diverse clinical modalities and represent a variety of professional backgrounds including psychology, education and social work. In addition to the counselling program, Many Rivers also hosts the No-Fixed-Address Outreach Van, the Yukon Distress and Support Line and a Weekly Drop-In Counselling Clinic.

The Clinical Internship Program

Many Rivers is a Learning Institution and as such the agency is committed to providing graduate students with opportunities to complete the required clinical practicum hours for accredited programs in counselling and clinical social work. Students who are accepted into the Clinical Internship Program are placed in a supportive clinical and administrative environment and are given the opportunity to put their counselling skills into practice through work with diverse service-user populations.

Applicant Requirements

To be considered for a Clinical Internship applicants must be enrolled in a graduate level counselling, clinical psychology or social work program with a primary focus on working with individuals, families and groups[1]

Internship Expectations

The agency expects clinical interns to meet the following expectations:

  • A 37 Hour clinical and administrative orientation (must be completed prior to seeing clients)
  • A minimum commitment of 475 total hours (225 direct client hours and 250 indirect hours)
  • A minimum commitment of 2.5 days per week
  • A minimum commitment of 4 months (dependent on academic requirements)
  • Weekly caseload of 6-14 individual counselling clients (dependent on academic requirements)
  • Weekly contributions to the non-clinical agency intake process
  • Weekly Drop-In Counselling Clinic shift (Wednesdays)
  • Children, Youth, Family, Group & Couples Counselling (advanced/dependent on academic requirements)
  • Participation in the Yukon Distress and Support Line Program


Students can expect the following supervision commitments from the agency:

  • 1 hour of Individual Clinical Supervision per 5 hours of client time
  • 1.5 hours of group Clinical In-Service per month
  • 1 hour of Administrative supervision per month
  • Participation in all internal professional development
  • Monthly group supervision with other student interns (if feasible)

Application Process

Upon initial contact with the agency (6-12 months prior to the start date)

  • The applicant contacts the Internship Coordinator to discuss the opportunities available and ask questions
  • The applicant meets with the Internship Coordinator and Executive Director in order to share information about the agency’s expectations and the academic program that the applicant is enrolled in
  • The applicant submits all documentation required by the application package

After the approval of the application package (4-6 months prior to the start date)

  • The applicant meets with the Internship Coordinator and Head Clinical Supervisor for a formal interview
  • The applicant meets with their potential Site Supervisor for a final review

After the internship applicant is approved by the vetting team (3-5 months prior to the start date)

  • The applicant signs a formal letter confirming their commitment to the clinical internship at Many Rivers
  • The applicant successfully clears a vulnerable sector police record check
  • The applicant meets with a member of the Administrative Team and their Site Supervisor to discuss orientation and training timelines

Application Package

Prospective Students are required to submit the following documentation to the agency:

  • A completed copy of the agency Application Form
  • A Statement of Intent that includes a) the applicant’s reasons for choosing Many Rivers as a practicum site and b) the applicants own personal learning objectives for their internship
  • An up to date Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Copies of transcripts from current program of study
  • Proof of completion of graduate level professional ethics course
  • The requirements for completion of the practicum of the academic institution (e.g. hours of supervision)
  • The name and contact information of the applicant’s faculty practicum supervisor and/or field coordinator
  • 1 Letter of Reference from an Academic or Professional referee that describes the applicant’s professional qualities and ethical decision making abilities

For more information or to set up an appointment with the internship coordinator please call Many Rivers at 867-667-2970 or email at

[1] Qualifying programs have included: Master of Arts (Counselling), Master of Social Work, Master of Counselling Psychology, Master of Education (Counselling and Psychotherapy), Master of Marriage and Family Therapy