A Peep at the New Products for Open-Air Tourism

A Peep at the New Products for Open-Air Tourism

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At Mondo Natura – 14th International Motorhome, Caravan, Camping

and Outdoor Vacation Show – the vehicles that will be on sale from next season

Rimini, 2nd August 2007 –There are great expectations for the new 2007 products at Mondo Natura, the International Motorhome, Caravan, Camping and Outdoor Vacation Show, the 14th edition of which is being held at Rimini Fiera from September 8th to 16th

From the choice of design to the decor, from brand-new technology to curious ideas, the outdoor tourism world is getting ready to put on a spectacular show and open-air vacations become a trend-setting lifestyle. Motorhomes, caravans, pick-ups, small prefabricated homes, trailers, tents, clothing, accessories, tourist promotion, services, publications... and all the indispensable tools of the trade are to be found at Mondo Natura, showing that the sector is continually evolving and constantly growing. Here is some advance news on the many innovations.


Compact, made to suit man, comfortable, safe and full of accessories: that’s how the market wants them and the manufacturers don’t disappoint expectations. There are semi-integrated (C-Class) vehicles, which compete with full-size motorhomes as far as functionality and practicality are concerned. In fact, new vans from both LAIKA and TRIGANO are eagerly awaited at Mondo Natura. IMER has also made this market choice, proposing models intended for clients who want smaller, more compact spaces.


On its first outing in Italy, the VAS Overside 860 debuts at Mondo Natura. This high-end motorhome combines elegance, great care with the details and practicality. The Overside 860 is powered by a Man 10.240 engine: 6,871 cc and 240 horsepower. It comes complete with ABS, pneumatic rear suspension, air conditioning and pneumatic seats. It is also extraordinary as far as its accessories are concerned: the strong points are its radiator heating and conditioner.


There is an even larger showcase for Motorhomes: among this year’s new products, ITINEO is bringing a new model (already tested elsewhere in Europe) to Italy, which combines convenience and quality.


WESFALIA astonishes again and, after the success of James Cook – a car and a motorhome all in one vehicle – also presented at the last edition of Mondo Natura, there’s a new model: Marco Polo!

So travel with great explorers continues and further confirms its role as the archetype of compact recreation vehicles, now with two coachwork variations and various layouts. The powerhouse is a Mercedes Sprinter with extensive high-end technical features on board.

AL-KO integraTeD aiR SUspension

AL-KO integrated air suspension is regulated by means of an electronic control unit that enables to adjust springs’ pressure automatically according to the momentary load on the individual rear wheels. The system is therefore self-levelling and requires no maintenance.

Thanks to its dual-circuit regulation system, it is possible to adjust the two wheel sides (right and left) independently. The rear of the vehicle can be raised and lowered by means of a remote controller: an extremely important advantage in critical situations, such as when entering or leaving garages, on rough roads or on ferry ramps.

Here’s the all- italian monocoQUE VERSION

SGR srl will exhibit some models for travelling tourism with a monocoque format: a cell built with a single mould, thermo-insulated with polyurethane foam, then mounted on the chassis and equipped with furniture and systems.

Among the main features of the monocoque models, a self-supporting structure, safety (resistance and sturdiness) in the event of impact, inalterability through time, maximum guarantee against seepage and leaks and the possibility of custom versions, including those with IVECO and Mercedes engines. In short, a versatile quality product with a stylish Italian design.


This is an absolute innovation – a really new concept in caravans: It’s the MODULJOLLY trailercaravan: It is the result of the cooperation of three different companies who are, along with Ferrari coachbuilders (exhibiting at the expo), Ganapini Srl, a firm specialized in manufacturing fibreglass products and Modulidea, a leading company in building cellule for pick-ups, which was responsible for the layout, thus showing its skill in a new sector, as well as handling the end product’s marketing.

The very name - trailercaravan - consists in the keywords that characterize the ModulJolly: a trailer to transport windowed units with construction features that are closer to ‘dwelling’ use, laid out inside like a ‘normal’ caravan, but with fittings that can be quickly removed to restore the trailer to road travelling conditions.

All in a maximum load that doesn’t exceed 750 kilos. Compact dimensions, which nevertheless enable two adults to enjoy a vacation in complete freedom. The twin rear door and the folding roof are other key elements of the Moduljolly trailercaravan.

digital terrestrial in motorhomes

GLOMEX proposes the new Horizon directional antenna. It is an antenna with leading edge electric and electronic features. The most important technical specifications introduced on this model, include the outstanding by-pass for the two amplifiers, which are also fitted with coaxial relays, which allow to optimize the control of the signals received under all conditions. The exclusive by-pass, only available on Glomex antennas, is the only solution at present available to prevent powerful signals from saturating the receiver module, which would make it impossible to view the TV programs.


Two brand-new VEE-TECH devices for motorhomes facilitate all parking and reversing procedure.

Veetech RearView IR 15 WireLess is a colour LCD videosystem for reversing with a high-resolution video camera, infrared LEDs and a 5” monitor. Equipped with a wireless transmitter and receiver, it is able to indicate whether or not there are any obstacles in an area of 100 metres. It’s Indispensable for those who need to reverse without a great amount of visibility.

VeeTech SmartEye WL4 is a wireless system with four rear sensors and a LED display, ideal for parking. It automatically identifies any obstacles during reversing, thanks to modular acoustic signal and numerical indication of the distance on its display. The technology is wireless and the data are sent directly from the control unit to the display, which shows the position of the obstacle.


The new TRUMA heater won a “Red Dot Design Award” even before it was launched on the market. There is thus great expectation for the Mondo Natura debut of the new heating system manufactured by the famous German company. The Truma Combi combines the features of a forced air heating system and a water boiler. However, the great innovation is in its lines – horizontal, no longer vertical – and its dimensions (just thirty centimetres high).


Also from VEE-TECH, there’s the “Modified Sine Wave Inverter”, a safe, effective and convenient system that ensures on-board energy in total freedom and safety. Available in four versions, 150W, 300W, 600W and 1200W, the probes are equipped with: Low battery warning (only TravelPower 150 and 300) and automatic switch off, correct running LED (TravelPower 600 and 1200), overload and short-circuit protection, protection fuse for polarity inversion, compact design, light weight and high efficiency, current impulse to facilitate switching on inductive loads, these units operate with the majority of AC electronic equipment.


FIRR CAMPERS builds and fits out motorcaravans and special vehicles to meet any individual requirement. Custom work for the disabled, mobile surgeries, animal transport or just special options are now a reality. Custom work does not only involve furnishings and fittings, but also mechanics and technology.

“ad hoc” Accessories & custom features

LARCOS accessories are made with top quality material and designed to occupy the least possible space and be installed practically and quickly. They ensure easy, practical and made-to-measure custom features. A couple of examples: FEET OVER is a specially shaped one-piece platform, made to measure for inside use in boating material and various colours. It is very sought-after and “trendy”. There’s also OVERSEAT, a cover for all seating in two-way stretch fabric and a wide range of colours.


Products for cleaning recreation vehicles are also specialized for every single need. The DROP LINE range proposes detergents for dishes, vehicles and tenting, and even more: waterproofing, lubricant and protective sprays, deodorants and detergents for fabrics, all of which are environment-friendly.

THE FIRST TImE… aT Mondo Natura

Also worthy of note are the big names taking part in the Mondo Natura show for the first time. From France, there will be Itineo, of the RAPIDO group, which immediately made a name for itself with a line of Class A motorhomes with extremely interesting prices. On the mobile home front, it’s the first time for VPF pre-built homes and STAR YACHTING, whereas, in the accessory sector, the Italian branch of manufacturer EBERSPAECHER is arriving


On the occasion of the 2007 edition, PROELKOM will put at Mondo Natura visitors’ disposal a specially created technical service, in order to show the reason for many electrical and electronic problems, particularly those regarding energy management. In-depth coverage will therefore be given to issues regarding correct service battery re-charging and the purchase of products that really resolve and satisfy end users’ needs.


Organizers: Rimini Fiera SpA; with the sponsorship of:APC-ANFIA; in collaboration with: PROMOCAMP; supported by: ASSOCAMP, CONFEDERCAMPEGGIO, U.N.R.A.E, ACTITALIA, UNIONE CLUB AMICI; edition: 14th; category: international exhibition; admittance: trade members and general public; tickets: 11 euros (reduced rate: 9 euros on Saturday and Sunday; 6 euros from Monday to Friday); 2-day season ticket (Saturday and Sunday) 16 euros (instead of 18), 2-day season ticket (from Monday to Friday) 10 euros (instead of 12); free entry for children under the age of 12; hours: 9.30am – 6.00pm, Saturday and Sunday 9.30am - 6.30pm; visitor car parks: cars 7.50 euros, motorcycles up to 150cc 3 euros, motorcycles over 150cc 7.50 euros, motorhomes 9.50 euros, buses 22.5 euros; exhibitor season ticket (reserved car par): 52 euros; Web site:


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