A Heart of Love for Utoy Cemetery

A Heart of Love for Utoy Cemetery

April 13, 2015

Malcolm McDuffie

A Heart of Love for Utoy Cemetery

It is with sincere gratitude that I want to thank Vice President Malcolm
McDuffie for the work he has done for the Utoy Cemetery Association in the
past and especially the last two years. Malcolm has overseen the completion
of several major projects that have been years in the making. The most
astounding project was his research of and writing the "Burial Procedures
and Rules and Regulations." There were several legal matters that had to be
incorporated and Malcolm not only included them but at the same time, he
wrote in such a way that anyone could read it and understand it.

The most exciting thing that Malcolm has accomplished lately is restarting
the Association's application for inclusion in the National Register of
Historic Places. We recently found out that we have been approved! As a
result, this designation provides much more publicity and access to fund-

When Malcolm came on board with the Utoy Cemetery Association, our
cemetery looked more like a jungle than a cemetery. Loved ones could not
even find the graves of their relatives. The cemetery had become an eye sore
to the neighborhood and a trash dump. It was sad and disgraceful.
Malcolm's heart went out to the seemingly overwhelming project and he has
faithfully served as Vice President overseeing the grounds. Each year, he
supervises the winter/spring leaf removal by the City of Atlanta Community
Service Workers in preparation for the Phoenix Flies event. Malcolm does
not just supervise, he works right alongside the volunteers.

In addition, Malcolm prepared the cemetery grounds for the GPR
Mapping Survey, Phase 1; coordinated and supervised fallen tree and
diseased tree removal; and prepared the grounds for the 150thCivil War
Celebration of the Battle of Atlanta and the Battle ofUtoy Creek.

Malcolm provides the Treasurer's Report and has written an "Accounting
Procedures and Internal Controls" policy so that those who donate can be
confident that 100 of their money goes for cemetery projects. Malcolm

also faithfully prepares the Association's Meeting Minutes, Newsletter, and
maintains the website.

All of the above speaks to Malcolm's heart of love for Utoy Cemetery. He
not only has relatives buried there, but he also has passed on that love to his
wife, Maxine; his daughter, Deborah; and his grandson, Christopher.
Malcolm is exceedingly generous with his time, but also generous with his
money. He is an amazing organizer and a futuristic thinker.

Again, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Malcolm for all that he has
done for the Utoy Cemetery Association. We all look forward to working
with him in up-coming projects.

Martha Peace

President, Utoy Cemetery Association