8Th Grade Alternative Assessment

8Th Grade Alternative Assessment

6thGrade– Country Research Project

The Country Research Project focuses on an individual country and its people. This projectrequires youto research your chosen country thoroughly to find allhistorical and current informationrequired. You will display the information on a trifold display board – it must be on a trifold board (available in craft and office supply stores) so that it will stand up on its’ own. This project is primarily a visual display (lots of pictures) and you should not exceed 1000 words, including titles, and captions on your board. Your board must not exceed three feet in height because it may be on display at the Pin Oak International Festival during the Charger Festival on November 11, 2017.Unless you have an unavoidable conflict (tell your teacher), you willbe expected to participate at the festival, present your project and provide and offer samples of traditional foods from your chosen country.

Students must complete the following requirements by deadlines set below:

  1. Country Choice and group members (up to 4): Wednesday/Thursday, October 4 - 5
  2. Rough draft Annotated Bibliography*: October 19 - 20. Your rough draft should have at least 4 (four) sources, including at least one book.
  3. Your final Bibliography must have at least eight (8) sources, including at least one book, to be handed in with your board.November 6 -10.
  4. Focus Essay (see below): this short essay should not exceed 500 words and should be on a topic that is either unique, characteristic or iconic to your country. For instance, if you chose Spain, you could write an essay on the Running of the Bulls in Paloma or La Tomatina, the world’s largest food fight using ripe tomatoes. You should the history and details about the actual event (or person, place etc.) but also include information thatmay be interesting, useful or fun for someone who wants to know more about your focus. Due November 3.
  5. Chosen finger food/sample food (see below) item(s) with list of ingredients and recipe: November 3.

The completedboard is due any day from November 6 - 10. You may hand it at any time during the week until the final due date.

Your Focus Essay writing requirement: this is an informative research essay of two or more paragraphs (not to exceed 500 words), typed on a computer. You will not need a separate bibliography for this essay. Your essay will be handed in early, separate from your board, but you should have a picture or two or some sort of visual display about your essay topic on your board along with a summary caption.

Finger/sample foods:Each group may also bring finger/sample foods which are traditional foods from your chosen country for extra credit. Bring enough for about 30 samples. You may purchase these at a restaurant or from a store that specializes in such food. Houston has many different ethnic restaurants and stores/shops. Please do not spend much money on this! It is just to add some fun and interest to your project. Remember that your country may have a cultural food favorite that is shared by other countries and other cultures. You must display a list of ingredients so that people who may be allergic can avoid your finger/ sample food if necessary. Please avoid peanut or seafood dishes.

Essential elements on your project board: You will choose a country from the list provided in your class, research that country and display the following information on your trifold display board.If you want to do a country not on the list, ask your teacher. You choose how you want to set it up but we suggest that you do it according to section (see below).

  1. History and Geography
  1. Include a very brief overview of the country’s history.
  2. A map is useful, either just your country or include the regions where it is found.
  1. Government System and information on the government, including but not limited to
  1. Most important leaders, their significant duties and how they are elected or chosen (include top royalty if the country has a constitutional monarchy)
  2. The three branches of government and their names in that country.
  1. Economic System, including but not limited to
  1. Type of economy
  2. Strength and weaknesses of the economy
  3. Characteristics of that economy (what is the country well known for producing etc.)
  1. Significant Cultures
  1. Languages
  2. Traditions
  3. Holidays/celebration and remembrance days
  4. Dress/ceremonial costumes characteristic of that country
  1. Notable achievements from that country in areas such as science, literature, inventions, awards, Nobel Prizes.
  2. Education – Primary, secondary and post high school (colleges etc.)
  3. Population characteristics
  1. Demographic information on the population of your country.
  2. Reasons for the trends or statistics
  1. You choose category – expand on one of the other categories or create a new one. You know your country so do not leave out anything you think is interesting. As an example, someone who chooses India may want a section or frame on Bollywood (India makes more films than the U.S.A.), or perhaps the Kashmir issue.
  2. Focus picture with caption. This can be your “you choose category” from requirement 8.

Finally, your group will meet at Pin Oak at the International Festival before its designated booth time. Take your board and sample food to your area table about ten minutes before your start time – there will be signs posted. At the International Festival,your group will occupy a booth during your designated time, answer questions, talk about your focuspicture(s)as well as offer your finger/sample food. If you have any questions, contact your teacher.

* “Annotated” means that you must have two sentences following the proper citation of your source: 1. A brief description of the source. 2. How/where you used that source. In your bibliography, you must have at least one book (i.e. not only websites).