7Th Grade Math- X-Treme Team

7Th Grade Math- X-Treme Team

East Hardin Middle School

7th Grade Math- X-treme Team

Mrs. Gregory

Room 413

Office Phone Number: 270.369.7370


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Office Hours: By appointment available from7:40-8:00 am; 2:14 pm – 3:15 pm or after school


Over the 36 weeks of school, we will expand on all of our knowledge of mathematics. We will primarily focus on geometry, algebra, data analysis, number sense and automaticity. However, the most important trait that I want to help bring out in everyone is the ability to think! Math is more than just numbers and formulas. It is being able to apply them. Together, we will learn the various tools of math and also, learn how to apply them to real world problems.


1 – one inch binder (preferred) OR two pocket, three pronged folder to be used in my class ONLY

1 –onespiral notebook (you will need lots of these by the end of the school year, but only one at a time!)

2 - #2 pencils everyday- No one is perfect! We need pencils (not pens!!)

Notebook paper- we cannot practice and learn without paper to work on!

Grading Scale and Policy:

Grading Scale – All grading on report cards is based on the following scale:

A 92-100% B 83-91%C 74-82%D 68-73%F 0-67%

Classwork/Participation: [20 %] You will have daily assignments to maintain in your Math Notebook. Each day there will be a Warm Up and Follow up and some sort of notes or activity. It is expected that you take all notes (if it wasn’t important, I wouldn’t write it down!) and participate in all activities, conversations, etc. The Math Notebook will serve as your textbook for this school year, so it is very important to keep up with notes. There will be quizzes throughout the Chapter where Math Notebooks are allowed.

**If you are absent, you are responsible for getting the notebook from the Calendar area in the back and copying the notes for all notes you missed.

Homework: [20%] Homework will be given frequently to help you practice your new skills and study for upcoming quizzes and tests. Homework will be graded in one of two ways. 1.) Your work will be graded for completeness and neatness. (5 points possible) 2.) Your work will be graded based on correctness and work shown. (10 points possible) After we complete and check a homework assignment, it will also be logged into our Math Notebooks.

Homework Rewards and Contract:

Rewards: As a class incentive, when all students complete their homework, the class will earn a letter. The goal is to spell the word HOMEWORK! (including the exclamation point). Once the class has earned all letters, the entire class will be awarded a one day homework pass. It will be good for any single day assignment (you may not use them on open response questions).


If you fail to complete any homework assignment, you will be given a warning. You have one day to turn in the assignment late or you must fill out a Pink-Slip. This contract explains how and why you did not complete your homework. This slip will be filed for documentation of your work ethic and will be used in parent conferences. Once you have been Pink-Slipped, the grade cannot be made up.

Tests/Quizzes: [60%] All tests will have the same format (12 multiple choice, 2 short-answer, and 1 extended response question) and will be worth 20 points each. I will announce test dates a week or more in advance and provide you with a study guide for the test. If you are displeased with the grade you receive on any exam, you may redo the test using a Corrections Guide. Quizzes will focus around the most recent topics in class and will come in many forms (i.e. matching, short answer, extended response, etc.). All quizzes will be worth 5 points each and can occur more than once weekly.

Expectations and Consequences:


Participation: For those of you who had me last year, things will be much different this year. As you can tell from the seating arrangement, we will be working in pairs almost every day. Our notebooks will become our textbook as we create it, so it is extremely important that you stay on top of your organization and bring your spiral every single day.


  1. Be on your time and at school every day.
  2. Keep your hands and your feet to yourself.
  3. Pay attention when the instructor is speaking and when classmates are speaking.
  4. When working in pairs or in groups, use appropriate voice levels (see How Am I Learning Chart).
  5. Respect your classmates and your teacher.

Consequence Procedures:

  1. Subtle reminder.
  2. A warning.
  3. Conference with Mrs. Gregory, parent contact, & lunch detention.
  4. Referral to the Office

*Students will be sent to the office immediately for severe disruptions.

Individuals may also receive rewards for good behavior. Rewards and incentives can range from words of kindness and praise to homework passes, small treats, notes home, and more! Students who are progressively doing better or well in their lessons may also randomly receive a congratulatory call home and/or awesome letter during the semester.

Closing: I cannot express how excited I am to start this new schoolyear. Expect an energy filled, fun year in my class. Beready to learn and give me maximum effort, and we will havean excellent year. My door is always open for my students.