6Th Grade Glimpse

6Th Grade Glimpse

6th Grade Glimpse

January 23 – January 27

SciOly Rescheduled for January 21st

Science: This week we will be looking more in-depth at plants. Students will describe how characteristic animal behaviors as well as specialized plant structures affect the probability of successful reproduction of animals and plants. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mrs. Logan an Time: G2 and B1

Reading: We are working on Unit 2: Short Stories. This week, we will be working on drawing conclusions while reading and the theme and setting of a story. Reading Log #9 will be due February 1st (Gold day classes) and February 2nd (Blue day classes). 3rd quarter AR goals must be met by March 9th. Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns and have a great week!

Mrs. Meyers, , Conf. times: Gold Day 8:00-9:24 AM, Blue Day 1:36-3:00 PM

6th Grade Math (Mrs. Gillilan): This week, students in G2 will wrap up their decimals unit learning to divide by decimals and interpret the quotient of a word problem. Students will review for their test on Thursday. Students in G5 will learn to divide with decimals and interpret the quotient of a word problem, but their review day will be the following Monday. Students in B4 will review on Monday this week for their Decimals test and take their test on Wednesday.

Accelerated Math:This week, students will wrap up their Fractions unit by learning to divide fractions and solve fraction equations involving multiplication and division.

Visit my website for further information: Have a great week!

Mrs. Conference time- Gold days: 8:00-9:24 and Blue days: 9:28- 10:52.

Communication Arts: Spelling Lesson 7 test for blue classes will be Monday, January 23. We will continue working on adjectives and editing of written work. We will also begin an informative essay. Reminder: All homework assignments that receive a grade below a C may be redone for grade improvement. Assignments should be asked for that day and are due the next class time. Encourage your student to take advantage of this opportunity if needed.

Mrs. Snapp / Conference Times: Gold 1 (8:00-9:24) and Blue 2 (9:28-10:52)

CA - 6/7TH Grade Mrs. Lettau– For the two days we have class this week, we will have a short study of verb tenses, and we will review the essays we have written this quarter. If you have questions, you may call me at 660-584-7161 and leave a message or you may e-mail me at If you need to talk to me immediately, I am available on Gold days from 11:30-1:30 and on Blue days from 8:00-9:30.

Social Studies: This week students will be reviewing chapter 3 over the Israelites. Blue days will have their test on Friday 1/27, and gold will have it on Monday 1/30. If you have any questions my email is . My plan time is 9:28 to 10:52 on both Blue and 11:40 to 1:32 on Gold Days.

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Student Signature: ______January 22, 2017

Parent/Caregiver Signature: ______Date: ______

For Extra Credit, both signatures must be present and the glimpse needs to be returned to Mrs. Logan no later than

Tuesday,January 24, 2017 by 3:15

Art:Students will wrap up our first official project over negative/positive space and symmetry. Students will self-evaluate and turn it in at the end of class Monday 1/23/17. Weekly sketch #2 will be due at the end of class Friday 1/27/17. Students should bring a pencil, black sharpie and rubber cement to class. Our next project will involve texture, emphasis and layers of relief.

5th Block Plan 1:36pm-3:00pm

RISE: Students will continue their research for their independent studies. We will also continue our Extempore Unit. This year’s theme is “Say Watt?”. They will continue the first section which is about static electricity. If time allows, we are also doing some learning with the Rubik’s Cube Program, which we have checked out from their lending library until February 13th. More information can be found here: Mrs. Bell ,

6th/7th/8th Physical Education: Next week Mrs. Briney's classes will be starting their volleyball unit & Mr. Hawthorne's classes will be starting their basketball unit. If your student missed any fitness test, they may be asked to stay after school to make them up. Fitness tests are worth 20 points and we would like them to be completed as soon as possible. Please help remind your child to bring clothes and tennis shoes for participation! Especially if they like to wear boots. Students are covering Self-Esteem during their health lesson and will be reviewing and taking a quiz next week. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mr. Hawthorne or Mrs. Briney. Coach Hawthornes's plan is Gold 1 or Blue 5 and Mrs. Briney's plan is Gold 1 and Blue

Health Enrichment:Next week students will be continuing in Chapter 14. Students have finished lessons 1 and 2 and will be moving onto lesson 3 covering Alcohol. Students are involved in serious discussions and watch videos over the topics, please discuss with your children what we have been covering in class. These students have written some fantastic summaries, please ask them to share at home with you. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Mrs. Briney by email or Gold 1 and Blue 4

Vocal: Students have been reviewing and practicing sight-reading on the board. The composer of the week is Mozart. The class is singing two pieces of two-part choral music.

Keyboarding: This week students will continue to work on learning new keys, practicing correct posture, and proofreading skills. Each week we will take timed writings to measure our speed and accuracy. Students are encouraged to utilize online keyboarding games to practice their typing skills. If you have questions, you may call me at 660-584-7161 or you may e-mail me at . My conference times are: Gold days 8:00-9:24 and Blue days 9:28-10:52.

Band: Our second semester has gotten off to a great start! We have started keeping track of our daily practice lines on paper so that students can take this home to help guide their practice time. Their goal is to play each of our three practice lines five times before the next class. If your student would like additional help, I still have before and after school tutoring times available. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

FACS: The students have started working on their sewing projects. They will be doing this for the next few class periods. They have learned how to thread a machine and are sewing locker caddy’s. Please send $7 ASAP if you have not yet done so.