2016 NYLT LPC Youth Staff Application

2016 NYLT LPC Youth Staff Application

Personal Information (Youth Staff Applicant)

Unit / Unit Type and Number / District / Council if other than GAC
Name / First / Initial / Last / Gender: ☐ M ☐ F
Address / Street / City / State / Zip
Contact / Home Phone / Mobile Phone / E-mail Address
Age / Current Age / Date of Birth / Scouting Rank
Size / Shirt Size S M L XL / Hat Size S/M M/L
Interest / Place an X in front of the staff position(s) in which you are interested in serving (check all for which you wish to be considered)
☐Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) ☐ASPL, Admin ☐ASPL, Program☐ASPL, Service
☐Troop Guide ☐Quartermaster staff

Current Scout Rank ______Date Earned ______

I have held one or more of the following positions in my troop:

SPL, Number of months held: ______Troop Guide, Number of months held: ______

ASPL, Number of months held: ______Troop Scribe, Number of months held: ______

Patrol Leader, Number of months held: ______Troop Quartermaster, Number of months held: ______




On my honor as a Scout, I certify that the information in this application is correct and agree to meet all requirements and expectations as a member of the NYLT staff to the best of my ability. This will include attending all staff development sessions. ______Scout’s/Venturer’s Signature Date

Parental Approval: I approve my son’s/daughter’s application to serve on the NYLT staff. Further, I certify that information on this application is correct, that I have read and understood the accompanying information, and understand his/her obligation to attend all meetings associated with this training course.______
Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature Date

Parent’s/Guardian’s Printed Name E-mail Address Phone Number

This Page to Be Completed by Applicant’s Home Troop Scoutmaster

Scout’s Name: ______Troop Number: ______

Scoutmaster’s Name: ______Phone Number: ______

To the Scoutmaster: The Scout named above has expressed an interest in serving on the National Youth Leadership Training staff. Serving on the NYLT staff is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences that a Scout may experience. It requires outstanding character and leadership abilities. Your assistance in completing this application is greatly appreciated.

Please answer the following questions. Add comments, as you desire.

1.Why do you recommend that this Scout serve on the NYLT youth staff? ______

2.How does this Scout demonstrate an understanding of basic leadership responsibilities? ______

3.Does this Scout possess a high level of maturity and is he a positive role model, especially working with younger Scouts? ______

4.Is this Scout capable of making presentations in front of large groups? ______

5.Please add any additional comments that should be considered as part of this application.


Unit Leader Approval: I approve the applicant’s participation in the NYLT staff. Further, I will do my best to support the application and development of the leadership concepts taught in NYLT within our troop or crew.

______Unit Leader’s Signature Date

______Unit Leader’s Printed Name E-mail Address Phone Number


In addition to completing this application, submit a neatly written or typed response to the following questions:

 / Why do you want to be a member of the staff?
 / When and where did you attend NYLT?
 / What did you gain from attending the NYLT Course?
 / What training or leadership skills do you have to offer as a member of staff?
 / How will you use your staff experience to help your Scouting unit?
 / What are your non-Scouting activities such as church, school clubs, or other organizations?

Youth Staff Requirements and Expectations

Parent or Guardian approval is required.

Unit Leader’s approval is required.

Youth staff must be at least 14 years of age, but not yet 18 (Boy Scout), or 21 (Venturer), at course start date.

Staff members will live by the Scout Oath and Scout Law and present themselves as role models for the participants at all times. This includes wearing a complete Scout or Venturing uniform, and wearing it correctly.

Staff members will attend all meetings associated with this training. There will be 3 Staff Development Trainings dates and locations TBA.

The National Youth Leadership Training is July 25-30, 2016, at the Denali High Adventure Base.

Depending upon your staff position, you will also be required to arrive up to three days before the course start date to assist with setting up the course site.

Proper advanced preparation is expected for all assignments.

Youth Staff Fee is expected to be $75. Fee must be paid to complete registration. Staff fees cover the cost of meals, staff activity uniforms, patches, and staff recognition.

Interviews of staff applicants may be conducted prior to selection. If so, you will be contacted by phone or e-mail to schedule an appointment.

Staff selection is subject to the approval of the Course Director and the Great Alaska Council.

For additional information, contact Danyelle Schauer 907-952-4647 or email

Send completed application packet to