2015-16 Miss Hualapai Pageant Application

2015-16 Miss Hualapai Pageant Application

Hualapai Indian Tribe

2015-16 Miss Hualapai Pageant Application

“Empowering Our Young Hualapai Women thru Intellect & Traditional Culture”

(Check only one) ____ Miss Hualapai 18-25 yr (Entry Fee $35.00)

____ Miss Teen 13-17 yr (Entry Fee $30.00)

____ Missy 6-12yr (Entry Fee $25.00)


Full Name: ______DOB: ______Age: _____

Tribal Enrollment#:______Mailing Address:______

Name of School :______Grade:______

College/University:______Year Graduated:______

Degree/Area of Study:______Other Training: ______

Employment:______Job Title:______

Description of Traditional attire (No more the 50 words, attach to application)


Description of Modern attire (No more the 50 words, attach to application)(not applicable to little miss)


Talent Description (no more than 5 minutes)


Other Personal Information

What are your personal goals:


What are your educational goals:




What will your platform be if you are selected as Miss Hualapai/Miss Teenage?


An essay based on: (theme)

Empowering Our Young Hualapai Women thru Intellect & Traditional Culture

(applies to Miss Hualapai and Miss Teen only) must be attached to the application and must be 300 words and not more than 500 words. All contestants must provide a description of your tribal (judging) dress and a brief description of your community’s current profile along with your application.

N0TE: Please provide a copy of your Tribal Identification card or proof of enrollment and a current photograph(3x5); both must be submitted with our application.

I have read and understand the Rules and Regulations and certify that the information on the application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


Contestant SignatureDate


Parent/Guardian Signature/sponsor (if applicable) Date

Letters of Recommendation: Attach three (3) letters of recommendation to the application. Letters cannot be from family members or any members of the Miss Hualapai Pageant Committee.



Miss Hualapai Parental/Guardian Acknowledgment Form

We/I, herby certify that ______has my/our permission to participate in the Miss/Teen/Missy Hualapai Pageant.

We/I have read and understand the “Contestant Eligibility Criteria” of the Miss/Teen/Missy Hualapai Pageant Committee and do agree with all requirements.

We/I have also read and understand the “Rules and Regulations” and do submit that all these guidelines will be adhered too.

We/I fully understand and accept the Miss Hualapai Pageant Committee Rules and Regulations, the Eligibility Criteria and Duties.


Signature of Parent/Guardian/Sponsor Date

Please Print Name: ______

Mailing Address: ______


Phone Number: ______

Miss Hualapai Eligibility Criteria

1. Participant must be an enrolled member of the Peach Springs Hualapai Indian Tribe.

2. Must be 18-25 years old, at the time of the pageant, must have never married, no children or in cohabitation.

3. Must be willing and able to communicate with public.

4. Must be knowledgeable of the Hualapai culture, history, values, traditions and current issues of the tribe.

5. Must have a high school diploma or GED, or be currently attending high school or GED classes.

6. Must submit three (3) letters of recommendation from any of the following: clergy, academic counselors, community leaders, elders of the tribe or community. Letters cannot be from a family member or any member of the Miss Hualapai Pageant Committee.

7. Must not have previously held the title of Miss/Teen Hualapai.

8. Must relinquish any Titles or Crowns if chosen as Miss/Teen Hualapai.

9. Must return a “Parental Acknowledgement” form signed by a parent or legal guardian. This is important as family involvement is highly encouraged.

10. Applicant must present a talent presentation no less than two minutes and no more than five minutes. All stage props must be stationary, no other individuals will be allowed on stage during the talent presentation. Participant will be responsible for furnishing the props, tapes, etc.

11. Participant must join in planned activities, receptions and all other events during the time frame of the Miss Hualapai Pageant; unless advance permission is granted for an absence by the Miss Hualapai Pageant Committee.

Miss Hualapai Duties

1. Miss Hualapai represents the Hualapai Indian Tribe as a goodwill ambassador.

2. Miss Hualapai will always be a positive role model and is expected to conduct herself at all times in a manner above reproach.

3. Miss Hualapai will appear on time at all events scheduled by the Miss Hualapai Pageant Committee. Should an emergency arise which prevents an appearance, immediate notification will be made to a Miss Hualapai Pageant Committee member.

4. Miss Hualapai will set a goal that can be reasonable achieved during her reign in the area of community service.

5. Miss Hualapai is responsible for the care and safe keeping of the crown and sash during her reign and is financially responsible in the vent of loss or damage to the crown.

6. Miss Hualapai is considered a member and will present a quarterly report to the Miss Hualapai Pageant Committee during a regular scheduled meeting.

7. Miss Hualapai will take an active role in recruiting future participants in the Miss Hualapai Pageant.

The Miss Hualapai Pageant Committee will review any of the above circumstances on a case by case basis and make a final determination regarding action.

Miss Teen & Hualapai Rules and Regulations

1. Participants must read these Rules and Regulations carefully to understand and prepare for participation in the Miss Hualapai Pageant. Miss Hualapai Represents herself, her family and the Hualapai Indian Tribe and is expected to uphold her title with respect, honor and dignity.

2. Miss Teen Hualapai’s traditional dress must reflect the Hualapai Indian Tribe.

3. Miss Teen Hualapai shall serve for (1) one year.

4. Miss Teen Hualapai will travel as designated by the Miss Hualapai Pageant Committee; and will travel with a chaperone.

5. Miss Teen Hualapai must not marry or cohabitate during the year of her reign; if she does, she will relinquish her title immediately.

6. Should Miss Teen Hualapai become pregnant during her reign, she will relinquish her title immediately.

7. Miss Teen Hualapai must not be seen in bars or frequent liquor establishments or use alcohol or illegal drugs, including the use of tobacco products or use profanity at anytime during her reign.

8. Should Miss Teen Hualapai become Incarcerated or convicted of a crime she shall be immediate cause for relinquishment of the Miss Teen Hualapai title and all benefits, royalties, gifts and honors derived from the reign.

9. Miss Hualapai must make every effort to be available and ON TIME for all scheduled events (IE. Workshops, activities, rehearsals, community and out of town events, etc.).

Miss Teen Hualapai must abide by all of the above Rules and Regulations; any violations will require an appearance before the Miss Hualapai Pageant Committee to address any allegations.