2014/15 Budget Master Guide

2014/15 Budget Master Guide


The ‘Budget Master’ is designed to help forecast your clubs finances for the year. We feel (if used properly) this will be a helpful tool to ensure that your club is moving in the right direction financially year on year.

In order for this to work well, it is important that you put a reasonable amount of thought into it….so please, don’t just whack a load of random figures in and hope for the best!!





Steps 1-5 + Income Summary


Steps 1-15 + Expenditure Summary

P.15SUMMARY (Tab.1)

P. 16CALENDAR (Tab.4)





Try to be as realistic as possible with these figures.

  1. Membership Fees *This does not include ‘TeamWorcSport/Society’ (formerly ‘SGS’)*

Membership fee refers to the proportion of the overall membership payment that will go directly to your clubs account. Don’t feel that you should charge just one flat rate for every member. Maximize your membership by adding alternative rates e.g. social membership, international one-semester membership etc. Think about what will help you to maximise your membership!

You need to provide us with a standard and 2nd semester membership rate by the deadline so wecan set this up ready for the Sports & Societies Fair


Membership Fees *This does not include ‘TeamWorcSport/Society’ *
Name / Predicted members / Society Fee (£) / Total
1 / Standard Membership / 40 / £30.00 / £1,200.00
2 / Social Membership / 10 / £5.00 / £50.00
3 / International one sem / 10 / £15.00 / £150.00
Grand Total / £1,400.00

The ‘TeamWorc Sport/Society’ Subscription (formerly ‘SGS’) is added onto the membership fee you disclose (£10 for BUCS sports/£5 for societies and non-BUCS sports). *Note: ‘TeamWorc Sport/Society’ is compulsory for ALL members*

The SU Charges ‘TeamWorc Sport/Society’ Subscription to cover the cost of administration of the club/society and member insurance.


- Standard Membership / = £30
- SGS / = £5/10
- Overall Membership / = £35/40
  1. Fees/Subs

Throughout the year you may have to charge members for the cost of match/competition officials or external facility hire etc.

This refers to any money you take from your members throughout the year which you don’t include in your initial membership fee.


Fee (£) / No of players / No of Games/Events / Total
£2.00 / 40 / 10 / £800.00
Grand Total / £800.00
  1. Sponsorship

First and foremost, only state sponsorship deals which you have secured. A secured sponsorship is one that has been agreed by your Club Chairman, the sponsor and the SU with the completed documentation (Sponsorship Contract)


For help with sponsorship please contact your VP Student Experience. The Students' Union must approve all sponsorship agreements/contracts before they are signed/agreed.
Name of secured Sponsor / Amount (£)
Sponsorship X / £750.00
Grand Total / £750.00

*Note: If you are in the process of seeking sponsorship please refer to the Sponsorship Guide.

All sponsorship documentation including the sponsorship contract can be found within this document*

  1. Fundraising

Fundraising refers to money raised for your club through specified events that you plan to run throughout the year. Applying for grants is another way to raise money. NGB’s and charitable organisations (relevant to your club) may provide grants for you to undertake/run certain events. There is money out there so it is worth researching!


There is always something your Club can get involved in to add to much needed funds.
Fundraising Event / Target Income (£)
Car Wash / £500.00
Grand Total / £500.00
  1. Students’ Union Grant

In this box you need to enter an item or event that you would like financial support with e.g. playing kit/ costume/facility hire. You can apply for support to cover more than one item/event if necessary. Please be aware that the SU has a set amount of money to be shared across all sports and societies;there is no guarantee your club will receive the full amount you state on this document

Applications that include match funding by the club will be looked on favourably. If you would like to add more details to the description please insert a comment box to the spreadsheet.


Students' Union Grant
Nature of Expenditure item (this must be included on your expenditure breakdown sheet) / Amount applied for (£)
Facility Hire / £200.00
Costumes / £250.00
Grand Total / £450.00

*Note: You will have to provide evidence that you are using the grant for support of the stated events/items*

*Note: The SU covers 2/3rds of travel costs for BUCS, further support for transport will not be met through the grant. Support for non-BUCS related travel may be applied for*

Income Summary

Once you have completed steps 1 – 5 your clubs income summary will be displayed at the bottom of the Summary excel sheet in Tab No.1.


Membership Fees / £1,400.00
Match fees/subs / £800.00
Sponsorship / £750.00
Fundraising / £500.00
Students' Union Grant / £450.00
Total Income / £3900.00

Additionally for sports clubs/societies there are two cells to demonstrate the income gained through SU support of 2/3rds of BUCStransport. The Students’ Union will pay two thirds of the total cost of the bus booking, the other third will be met by the club or clubs utilising the vehicle and will be paid directly from their club account

Students' Union BUCS Bus Travel / £0.00
Students' Union BUCS Other Travel / £0.00


My advice for this section is to be as cautious as possible. If you think of something that may cost your society throughout the year but are unsure if it will materialise, account for it anyway! The more detail you go into with your expenditure, the better idea you’ll have about how you’re going to cover these costs with your income.Do as much research as possible, so that you can provide more accurate figures

  1. Accommodation

This refers to any accommodation you may require for events you are planning throughout the year. You may need to do a bit of research to find out approximate prices. Always overestimate!

The Students’ Union will not contribute any funds towards the cost of overnight accommodation. It is the responsibility of the club, society or individual to make their own arrangements for this accommodation and book it accordingly, informing the Students’ Union of their plans.


Accommodation / Any accommodation
Event / Location (if known) / No of attendees / Cost / Total
Winter Tournament / Exeter / 16 / £30 / £480.00
2 day Exhibition / Birmingham / 10 / £20 / £200.00
Grand Total / £680.00
  1. Advertising

You need to account for any materials you plan to use to promote your society throughout the year, an example might be Freshers Week. The most obvious forms are posters and flyers, although you may wish to use promo t-shirts etc. Again you may need to do some research into what prices companies may offer for these materials.

Enter the approximate cost into the cost of article box. If the approximate cost is 20p enter 0.2, the spreadsheet will display the nearest whole number (‘0’ in this case). However, the total column will calculate the cost using the figure you enter.


Advertising / The cost of any publicity material, adverts, incl Sports and Societies Fair
Name of Publication / Approx cost of article / No of Articles / Total
Poster X / £0 / 100 / £40.00
Flyer X / £0 / 500 / £100.00
Grand Total / £140.00
  1. Catering

Teams playing in the BUCS Premiership tierand all Cricket leaguesare expected to provide post-game hospitality. This doesn’t mean you have to hold a 3 course sit down meal. You may choose to purchase pre-made sandwiches etc., or you may choose to make an agreement with a catering service (e.g. pizza hut, Berry’s, Aramark (University catering service)). You will have to agree a charge and method of payment with whom you may choose. (It is advisable to apply for an SU grant to cover catering costs)

If you’re not a Premiership or Cricket team, you may still choose to provide food and refreshments. The same things apply to you.


Catering / Any food at matches, particularly relevant to those in the premiership
Competition / Name of caterer (if known) / No of Matches / Cost per Head / Approx No of Players / Total
Cricket / Sainsburys / 8 / £2.75 / 26 / £572.00
Grand Total / £572.00

Any societies who wish to provide catering for an event, please account for this in the miscellaneous section (Step 15)

  1. Clothing

In this section you need to account for the cost of any clothing included within the membership fee. If you’re planning to provide members with polo’s for example, you need to work out how much it will cost per person and make sure you charge enough membership to cover the costs (Income Breakdown). Obviously, you can’t predict exactly how many members you will attract so predict an ideal number; this should be the same number you use in section 1 of income breakdown.


Clothing / Any society clothing included in membership
Description / Cost per item / No of members / Total
Club Hoodies / £18.00 / 32 / £576.00
Grand Total / £576.00
  1. Consumables

Consumables refers to items you society has to purchase on a yearly/Semester-by-semester basis such as balls, bibs, cones, make-up, props etc. It makes sense to carry out an audit on what you society has already; adding to what you already have will reduce your costs rather than shelling out for whole new sets.


Consumables / Equipment purchased on a yearly basis, e.g. Cones, bibs, balls etc...
Item / No of Items / Cost per item / Total
Hockey Balls / 30 / £2.10 / £63.00
Set ofCones / 1 / £8.70 / £8.70
Grand Total / £71.70
  1. Equipment Maintenance

You may feel it is unnecessary to purchase new capital equipment, as current equipment may be in a repairable state. It’s advisable to have some knowledge of the current condition of such equipment, so you can predict what may need to be done in the coming year.


Equipment Maintenance / Repair or maintenance
Likely items in need of repair / Approx costs
Oars / £210.00
Grand Total / £210.00
  1. Equipment purchase

In this section you need to account for capital equipment; in other words, equipment that does not need to be purchased on a yearly basis i.e. Trampolines, boats, playing/competition kit (non-BUCS teams). This could be part of a long term plan to save up for a large and or expensive piece of equipment (please do think about where you will store it).


Equipment Purchase / Capital equipment that lasts longer that 1 year, e.g. boats, etc.
Equipment / No of Items / Cost per item / Total
Martial Art Mats / 8 / 94.99 / £759.92
Grand Total / £759.92
  1. Facility Hire

You may need to hire external facilities throughout the year to meet the needs of your club and its members. It is advisable to do some research into local facilities in order to find out costs and availability.


Facility Hire / External facility hire
Facility / Rate per hour or event / No of weeks / or Annual cost / Total
Swimming pool / £44.00 / 26 / £1144.00
Grand Total / £1144.00
  1. Insurance & Affiliations

Additional to SGS, your club and its members may need to acquire insurance from or become affiliated with certain leagues/competitions/NGBs. Player registrations may also incur additional costs.This is relevant to men’s Basketball (England Basketball), Volleyball (England Volleyball) and Local League Football (Worcestershire FA). If you are unsure if this applies to your society, contact Hannah Chenneour-Cocking.


Insurance & Affiliations / Any insurance or affiliation costs extra to SGS
Reason for extra Insurance / Name of Company / Cost per year
Club affiliation / Volleyball England / £85.00
Grand Total / £85.00
  1. Paid Staff

*If you are provided with financial support by ISES for coaching staff, the finances for this do not go through your club account so please leave out*

You may choose to pay staff for various reasons such as coaching, technical support or choreography etc. You need to arrange how many hours per week and the time period you wish for them to support you. You need to agree how and what you will pay the coach – hourly rate/yearly fee/ expenses? You also need to record the name of any voluntary coaches, in which case the hourly rate will be ‘0’.


Paid Staff / Anyone paid for services rendered to the club. Additionally please include the name of any volunteer coaches (please fill in hourly rate as 0)
Name / Hourly Rate / Hours per week / No of weeks / or Yearly Fee / Expenses / Total
Tennis Coach / £18.00 / 3 / 22 / £0 / £1188.00
Grand Total / £1188.00

All staff and officials must be Self Employed or Volunteers otherwise your club is in effect employing them. This brings a number of complications, including tax liabilities.

If they are a volunteer the maximum expenses are 45p per mile.

Please ensure the attached Sports Coaches Code of conduct for all volunteer sports coaches is completed and returned to the SU.

If you are looking into acquiring the support of paid staff for you club/society or are unclear as to your coaching situation, please contact the VP Student Experience

  1. Paid Officials

Throughout the year you may require officials to referee/umpire/judge fixtures or competitions. Certain officials such as local FA referees will come with a standard fee so you will need to multiply this by how many home fixtures you have (Account for possibility of cup games too). Bear in mind you may have multiple home games and therefore multiple officials.

If you plan to use officials for any other events then you need to think about how much you are willing to pay. As previously mentioned, account for something even if you are not sure it will happen.


Paid Officials / Anyone paid for services rendered to the club, especially refs, umpires etc...
Role / Rate per match / No. Of matches / No of weeks / Total
Netball Umpire / £15.00 / 4 / 10 / £600.00
Grand Total / £600.00

*All staff and officials must be Self Employed or Volunteers otherwise your club is in effect employing them. This brings a number of complications, including tax liabilities*

*If they are a volunteer the maximum expenses are 45p per mile*

Any societies who wish to provide paid officials for an event, please account for this in the miscellaneous section (Step 15)

  1. BUCS Bus Travel

The transport costs for BUCS league fixtures have been calculated on the budget sheet

Tab 7.BUCs League transport costs. The SU has calculated costs assuming the worst case scenario...this means it will be assumed that your team will travel individually rather than bus share to each fixture. The SU will work to ensure travel costs are minimized through bus sharing where possible.

Where known the cost of transport to Cup fixtures has been included, it is important to budget for at least one away cup fixture for each team.

As discussed on page 5, the Students’ Union contributes 2/3rds of the cost oftransport to away BUCSfixtures

The Students’ Union will not contribute to the cost of transport to home league, cup or end of season championship fixtures. The only exception to this rule will be if the home venue is more than 8 miles from the Students’ Union building and no other nearer venue can be sourced.

Transport to Individual or one-off BUCS Championship events has not been included as we are not yet aware of the competitions you wish to enter, you need to research and enter the forecast costs for this.


BUCS Bus Travel / BUCS bus transport hire
Competition/ League / Cost of Hire
Men’s Hockey 1st TeamLeague / £1,995.00
Men’s Hockey 2nd TeamLeague / £1785.00
Men’s Hockey 1st TeamCup / £350.00
Men’s Hockey 2nd Team Cup / £350.00
Grand Total / £4480.00

Tab 6.Useful transport costs on the Budget sheet provide a guide to bus costs.

  1. BUCS Other Travel

If you plan to travel to BUCS league fixtures/competitions via other forms of transport then you need to account for it here. It makes sense to research train prices or calculate approximate fuel costs if you plan to drive to a certain fixture/competition.

If the cost of travelling by train or car in this instance exceeds the projected cost of bus travel to the same fixture then the Students’ Union will only refund travel costs up to two thirds of the quoted bus cost.

The mileage rate for cars is 26p per mile, and is calculated from WR2 6AJ.


BUCS Other Travel / BUCS other travel, incl cars & public transport
Competition/ League / Destination / Method of Transport / Cost per player / No of players / or cost of car / Total
Boxing BUCS Champs / Sheffield / Train / £35.00 / 7 / £245.00
Grand Total / £245.00
  1. Other Travel

Please include all Non-BUCS travel; this could be to an event/ exhibition or to Non-BUCS competitions. The society pays the full amount for non-BUCS travel costs