2013 International HISTORY BEE

2013 International HISTORY BEE

2013 International HISTORY BEE


1. This construct’s murals were painted by Jules Guerin, and it was shown on the back of the penny beginning in 1959. This memorial contains a namesake reflecting pool, and was designed by Daniel Chester French. For the point, name this Washington D.C memorial that holdsa seated sculpture of the 16th president of the USA?

Answer:Lincoln Memorial

2. This present-day country was once where American Congressman Charlie Wilson helped funnel money to mujahideen fighters. In 1996, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia funded the Taliban’s takeover of this Middle East country’s capital city. For the point, name this country where US troops have fought for over 10 years, with capital at Kabul?


3. This ruler was preceded by Zewditu I, and he famously criticized the use of chemical warfare while his nation was at war with Italy. His funeral was notably attended by Rita Marley. What Ethiopian emperor led his country during World War II and, for the point, is perhaps best-known for being revered as the Messiah by Rastafarians?

Answer:Haile Selassie I

4. This court case’s decision was violated by Orval Faubus when he tried to prevent the Little Rock Nine from attending Little Rock Central High. It was argued by Thurgood Marshall, and overturned the “separate but equal” doctrine. What 1954 case held that, for the point, separate schools for black and white students were unconstitutional?

Answer:Brown v. Board of Education

5. This country was once home to the Gobroon Dynasty, and fascist Italy once controlled its region of Benadir. The fall of the Barre regime led to its civil war in 1991. For the point, what is this African country, located on the horn of Africa, with capital at Mogadishu?


6. This Italian man’s appointment to his current position was not originally supported by German newspapers, as they thought that his finance policies would be too loose. Later, the German tabloid Bild, however, came to support his efforts to reform the European economy. For ten points, name this banker who oversees the euro as head of the European Central Bank.

Answer: Mario Draghi

7. This man halted the publication of his Treatise on the World following the arrest of Galileo, and he wrote about mind-body dualism in Meditations on First Philosophy. For the point, what French thinker is perhaps most famous for his work Discourse on Method, which contains the quote “I think, therefore I am”?

Answer:René Descartes

8. This man’s rule was threatened by the Nika Riots, and the Vandals were defeated by his general Belisarius. He ordered the construction of the Hagia Sophia, and his wife was Theodora. For the point, what Byzantine Emperor is famous for creating his namesake legal code?

Answer:Justinian I

9. This event caused changes to be made to the Defence of the Realm Act, and Woodrow Wilson sent three notes to the German government following it. It was perpetrated by U-20, a German U-boat. For the point, what event saw the destruction of a British ocean liner in 1915 and resulted in the death of both British and American citizens?

Answer:Sinking of the RMS Lusitania

10. This man is notably included in the historical works of Flavius Josephus, and he is associated with the Shroud of Turin. One account of this man states that he was betrayed by a man named Judas. For the point, what preacher from Galilee is seen as the founder of Christianity?

Answer:Jesus of Nazareth

11. This document’s preface gives homage to Anu and Bel, and notably set forth the idea of being presumed innocent until guilty. It currently resides in the Louvre, and contains such punishments as “an eye for an eye” and “a tooth for a tooth.” For the point, what legal code is named for an ancient Babylonian king?

Answer:Hammurabi’s Code

12. This legislation was amended by the Six Statutes during the reign of Edward III, and its 61st clause created a council of barons who could overrule decisions of the king. For the point, what piece of legislation outlined the liberties of the English people and was signed by John I in 1215?

Answer:Magna Carta

13. This city’s namesake colony was once headed by Peter Stuyvesant, and notable draft riots occurred here during the Civil War. Boss Tweed headed a political machine in this city called Tammany Hall. For the point, what is this most populous city in the United States, home to the Empire State Building?

Answer:New York City

14. This man’s uncle Josiah Wedgwood funded a journey where this man experienced an earthquake in Chile, and noted the difference between his namesake finches in the Galapagos Islands. For the point, what scientist is famous for his theory of natural selection that he published in 1859’s On the Origin of Species?

Answer:Charles Darwin

15. This lengthy conflict saw George Kennan outline his policy of “containment,” and the Berlin Airlift occurred during it. This conflict also saw the two main powers involved compromise following the Cuban Missile Crisis. For the point, what bloodless “war” describes the heightened tension between the U.S. and Soviet Union following World War II?

Answer:Cold War

16. This ruler evacuated large cities following his coup in accordance with his “Year Zero” concept. He referred to himself as “Brother Number One,” and this man’s regime created mass graves known as The Killing Fields. For the point, what dictator led the Khmer Rouge during his rule of Cambodia?


17. This river was important during the Siege of Khartoum, and John Hanning Speke discovered Lake Victoria while looking for this river’s source, Lake Tana. In 1970, this river’s annual flooding was ended by the construction of the Aswan Dam. For the point, what is this river that flows through Cairo and is the longest in the world?

Answer:Nile River

18. This war notably saw Florence Nightingale introduce new methods of nursing, and Alfred Tennyson’s poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade” commemorates this war’s Battle of Balaclava. For the point, what was this 19th century war that saw Russia defeated by the French and British in the namesake peninsula?

Answer:Crimean War

19. This man forced Samos to cease war with Miletus, and was the son of Xanthippus. During his time in power, he ordered the construction of the Acropolis. For the point, what Athenian statesman formed the Delian League and presided over Athens’ “Golden Age”?


20. This man ordered the building of his own opera house, the Bayreuth Festival Theatre, where he premiered his opera Parsifal. He was idolized by Adolf Hitler, and he also wrote a cycle of operas containing Siegfried and The Valkyrie. For the point, who was this German composer of The Ring Cycle?

Answer:Richard Wagner

21. This country is home to a terrorist group that assassinated Luis Blanco, and that group, ETA, seeks to gain autonomy for its Basque region. This country is home to the regions of Castile and Aragon, and the 1992 Summer Olympics were held in its city of Barcelona. For the point, what is this Iberian nation that has its capital at Madrid?


22. This group of people’s kingdom was ended when Belisarius defeated their leader Gelimer. For the point, what Germanic tribe sacked Rome in 455, and lends its name to a term that often refers to intentional destruction of property without permission of the owner?


23. This country’s government once instituted a system of “alternate attendance” that sought to keep nobles in line, and the Satsuma Rebellion occurred during the Meiji period of this country. This country was once ruled by shoguns, such as Tokugawa. For the point, which southeast Asian country has its capital at Tokyo?


24. This character was the subject of a 2011 film directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson. He was originally created by Georges Remi, who was better known by the reverse of his initials. In one adventure he goes to the Congo while in another he looks for the meaning behind the cigars of the pharaoh. For ten points, name this comic book character created by Belgian artist and author Hergé.


25. This man ordered the kidnapping of the Sabine women after establishing his rule by seeing twelve birds fly by, which was more than his opponent’s six. For the point, name this legendary king who supposedly founded a namesake city in 753 BC after killing his brother Remus, who had also been nursed by a she-wolf in Central Italy.


26. This legislation denounced the “cutting off our trade with all parts of the world” in its list of grievances against George III. Its preamble outlines the “unalienable rights” of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” For the point, what document, drafted by Thomas Jefferson, was signed in 1776 to cut ties between the American colonies and England?

Answer:Declaration of Independence

27. In 1219, this saint traveled to Egypt in an attempt to convert the Sultan. The son of a wealthy Italian cloth merchant, he begged with the beggars of St. Peter’s in Rome and turned to a life of poverty. For the point, which Catholic saint founded the Franciscan Order, and was born in Assisi?

Answer:Saint Francis of Assisi

28. This piece of music includes the playing of fragments of “La Marseillaise” after five cannon shots, symbolizing the advance of the French army. This work depicts and celebrates the Russian repulsion of Napoleon Bonaparte. For the point, name this piece named after the year of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, a work by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

Answer:1812 Overture

29. This annual event was founded in 1946, and Nanni Moretti was the most recent president of its jury. Past recipients of the most prestigious award given out here have included Taxi Driver, Apocalypse Now, and Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911. For the point, name this event that awards the Palme d’Or in a namesake Riviera city to the best movie it showcases.

Answer: Cannes Film Festival

30. General MacMahon suppressed a revolutionary government of this city and Baron Hausmann remodeled the streets of this city to be wider in order to make it more difficult to riot. The Allied victory at the Battle of the Marne prevented an attack on this city, later home to the Lost Generation of American writers. For the point, name this French city home to the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.

Answer: Paris