2008 Erik Axel Karlfeldt Memorial Open

2008 Erik Axel Karlfeldt Memorial Open

2009 Ferdinand Tönnies Memorial Trash Open

“Gemeinschaft und Abfall”

Round 9

1. In college, this man’s playing time was limited because of his conflict with his coach, Alvin "Doggie" Julian, though his team defeated Oklahoma to win a national title thanks to the great play of George Kaftan. After being passed over in the draft by the team he wanted to play for, which instead picked Charlie Share, he was drafted by the Blackhawks, though he refused to play for them. Later in life, this man served as the first head of the NBA players association, and in the 1969-1970 season he coached the Cincinnati Royals. This man's retirement drew a congratulatory wire from President Kennedy, and he holds an NBA record with 19 assists in a single half. He won his only MVP award in 1957, and 1958 was the last time he lost a playoff series, as his team proceeded to win the next five NBA titles. FTP, name this point guard, known as "The Houdini of the Hardwood," who won six NBA championships in his 13 years with the Celtics.

ANSWER: BobCousy

2. The original version of this work attempts to pass such hilarious rhymes as “doings” with “ruin” and “appears” with “knees” before closing with a priest cast into a fire. The instrumental that closes this song is highly similar to a later instrumental from the same album, “Rat Salad,” and is known as “Luke’s Wall.” The lyrics of this song discuss a class of “power minds” who will be made to crawl on their knees “begging mercies for their sins,” which include “treating people just like pawns in chess.” This song’s title was originally intended as the title for the album on which it appears, the cover of which features a triple-exposed photograph of a man in what seems to be a motorcycle helmet brandishing a day-glo saber; this song remained as that album’s first track even after the album’s title was changed to Paranoid. FTP, name this song that denounces “Generals gathered in their masses,” a song by Black Sabbath originally entitled “Walpurgis” which depicts bellicose swine.

ANSWER: “War Pigs” (prompt on Paranoid before “song”)

3. He was expelled from Yale Law School after shooting the roof lights off a police car with a shotgun while on drugs, and while he was an undergrad at Yale he wrote an unpublished novel under the direction of Robert Penn Warren. More recently, he worked with Christian Williams to create a program about a newspaper based on the Washington Post, Capital News, and also created a show in which Ed O’Neill starred as a detective in New York. In addition to having created Big Apple, he is now developing a show set in the 1970s, Last of the Ninth, while his recent projects include one set in Imperial Beach, California in which Mitch Yost, an aging surfer, was played by Bruce Greenwood. FTP, name this creator of the ill-fated John from Cincinnati, better known for his HBO program set in 19th-century South Dakota, Deadwood.

ANSWER: David Milch

4. One book featuring these people includes Salman Rushdie's “The East is Blue" as well as essays by John Waters and Lou Reed. Like Ian Gitler's earlier coffee table book, that work collects photos of them taken by Timothy Greenfield-Saunders. People involved in this profession, including Jake Deckard, Meggan Malone, and Morgan Layne, are the subject of LukeFord.com, though that site is actually owned by Taylor Rain, another member of this profession. A member of this profession fronts the band atelecine, but is better known for playing the escort Chelsea in Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience. Besides Sasha Grey, other members of this profession include Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy. FTP, identify these people sometimes considered the “antitheses” of quizbowlers, who are paid to have sex on video.

ANSWER: porn stars (accept equivalents like "adult actors" or whatever)

5. For the last 37 seasons, this team’s play-by-play man has been Le Corbusier descendent R.J. Jeanneret. One group of players associated with this franchise formed around the top pick of the 1970 draft and consisted of Rick Martin, Rene Robert, and the aforementioned Gilbert Perrault. One memorable incident affecting that group centers on the so-called Fog Game, during which the slaying of a bat supposedly doomed the Cup chances of the French Connection. This team was the victim of the so-called “No Goal” by Brett Hull that allowed the Dallas Stars to defeat them for the 1999 Stanley Cup, in spite of the heroics of Dominic Hasek and Miroslav Satan [shuh-TAN]. FTP, name this NHL franchise whose original logo showed an animal running between a pair of crossed swords.

ANSWER: the BuffaloSabres (accept either underlined part)

6. William Mapother plays a hotel clerk in this film, and Lexus paid five million dollars to design the cars that were used in it. One scene sees the main character visit Dr. Iris Hineman, who explains the meaning of the term which gives this film its title. Kathryn Morris plays the main character's ex-wife, although they remarry at the end of the film. One important meeting takes place in the apartment of Leo Crow, who commits suicide. It is revealed late in this film that Lamarr Burgess, played by Max von Sydow, murdered the mother of the pre-cog Agatha. FTP, name this Steven Spielberg-directed film which stars Tom Cruise as John Anderton, a detective trying to prove that he will not commit a psychically predicted murder.

ANSWER: Minority Report

7. On the album Ghetto Superstar by Pras, this woman appears in a skit asking to do a guest spot on a future song because she just learned to play two chords on the kalimba. The title character of her "Family Opera" tries to reconcile with his father Eddie and talks with the imaginary Rastafarian Zoogy. Besides Romulus Hunt, she's the vocalist on Will Powers' "Kissing With Confidence," while "Devoted to You" and "You Belong to Me" appear on her album Boys in the Trees. The addressee of her best-known song flies to Saratoga and Nova Scotia in his Lear, walks into a party like he's "walking onto a yacht," and inspires the singer's dreams of "clouds in my coffee." That song is often said to be about Warren Beatty. FTP, identify this songwriter best known for "You're So Vain."

ANSWER: Carly Simon

8. Eight volumes of a lengthy chronicle of this entity have been written by Kevin Starr, the most recent of which covers the period from 1950 to 1963. A book by Mark Arax and Rick Wartzman describes cotton magnate James G. Boswell, who was the so-called "king" of this entity. Geologist Eldridge Moores appears in a book by John McPhee which is titled "assembling [this]," while a young Nick Nolte starred as an auto mechanic named Buzz in a movie in which Martin Sheen starred as the driver of a hot-rod car named for this kind of "kid." This geographical name titles albums by Wilson Phillips and American Music Club and songs by Belinda Carlisle and Phantom Planet, the latter of which announces "here we come"; that work was used as the title song for The O.C. FTP, name this place which also appears in the name of a luxury hotel where you "can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave" in a song by The Eagles.

ANSWER: California

9. One character on this series compared herself to Mary Magdalene before she gave someone a handjob. The opening credits for this show include images such as a decomposing fox and a Venus Fly Trap eating a frog. This show’s characters include a sheriff played by Alexander Skarsgard, while characters added to this series include the musician Eggs Benedict and the waitress Daphne. Much of the recent action on this show has taken place at the Light of Day Institute. One character on this series was a soldier in the Civil War, while it prominently features Lafayette, who is a V dealer. FTP, name this HBO series which stars Anna Paquin as the telepathic Sookie Stackhouse.

ANSWER: True Blood

10. One song by this name was the final single from Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water, and this is also the name of the second album by Usher. Another song of this name begins “Oh the heat is on, and my back’s against the wall,” and appeared on the Crazy Nights album by Kiss. Another song of this name takes its melody from a work inspired by a breakup with singer France Gall; that song was written by Claude François. The best known song of this name begins with the singer saying "And now the end is near, and so I face my final curtain,” while another lyric in that song notes "Regrets, I've had a few, but then again too few to mention." FTP, name this song in which Frank Sinatra discusses the titular manner in which he lived his life.
ANSWER: "My Way"

11. An Emma Roberts song titled after one of these people contrasts being one of them with being "an angel" or "a beauty." A comic book incarnation of one of these people leaves Julia Verdin, is buried alive by the mob, but emerges as a superhero in a series that begins with Sleep of the Just. An animated show about these people features characters like the pirate-themed Tibor the Terrible, Penny Plutonium, and Rikochet, while Troy Gentile plays the young version of one in a recent movie in which Ignacio becomes one to support an orphanage. During a July robbery committed by prostitutes, two midgets that were these were accidentally killed. The aforementioned comic book character was Sonambulo, the midgets were La Parkita and Espectrito Jr, and the show and movie were Mucha Libre and Nacho Libre. FTP, identify these usually masked entertainers who, like their American counterparts, compete in rigged matches.

ANSWER: Mexican wrestlers or luchadors or Lucha Libre wrestlers (prompt on wrestlers)

12. Warning: two answers required. Essex Johnson has the sixth-most yards accumulated of any player to fill this position for this team, and Paul Robinson had the first 1,000 yard season in this position in 1968 despite sharing it with Jess Phillips. Kenny Watson was the third-string player in this position last season, and put up 55 yards. One player who served in this position last season got arrested for drunkboating in 2008, while Archie Griffin had seven touchdowns in seven seasons at this position. Ki-Jana Carter was drafted first overall to play this position in 1995 and Corey Dillon has the most yards by any player in this position with 8,061. FTP, name this position that has been filled by players such as Rudi Johnson from 2001-2007 and Chris Perry and Cedric Benson last season.

ANSWER: CincinnatiBengalsrunning back (accept clear-knowledge equivalents, so long as they say either “Cincinnati” or “Bengals” and some variant on “running back”)

13. One episode of this show centered on the right hand of James Meier, which was mysteriously discovered on the boundary of Nevada and California. In another episode, a scientist at Leyland University was poisoned, and it happened that the victim’s ex-wife, Sophie Miller, was once the psychiatrist of this show’s title figure. The pilot episode featured the murder of a golf pro’s wife and a doctor, and introduced us to such characters as Kimball Cho and Grace Van Pelt, who work in a unit run by Teresa Lisbon. We also learned about the dastardly “Red John,” a serial killer who murdered the wife and daughter of the title figure, Patrick Jane. FTP, name this CBS show about the California Bureau of Investigation and their astute consultant, a slick character played by Simon Baker.

ANSWER: The Mentalist

14. In one of his works, Al and Benny debate a sign inspired by Dante, while in another, the irritated witch Jill tries to return a blouse that shrinks in the wash. Besides the plays Abandon All Hope and All Cotton, a song penned by this man sees the singers have "blue-eyed groupies" and an Indian guru, though they only want the title recognition. This man wrote Dr. Hook's "Cover of the Rolling Stone," while another of this author's works sees the title object found, but abandoned so the searcher can sing and play with butterflies. In a song written by this man, the title character finds his father in Gatlinburg playing cards and reconciles with him but still prefers "Bill or George" for his son. That song was recorded by Johnny Cash, while in this author's most famous work, the title object sacrifices itself to become a boat. FTP, identify this writer of "A Boy Named Sue" and childrens' books like The Missing Piece and The Giving Tree.

ANSWER: Shel Silverstein

15. One song on this album depicts life at a crib where the speaker watches “Ed Norton, Ted Knight, and Mr. Ed” on TV, and includes the bold claim “I got the ladies of the eighties from here to White Castle.” In another track on this album, the speaker claims that he flies around the world, but it makes him nauseous, and asserts “I got a girl in the castle and one in the pagoda / You know I got rhymes like Abe Vigoda.” Another track on this album ends with a piano player getting punched in the face, and begins “Now here’s a little story I got to tell / About three bad brothers you know so well.” In addition to “Hold It Now, Hit It,” “Posse in Effect,” and that song about a “horsey,” “Paul Revere,” it featured the hits “She’s Crafty” and “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.” FTP, name this album which correctly asserted that you have to fight for your right to party, a 1986 work which was the debut release by the Beastie Boys.

ANSWER: Licensed to Ill

16. He starred as psychiatrist Zach Riley, who meets a schizophrenic played by Ian McKellen after going to work at a mental institution named Millwood, in the film Neverwas. On TV, he played Frank, the boyfriend of Laura Linney's Charlotte, in the final season ofFrasier. This BYU graduate's roles include the villain Rethrick inPaycheck, while in Alan Ball's filmTowelheadthis actor played Mr. Vuoso, a man who sexually abuses the film’s 13-year-old Arab-American protagonist. This man's character Nick Crozier replaced AlPacino's Tony D'Amato as head coach of the Miami Sharks by the end ofAny Given Sunday, and he played Nick Naylor, a lobbyist for the tobacco industry, inThank You for Smoking. In his most famous recent role, he went insane after the death of Rachel Dawes, played by Maggie Gyllenhall. FTP, name this actor who played Harvey Dent, aka Two Face, inThe Dark Knight.

ANSWER: AaronEckhart

17. One of these found in Hungary is known as “hideg meggyleves” and features sour cherries, while one of these which is popular in Bulgaria is known as “tarator” and includes yogurt. A Korean version, which employs cucumbers, is known as “naing kuk.” Green onions, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, dill, and sometimes ham appear in a Russian version of this known as “okroshka,” which is sometimes topped with bitter mustard. A chef who worked at New York’s Ritz-Carlton, Louis Diat, is often credited with inventing one version of it which generally includes potatoes, onions, cream, and pureed leeks. A better known Iberian version of it is based on tomatoes. FTP, name this kind of refreshing summer meal, varieties of which include vichyssoise and gazpacho.

ANSWER: cold soups (prompt on “soup”)

18. This player’s freshman year saw him win his conference Rookie of the Year over Luol Deng, partly by posting a steal total second only to Muggsy Bogues in his school’s history. As a sophomore, he was suspended for the semi-finals of his conference tournament after punching Julius Hodge in the nuts. The biggest regular-season game of his final year saw him and back-court mate Justin Gray held to 10 and 11 points respectively in an 18-point road loss to eventual NCAA runner-up Illinois. This guard would eventually be drafted fourth overall, behind in-state rival Marvin Williams and positional rival Deron Williams. FTP, name this point guard who from 2003-2005 played for Wake Forest, a man who now leads the New Orleans Hornets.

ANSWER: Chris Paul

19. A 1991 remake of this film was directed by Peter Sellars and written by the unlikely trio of Joan Cusack, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Peter Gallagher, who also starred in it. That film renamed the title character “Ramirez,” while minimalist composer John Moran created a 1997 opera based on this film which used the original title. In the same year this film was made, its creators also collaborated on the film Genuine: The Tragedy of a Strange House, which was much less successful. This film is narrated by a man named Francis, who works with his girlfriend Jane to investigate a series of murders in the village of Holstenwall. A 1947 book which traced a “psychological history of German film” and was written by Siegfried Kracauer ended with Hitler and began with the title character of this 1920 silent film. FTP, name this work directed by Robert Wiene, a classic of German Expressionism in which the title character turns out to be a doctor in an insane asylum.