2.Mal. Suleiman Balarabe (Deputy Provost) Member

2.Mal. Suleiman Balarabe (Deputy Provost) Member





1.Dr. A. A. Ladan (Provost)Chairman

2.Mal. Suleiman Balarabe (Deputy Provost) Member

3.Dr. (Mrs.) H. T. Mohammed (College Librarian) Member

154.1.2Deans of Schools

1.Dr. I. M. Tanimu (Education)Member

2.I. L. Hunkuyi (Arts & Soc. Science)Member

3.A. A. Gital (ECCE & Prim Educ.)Member

4.Dr. T. J. Adesina (Voc. & Tech. Educ.)Member

5.Rev. U. S. Amos (Student Affairs)Member

6.Dr. (Mrs.) M. A. Ajibola (Undergraduate Studies)Member

7.Dr. S. A. Lawal (Languages)Member

8.Dr. A. A. Musa (Science)Member

9.R. M. Kazaure (Mrs.) (Spec., Adult & Non-Formal Educ.)Member

154.1.3Heads of Departments

1.D. B. Tete (Biology)Member

2.C. I. Ajalie (Mrs.) (English)Member

3.Dr. (Mrs.) B. A. Muhammad (Chemistry)Member

4.R. J. Magaji (Mrs.)(Adult & Non-Formal Educ.)Member

5.Mrs. Maryam Aliyu (Physics)Member

6.Mrs. A. Y. Kassim (Primary Education)Member

7.Dr. H. A. Sulaimon (Computer Science)Member

8.Dr. (Mrs.) S. S. Gani (Foundations)Member

9.Dr. (Mrs.) M. A. Garba (Admin. & Planning)Member

10.H. U. Ahmed (Mrs.) (Lib. & Inf. Sci.)Member

11.Dr. (Mrs.) R. S. Abdulrasheed (HOD, G.S.E)Member

12.M. L. David (Cultural & Creative Arts)Member

13. Mustapha Abubakar (Special Education)Member

14.S. A. Anyifite (Integrated Science)Member

15.Dr. I. E. Opara (Geography)Member

16.L. B. Malumfashi (Psychology)Member

17.Dr. J. A. Ayilara (Yoruba)Member

18.Dr. O. A. Dukuly (Islamic Studies)Member

19.Haruna Abbas (Hausa)Member

20.TamidaAbashe (C.R.S.)Member

21.Dr. M. Y. Zakari (Curriculum & Instruction)Member

22.Dr. Yahuza Ahmad (Arabic)Member

23.A. H. Madaki (French)Member

24.N. R. Jibril (Political Science)Member

25.Dr. (Mrs.) M. J. Iyere (Theatre Arts)Member

26.Dr. (Mrs.) O. F. Alabi (Home Economics)Member

27.E. J. Ahmed (Mathematics)Member

28MbaegbuNnamdi (Igbo)Member

29.A. A. Yusuf (Fine & Applied Art)Member

30.Dr. Ibrahim Aliyu (HOD, Economics)Member

31.Dr. B. W. Zamani (PHE)Member

32.Dr. LawalHalilu (Social Studies)Member

33.Prof. K. H. Danja (Business Educ.)Member

154.1.4Chief Lecturers

1.Canon I. K. Yamah (Social Studies)Member

2.Dr. Samuel Atteh (Social Studies)Member

3.Dr. (Mrs.) G. E. Obi (Social Studies)Member

4.Dr. (Mrs.) Ramatu Ahmad (Hausa)Member

5.Dr. G. G. Ezugwu (Psychology)Member

6.Dr. (Mrs.) R. O. Pemida (Foundations)Member

7.B. M. Bugaje (Mrs.) (Chemistry)Member

8.Dr. (Mrs.) G. N. Egwu (Integrated Science)Member

9.Dr. (Mrs.) V. A. Opadeyi (Agricultural Education)Member

10.Pst. Dr. John Apeabu (CRS)Member

11.A. G. Kassim (Chemistry)Member

12.Dr. J. O. Akpan (Chemistry)Member

13.Dr. (Mrs.) R. D. Dyaji (Geography)Member

14.Dr. Ahmed Bello (Integrated Science)Member

15.A. U. Wali (Mrs.) (Hausa)Member

16.H. N. Usman (Mrs.) (Business Education)Member

17.Amina Sani (Mrs.)(Business Education)Member

18.Dr. (Mrs.) J. N. Anaso (Chemistry)Member

19.Dr. A. A. Igunnu (Primary Education)Member

20.K. J. Ndokwo (Biology)Member

21.Dr. (Mrs.) J. I. Ndukwe (English)Member

22.Dr. Ibrahim Zubairu (Psychology/D.P.D. E)Member

23.Dr. A. K. Tijjani (Foundations)Member

24.Dr. A. D. Onu (Chemistry/Quality Assurance)Member

25.Dr. P. A. Matemilola (Yoruba/CEO)Member

26.Dr. S. G. Adewusi (Chemistry)Member

27.S. I. Yahaya (PHE)Member

28.Dr. I. S. Muhammad (Islamic Studies)Member

29.S. O. Udezi (Computer Science)Member

30.IlesanmiAjibola (CRS)Member

31.Dr. I. M. Bdliya (English)Member

32.Dick Odiba (C.R.S.)Member

33.S. E. Ukoje (Business Education)Member

34.Mrs. G. J. Ojo (Yoruba)Member

35.Mrs. I. L. Ahmed (Political Science)Member

36.Dr. Y. U. Khalil (Social Studies)Member

37.H. S. Bamalli (Mrs.)(Home Economics/DO-TRC)Member

38.Dr. Amos Maikano (Biology)Member

39.Dr. E. U. Lawrence (Geography)Member

40.D. M. Ibrahim (Mathematics)Member

41.Esther Kantiok (Mrs.) (Home Economics)Member

42.R. T. Alkali (Mrs.) (Home Economics)Member

43.Dr. S. L. Muhammad (Biology)Member

44.Ibrahim Ojo (French) Member

45.Dr. O. Af. Jimoh (Social Studies)Member

46.Dr. Abdulfatah Mohammed (Curriculum)Member

47.K. E. Esezobor (Mrs.) Social StudiesMember

48.Dr. (Mrs.) M. A. O. Onaolapo (Integrated Sci.)Member

49.A. T. Rabiu (Mathematics)Member

50.Dr. OlanrewajuOmoniwa (English)Member

51.Umar Adamu (Geography)Member

52.Dr. Y. S. Dantani (Psychology)Member

53.Dr. M. I. Dikko (PHE)Member

54.L. G. Sani (Curri. & Instruction)Member

55.Dr. (Mrs.) P. N. Njoku (Social Studies)Member

56.Dr. A. A. Gyallesu (Islamic Studies)Member

154.1.5In-Attendance (Heads of Units):

1. Dr. C. A. Etete (Coordinator NCE’cc)Member

2.Dr. B. C. Duruh (Coordinator, Teaching Practice)Member

3.S. M. Maccido (Mrs.) (Coordinator, Pre-NCE)Member

4.J. S. Dalhat (Coordinator, Remedial)Member

5.Dr. (Mrs.) B. I. Balogun Coordinator, SWIES)Member

6.M. H. Usman (Coordinator, NCEpp)Member


1.Dr. (Mrs.) W. A. Ehinmidu (Primary Education)

2.Mrs. N. N. Ayis (Guidance & Counselling)

3.Dr. (Mrs.) A. O. Bello (Geography)

4.Dr. E. M. Omwirhiren (Chemistry)

5.HaliruUmaru (English)

6.Dr. (Mrs.) H. Y. Audi (ECCE)


1.A. A. Galadima (Rep.Registrar) -Secretary

2.Munir Ahmad (Academic Secretary) -Minutes Secretary


Dr. Omar AbdallahDukuly offered the opening prayer at 10.39 am.


Malam. L. B. Malumfashi moved a motion for the adoption of the agenda as presented for deliberations and was seconded by Dr. Ibrahim Aliyu as follows:

1.Opening Prayer

2.Adoption of the Agenda

3.Chairman’s Opening Remarks

4.Consideration of Minutes of 153rd Meeting of the Academic Board Held on Thursday, 28th September, 2017

5.Adoption of the Minutes

6.Matters Arising From the Minutes

7.Consideration of Second Semester NCE (Regular) Examination Results of 2016/2017 Academic Session by Deans of Schools

8.Any Other Business (A.O.B.)

9.Closing Remarks


11.Closing Prayer.


The Chairman welcomed members to the 154th meeting of the Board and informed members that the academic activities of the 2016/2017 had came to an end. He expressed his appreciation to the members for their selfless service to the College. He urged members to redouble their efforts to provide quality service delivery in their respective departments towards achieving the set goals of the College.

He further welcomed Dr. A. A. Gyallesu and Mal. Adamu Umar from their sabbatical leave. He urged them to share the knowledge and experience that they had acquired during the sabbatical leave with their colleagues for the development of their departments, schools and the College at large.


The minutes of the 153rd meeting of the Board were considered and the following corrections were made:

i-Page 4, line 10, the word beingshould be removed from sentence.

ii-Page 5, line 26, the words impact on the should be added in between positive performance.

iii-Page 7, line 6, the word Minutes should be corrected to read minutes

iv-Page 10, line 14, the sentence that “staff of A. B. U. Zaria exhibited a lackadaisical attitude towards their official engagements” . . . should be corrected to read “staff of A. B. U. Zaria appeared less committed to their duties”

v-Page 10, line 17, the word responding should be changed to read respond.

vi-Page 26, line 17, the name Ashmiel to should be corrected to read Ashreal.


Dr. TundeAdeshina proposed a motion for the adoption of the minutes and Dr. A. K. Tijjani seconded the motion.


a)Page 6, Minutes 153.4.0 – Physical Fitness for Staff

The Head of Department, Physical and Health Education reported that a timetable for the staff physical fitness has been designed and circulated to all members of staff to participate in the sporting events in the College with a view to keeping themselves fit.

He informed members that the flag-off was carried out by the Provost and members of Management on 18th October, 2017. However, after the flag-off, most staff refused to come out for the subsequent exercise.

Similarly, the Chairman, CESSAN reported that after the flag-off by Management, members of staff did not turn out for the second round of the physical fitness exercise as earlier scheduled. He stressed the importance of physical fitness which would redress all forms of health imbalance and strengthen the immune system of the body.

The Chairman reiterated the importance of the physical fitness exercise which makes the entire system of the body sound and healthy. He informed members of the Board that the last weekdays for the month of November, 2017 would be utilized for the second round of staff physical fitness. Also, the Multipurpose Hall would be used for the floor exercise and indoors exercise for staff on alternative days to suit staff needs and schedules.

The Board noted the report, especially the use of the multipurpose Hall for the floor exercise and indoors exercises for staff physical fitness.

b)Page 6, Minutes 153.4.0-M.I.S Unit to provide access code to each member for use to download minutes of the Academic Board and other related documents from the College Website.

The Academic Secretary reported that action was duly taken as members of the Board had been given access code to download minutes and other documents of the Board. Also, the M.I.S Unit had developed ways of rendering the minutes and the other related data of the Board into the handset format.

c)Page 7, Minutes 153.7.0(a)-NCEpp Programme

The former Chairman of NCEpp Investigation Committee (Dr. B. C. Duruh) reported that he had complied with the directives of the Board by submitting a copy of the NCEpp Investigation Report to the Chairman, Committee on the Restructuring of NCEpp in person of the Deputy Provost.

The Board noted the report.

d)Page 7, Minutes 153.7.0(b)-Mock Accreditation and Second Round of Institutional Self-Assessment Exercise.

The Director, Quality Assurance Unit informed members of the Board that the Mock Re-Accreditation of the three (3) departments (Educational Foundations, Curriculum and Instructions and Educational Psychology) was conducted by a five -man team comprising Dr. A. D. Onu (Director, Quality Assurance Unit), Dr. Mohammed IdrisBdliya (Representative of School of Languages), Mr. Dick Odiba (Rep. School of Arts & Social Sciences), Dr. Ibrahim Aliyu(Rep School of Vocational & Technical Education) and Dr. (Mrs.) Ramatu Ahmad of the School of Languages.

The team’s report on the three (3) departments that initially failed the first round of mock accreditation showed that their performance was satisfactory.

However, the team observed the following critical areas that needed improvement before the second round of the institutional self assessment.

i-Toilets were in such a bad conditions that they were permanently locked.

ii-Lecture time-table was not properly prepared nor stable and therefore unfit for use by lecturers and students.

iii-The records of continuous assessments were not properly kept as there were no continuous assessment questions and marking schemes.

iv-Lack of departmental allocation (funds) for addressing some issues in the departments.

The Director, Quality Assurance Unit requested the Board to shift the date for the second round of institutional self assessment earlier scheduled for 20th through 24th November, 2017 to a convenient date when students would have returned.

The Chairman commended the Director, Quality Assurance and his team that conducted the Mock Re-Accreditation of the three (3) departments for the success recorded. He also commended Dr. B. C. Duruh, Dr. (Mrs) B. I. Balogun, Mal. Munir Ahmad and the Deans of Schools for their innovations and going the extra mile towards achieving the desired goals. He emphasized the need for Heads of Departments and Chief Lecturers to update their computer knowledge particularly in respect of applications for computation of examination results and research techniques.

The Board noted the development recorded and approved the postponement of the second round of institutional self-assessment exercise earlier scheduled to hold from Monday 20th –Friday 24th November, 2017, to a convenient date when students would return.

e)Page 10, Minutes 153.7.0 – A letter to the Vice Chancellor Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

The Dean, Undergraduate Studies reported that all the challenges being faced by the departments running the undergraduate programmes had been articulated and forwarded to the Vice Chancellor, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria for further consideration.

The Board noted the position.

f)Page 21, Minutes 153.9.0 – Change of Subject Combinations and the Proposed New Subject Combinations.

The representative of the Registrar reported that an official letter had been forwarded to the Executive Secretary, National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), Abuja and also copied the Registrar, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) on the subject mentioned above.

The Board noted the report.

g)Page 24, Minutes 153.9.0(b) - Re-Constitution of the College Inaugural Lecture Committee.

The representative of the Registrar informed members of the Board that all the appointed members of the Inaugural Lecture Committee under the Chairmanship of Prof. Kabir H. Danja had been served with letters of appointment with the terms of reference.

The Board noted the information.

h)Page 29, Minutes 153.9.0(f) - Consideration of Memorandum from the Committee of Deans for the Involvement of Departments and Deans in the Screening and Release of NCE (Part-Time) Results.

The Coordinator, NCEpp reported that he had complied with the directives of the Board by designing a new screening format which would contain a portion for Heads of Departments to insert and endorse final NCEpp examination results.

The Chairman, Committee of Deans also confirmed the action taken by the Coordinator NCEpp. He urged Deans of Schools to also scrutinize the results computed by the Heads of Departments, with a view to ascertaining the actual results/grades of the students.

The Chairman of the Board informed members that he had received a report on some staff teaching the NCE (Part-Time) students, which indicated that they had not been performing their duties.

He called on all the academic staff to be proactive, diligent and resourceful in the discharge of their primary assignments and administrative duties.

i)Page 31, Minutes 153.9.0(g) – Establishment of A Structure for Directorate of Educational Support Services (DESS) in the College.

The representative of the Registrar reported that action was duly taken, as Dr. (Mrs.) Suwaiba Mohammed Ladan had been served with a letter of appointment to head the newly established Directorate for Educational Support Services (DESS) in the College.

The Chairman thanked the Deputy Provost who brought the issue to the Board. He informed members that he had spoken with an official at the NCCE, Abuja who would link the Directorate with certain bodies that would assist to facilitate educational support services for the College.

The Chairman advised the Head of the Directorate to liaise with the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, make an on-line search and link up with relevant bodies for the purpose of cooperating with relevant philanthropic bodies, donor agencies, governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to realize the goals of the College.

He also urged members that were connected with influential people and bodies to assist in linking the Head of the Directorate for further necessary action.

The Board noted the report and the developments highlighted.

j)Page 31, Minutes 153.9.0(h) – Establishment of Chief Lecturers Committee.

The representative of the Registrar reported that Dr. Ahmed Bello was issued a letter of appointment to Chair, the Committee of Chief Lecturers of the College.

The Chairman emphasized the importance of the Chief Lecturers Committee, which would immensely assist in reviewing and enhancing the academic programmes of the College. The Committee was expected to advise the Provost on areas that could enhance the academic and professional status of the College.

The Board noted the report.

k)Page 32, Minutes 153.9.0(i) – Ratification of the Administratively Approved Five (5) NCE (Regular) Students to Write their Missing Departmental Examinations With the Long Vacation Trainees of 2017 Contact.

The Dean, Student Affairs reported that he had attached all the supportive documents (medical reports) and re-submitted them to the Chairman of the Board for consideration and record update.

The Board noted the report.


The Chairman invited Deans of Schools to present the second semester results of NCE (Regular) for the 2016/2017 academic session.

Consequently, the Board considered the NCE (Regular) results as follows:

154.8.1School of Secondary Education (Arts & Social Sciences)

Department of Christian Religious Studies

No. Sat / 105 / 100% / 107 / 100% / 155 / 100%
No. Passed / 69 / 64.7% / 87 / 82% / 139 / 89.68%
No. with Carry over / 34 / 28.24% / 20 / 18% / 16 / 10.32%

Department of Cultural and Creative Arts

No. Sat / 35 / 100% / 35 / 100% / 55 / 100%
No. Passed / 24 / 69% / 22 / 63% / 43 / 78%
No. with Carry over / 11 / 31% / 13 / 37% / 12 / 22%

Department of Economics

No. Sat / 516 / 100% / 512 / 100% / 521 / 100%
No. Passed / 317 / 61% / 319 / 61% / 346 / 68%
No. with Carry over / 199 / 39% / 193 / 39% / 166 / 32%

Department of Geography

No. Sat / 366 / 100% / 359 / 100% / 424 / 100%
No. Passed / 191 / 52.19% / 199 / 55.43% / 318 / 75%
No. with Carry over / 175 / 47.81% / 160 / 44.57% / 106 / 25%

Department of Islamic Studies

No. Sat / 353 / 100% / 371 / 100% / 332 / 100%
No. Passed / 241 / 68% / 234 / 63% / 262 / 79%
No. with Carry over / 122 / 32% / 137 / 37% / 70 / 21%

Department of Political Science

No. Sat / 448 / 100% / 526 / 100% / 436 / 100%
No. Passed / 383 / 85.9% / 423 / 80.57% / 409 / 93.81%
No. with Carry over / 65 / 14.51% / 122 / 19.43% / 27 / 6.19%

Department of Social Studies

No. Sat / 1076 / 100% / 864 / 100% / 755 / 100%
No. Passed / 765 / 71.1% / 551 / 63.8% / 619 / 81.1%
No. with Carry over / 311 / 28.9% / 313 / 36.2% / 158 / 20.9%

Department of Theatre Arts

No. Sat / 47 / 100% / 44 / 100% / 28 / 100%
No. Passed / 30 / 63.83% / 24 / 54.55% / 23 / 82.14%
No. with Carry over / 17 / 36.17% / 20 / 45.45% / 05 / 17.86%


The Chairman observed that many students performed poorly in Economics Department, Geography Department and theatre Arts Department, which was alarming and needed urgent attention of the Heads of Departments. He called on the Head of Economics Department for a comment on students that had failed the examinations.

The Head of Economics Department responded that the percentages of NCEI, II and III students that had passed (61%, 61% and 68%) respectively indicated a fair representation on the students’ performance during the examination. Those with carryovers he said were not serious with their studies.

A member observed that a memorandum presented was wrongly captioned as 150th meeting of the Academic Board instead of 154th meeting.

The Chairman urged members of the Academic Board standing Committee on results scrutiny to always cross check the raw data of results with the computed soft copy of the results in order to authenticate the true version of the results and also to correct any mistake discovered.


a)The Board directed that the calculation on percentages should be reviewed to reflect the correct percentages on the results.

b)The Board considered and approved results as corrected.

154.8.2School of Early Childhood Care Education and Primary Education


NO Sat / 61 / 100% / 76 / 100% / 71 / 100% / - / -
No. Passed / 34 / 55.74% / 57 / 75% / 55 / 77.46% / - / -
No with Carry-over / 27 / 44.26% / 19 / 25% / 16 / 22.54% / - / -

Department: Primary Education Department.