147 Old Solomons Island Road #303, Annapolis, Md 21401 410/266-3311 Fax 410/266-7653

147 Old Solomons Island Road #303, Annapolis, Md 21401 410/266-3311 Fax 410/266-7653

2016 Environmental Engineering and Science Resource Guidebook

147 OLD SOLOMONS ISLAND ROAD #303, ANNAPOLIS, MD 21401 410/266-3311 FAX 410/266-7653

The Academy invites you to sign up for a listing in the new and improved 2016Environmental Engineering and Science Resource Guidebook. We have revised what had been the Selection Guide into a dual format publication that has a new name as well. We are releasing the Guidebook in both electronic and print format to make this year’s edition easier to use and easier to distribute to individuals and organizations looking to connect with environmental specialists. We are expanding the content that each listing receives – enabling web links in the e-version and providing more room to post information on your specialties in both versions. We have been working on making these changes to increase the value and utility of a Guidebook listing. We expect to print and distribute the new publication more widely than we have in the past, with a special focus on outreach at the trade events and conferences we attend during the year. We are also planning an expanded role for the Guidebook in making federal, state, and local agencies aware of the capabilities of our members in helping deal with current environmental engineering and science needs.

The Environmental Engineering and Science Resource Guidebookis the primary handout of the Academy at all events and activities.


The Guidebook consists of five main sections: Introduction, Consultant, Education, Public Agencies/Organizations, and Reference.

The Consultant Section has four parts arranged in the following order: How to Select Consultants, Specialty Listing of Firms, Geographic Listing of Firms, and Alphabetical Listing of Firms. The type of information included in each listing is described below.


  • Name, address and phone number of main office
  • Description of firm’s services - 100 word maximum (please make this description be a specific, concise listing of the various services you provide)
  • Number of employees
  • Names of all BCEE/BCEEM/BCESs who are members of the firm, plus their titles and Academy certified specialty
  • Branch office addresses and phones numbers

GEOGRAPHIC LISTING OF FIRMS – Firm names only listed by state for every state where the firm has a main or branch office listed in the Alphabetical Section.

SPECIALTY LISTING OF FIRMS – Each firm having one or more BCEE/BCEEM/BCES in a specialty will have the firm name listed under the specialty.

NOTE: The number of branch offices included in the basic charge is limited to the number of BCEE/BCEEM/BCES listed. If you wish to list more than this number, the cost will be $300.00 for each additional branch office.


The Guidebook will be compiled using a form provided by the Academy to all firms that reserve space. The form contains instructions for its completion. After its return to Academy Headquarters, the form will be checked for the following:

  • All BCEE/BCEEM/BCESs listed and their specialties will be matched to the Academy’s database.
  • The description of your firm’s services must comply with the 100 word limit.
  • The numbers of branch offices listed will be compared to the number of BCEE/BCEEM/BCESs listed.


  • The cost of participation is $350.00 for the first BCEE/BCEEM/BCES (name of main office and contact information included) and $60.00 for each additional BCEE/BCEEM/BCES that is employed by your firm up to 100. Firms with more than 100 BCEE/BCEEM/BCESs pay $30 for each.
  • If the branch offices listed that exceed the number of BCEE/BCEEM/BCESs employed by your firm there is a charge of $300.00 per additional branch office.
  • A 25% discount on half or a full-page ad is offered to firms listed in at least three prior editions of the Guidebook.
  • An initial payment of $350.00 is due when space is reserved.
  • Any balance owed will be billed after publication and is due upon receipt of the invoice.

The Web version will include all of the same information, plus awards your company has received.

Sign up today! Complete the data entry sheeton the following pages and return it via mail, email, or FAX to:

Mail:American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists

147 Old Solomons Island Road, Suite 303

Annapolis, MD 21401

Email:Sammi Olmo ( : please include AAEES Resource Guidebookin the subject line.

Fax:(410) 266-7653

2016 Environmental Engineering and Science Resource Guidebook

Data Entry Sheet

147 OLD SOLOMONS ISLAND ROAD #303, ANNAPOLIS, MD 21401 410/266-3311 FAX 410/266-7653

PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT ALL DATA ENTRIES using the below form. Expand and add additional rows as needed.

Name of Firm / Company Logo (For web version only, jpg, gif, or png)
Street Address (Main Office)
City / State
Zip/Postal Code / Country
Telephone Number / FAX Number
Website / Email Address
Key Contacts
List the Key Contacts for each division/department. Individual listed must be a BCEE, BCEEM, or BCES.
Name / Title, Division/Department / Email Address / Telephone Number
Scope of Services
A description of the firm’s services (100 word maximum)
Number of Employees
Total number employed by your firm (including principals)

Academy Certified Individuals Employed by Your Firm and Their Specialty(ies)

Please use the two-letter code for the individual's specialty(ies) as listed below. All BCEEs, BCEEMs and BCESs who hold current/valid AAEES certifications are to be listed. List last name, first name, middle initial.

Board Certified Environmental Engineers and Board Certified Environmental Engineering Members

APAir Pollution Control

ESEnvironmental Sustainability

GE General Environmental Engineering

HW Hazardous Waste Management and Site Remediation

IH Industrial Hygiene

RP Radiation Protection

SE Sanitary Engineering

SW Solid Waste Management

WW Water Supply and Wastewater

Board Certified Environmental Scientists

AR Air Resources

EB Environmental Biology

EC Environmental Chemistry

EM Environmental Microbiology

ET Environmental Toxicology

GW Groundwater and the Subsurface Environment

HM Hazardous Waste Management and Site Remediation

SMSolid Waste Management

SR Surface Water Resources

SS Sustainability Science

Board Certified Environmental Engineers (BCEE)
Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) / Specialty / Title
Board Certified Environmental Engineering Members (BCEEM)
Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) / Specialty / Title
Board Certified Environmental Engineering Members (BCEEM)
Name (Last, First, Middle Initial) / Specialty / Title

Branch Office Information

Blocks of lines are provided for each of your branch offices. Please follow this format in supplying the information to ensure accurate data entry.

Line 1: Name of Branch if different from Parent

Line 2: Street address or PO Box

Line 3: Street address or PO Box

Line 4: City, State, Zip Code, Country

Line 5: Phone and FAX numbers with area code

Arrange entries in alphabetical order based on 1) Country, 2) State, and 3) City. Please list only 1 branch office per cell.

The number of branch offices listed may not exceed the number of Academy Board Certified individuals employed by the firm unless the firm agrees to pay the applicable cost.

Awards & Projects

(for web version of Guidebook only). List the types of projects you typically engage in and any awards your company/organization has received.

Award Name / Year / Project