1286 National Certificate in Scrap Metal Recycling (Nonferrous Purchasing) (Level 5)

1286 National Certificate in Scrap Metal Recycling (Nonferrous Purchasing) (Level 5)

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National Certificate in Scrap Metal Recycling (Nonferrous Purchasing) (Level 5)


/ 5


/ 153

This qualification has been reviewed. The last date to meet the requirements is 31 December 2020.

Transition Arrangements

This replaced qualification version 2 was republished in December 2016 to extend its last date for entry into training programmes from 31 December 2016 to 31 December 2017.

This qualification has been reviewed and replaced by New Zealand Certificate in Resource Recovery (Level 4) with strands in Composting, Recovery and Recycling, Scrap Metal Recycling, and Solid Waste [Ref: 2745]

The last date for entry into programmes leading to this qualification is 31 December 2017.

People currently working towards this qualification may either complete the requirements by 31 December 2020 or transfer to the replacement New Zealand qualification.

For detailed information see Review Summaries on the NZQA website.

It is anticipated that no existing candidates will be disadvantaged by these transition arrangements. However, anyone who feels that they have been disadvantaged may appeal to MITO at the address below. Appeals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

NZQF Registration Information







Last Date for Assessment

Registration / 1 / May 2007 / December 2020
Review / 2 / May 2015 / December 2020
Republished / 2 / December 2016 / December 2020

Standard Setting Body

NZ Motor Industry Training Organisation (Incorporated) (MITO)

PO Box 10803

Wellington 6143

Telephone0800 88 2121

Fax04 494 0006


National Certificate in Scrap Metal Recycling (Nonferrous Purchasing) (Level 5)


/ 5


/ 153


This national certificate recognises the specialist skills and knowledge of experienced purchasers working in the scrap metal industry.

The compulsory section recognises the skills and knowledge required to work safely, legally, and knowledgably as a scrap metal grader and buyer.

The qualification includes elective sections to recognise skills and knowledge that are complementary to the role of an experienced scrap metal purchaser.

This qualification builds on the National Certificate in Scrap Metal Recycling (Operations) [Ref: 1285].

Special Notes

This qualification is for scrap metal purchasers who hold a Secondhand Dealers Licence or a Secondhand Dealers Certificate. Public registers of licence and certificate holders are available at

It is recommended that people entering programmes leading to the award of this qualification possess the skills and knowledge of an experienced scrap metal recycling worker. This might be evidenced by award of the National Certificate in Scrap Metal Recycling (Operations) [Ref: 1285] or the demonstration of equivalent knowledge and skills.

Credit Range

Compulsory / Elective A / Elective B
Level 3 credits / 6 / 0-7 / 0-5
Level 4 credits / 15 / 0-10 / 0-5
Level 5 or above credits / 120 / - / 0-5
Minimum totals / 141 / 7 / 5

Requirements for Award of Qualification

Compulsory standards

Elective A – a minimum of 1 standard as specified

Elective B – a minimum of 5 credits as specified

Award of NQF Qualifications

Credit gained for a standard may be used only once to meet the requirements of this qualification.

Unit standards and achievement standards that are equivalent in outcome are mutually exclusive for the purpose of award. The table of mutually exclusive standards is provided in section 7 of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) Rules and Procedures publications available at

Reviewed standards that continue to recognise the same overall outcome are registered as new versions and retain their identification number (ID). Any version of a standard with the same Id may be used to meet qualification requirements that list the ID and/or that specify the past or current classification of the standard.

Detailed Requirements


The following standards are required

Service Sector > Resource Recovery > Scrap Metal Recycling

Id / Title / Level / Credit
22648 / Demonstrate knowledge of health, safety, and environmental protection for scrap metal recycling / 4 / 15
22671 / Demonstrate knowledge of the Secondhand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 2004 for scrap metal recycling / 3 / 6
22674 / Recognise, classify, grade, value, and purchase nonferrous metals for scrap metal recycling / 5 / 120

Elective A

A minimum of 1 standard

Education > Adult Education and Training > Delivery of Adult Education and Training

Id / Title / Level / Credit
7108 / Deliver on-job training to adults / 4 / 8

Service Sector > Driving > Driver Licence Classes

Id / Title / Level / Credit
17575 / Operate a combination vehicle to meet the requirements for a full Class 3 driver licence / 3 / 7

Service Sector > Resource Recovery > Scrap Metal Recycling

Id / Title / Level / Credit
22658 / Uplift and discharge scrap metal / 4 / 10

Elective B

A minimum of 5 credits from anywhere on the NQF

Other standard setting bodies whose standards are included in the qualification


Tranzqual ITO


The certificate will display the logos of NZQA and the NZ Motor Industry Training Organisation (Incorporated).


This qualification is classified according to the NQF classification system and the NewZealand Standard Classification of Education (NZSCED) system as specified below.

DAS Classification










1984 / Service Sector > Resource Recovery > Scrap Metal Recycling / 039901 / Engineering and Related Technologies > Other Engineering and Related Technologies > Environmental Engineering

Quality Management Systems

Providers and Industry Training Organisations must be accredited by a recognised Quality Assurance Body before they can register credits from assessment against standards. Accredited providers and Industry Training Organisations assessing against standards must engage with the moderation system that applies to those standards. Accreditation requirements and the moderation system are outlined in the associated Accreditation and Moderation Action Plan (AMAP) for each standard.

Prerequisite Diagram

NZ Motor Industry Training Organisation (Incorporated)
SSB Code 101542 / New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2018