10D History Essay-Tracing Themes 2014

10D History Essay-Tracing Themes 2014

Dr. J. M. Denison S.S.

History Department




Culminating Course Assignment

Your task is to individually research and write a formal argumentative essay of approximately 1000-1200 words followed by a bibliography. The argumentative essay will require that you be able to complete in-depth research, make effective notes, formulate and defend a clear thesis, apply critical, analytical and creative thinking skills, and finally organize your information in a logical and coherent fashion. Furthermore, you must also effectively and accurately document material in your essay.

Areas of study to select:

  • Immigration & Multiculturalism,
  • French-English Relations
  • Arts & Culture
  • Canadian Independence / Identity
  • American Influence on Canada
  • First Nations
  • War, Peace & Security
  • Economy & Technology
  • Women

Big Question: Your essay must address ONE of the following questions:

How was your specific Canadian group/themeaffected or shaped by events and people during the past 100 years?


How did your specific group/theme affect or shape the events or identity of Canada during the past 100 years?

The essay is worth 15% of your final course mark. This mark is then divided up as 30% process and 70% final product.


The entire process is completed in a series of steps staggered throughout the course. Students are expected to complete each step to the teacher’s satisfaction before proceeding to the next task. This reduces the chances of plagiarism and prevents students from completing the entire essay the night before it is due.

Step One: Introduction to the Essay & Topic Selection

Step Two: Independent Research

Step Three: Thesis Formation

Step Four: Planning the Essay(Essay Outline)

Step Five: Peer Editing of Final Draft

Step Six: Revision and Completing Final Draft

Assessment & Evaluation:

Assessment for Learning:

  • Research Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Thesis
  • Essay Outline (including 6 quotations)
  • Essay (peer editing)

Due Date / Assignment / Criteria
Research Notes
(3 sources) /
  • Notes from 3 sources
  • In point form format
  • 2 quotations from each source
  • Proper citation on each page

Research Notes
(6 sources) /
  • Notes from 6 sources
  • In point form format
  • 2 quotations from each source
  • Proper citation on each page

Bibliography /
  • Includes a minimum of 6 sources
  • Includes a variety of types of sources
  • Proper MLA format

Thesis /
  • Is arguable
  • Presents three supporting premises that lead to the conclusion

Essay Outline /
  • Includes three strong arguments
  • Detailed historical facts develop the thesis and each argument
  • Includes 6 quotations that support your arguments

Essay /
  • 1000-1200 words
  • Double-spaced
  • Includes bibliography
  • Formal language
  • Appropriately organized
  • Includes 6 quotations
  • Quotations and facts are accurately cited
  • Facts are connected to the argument

Assessment of Learning: The Essay and research – 100 marks (see rubric)