Year III Project Q4

Year III Project Q4

Year III Project Q4

Final Due May 20, 2016

1. Write a 5 paragraph essay on one of the following: Biotechnology, Interactive Gaming or Nano scale Technology in North Carolina. Your essay needs to discuss the leading manufactures, current events and economic impact on North Carolina from the industry you chose.

Graphic organizer with notes attached Due: Monday, April 4th.

2. There are two parts you need to complete. Part One: Create a computer generated circle graph about the racial makeup of North Carolina. Part Two: In a four paragraph essay explain how one of those groups has influenced political and social changes in North Carolina.

Notes Due: Friday, April 15th

3. There are two parts you need to complete. Part One – Map: Using a blank North Carolina map provided by the teacher, show all current military installations found in North Carolina. Your map needs to show the name of each of these installations. You also must include in the upper right corner of you map the total dollar impact these installations have on the state. Part Two: Choose one of these installations and write a one page essay on how this installation has impacted North Carolina economically.

Map Due: Friday, April 22nd

4. Research a college/university (NOT community colleges) in North Carolina with a major course of study that you are interests you. This is for an undergraduate degree only. You must complete a table that includes the following:

  1. Total semester hours required to complete the degree
  2. Hours needed each semester to complete degree in 4 years.
  3. Types of jobs you could expect to get with this degree.
  4. The salary range for jobs with this degree.
  5. The cost per year to get this degree

Then write a one page entrance essay to this college describing why you would be an asset to this college and degree program.

Hand created table due: Friday, April 29th

5. Create a T-Chart listing the pros and cons of fracking in North Carolina. Write a 4 paragraph essay explaining the economic and environmental impact fracking has on the state of North Carolina.

6. Write a 5 paragraph essay on how the Cape Fear, Yadkin, and Catawba River Basins have affected the economic development of North Carolina.

Graphic Organizer with notes attached Due: Friday May 6th.