World Historyand Geography Syllabus

World Historyand Geography Syllabus

World Historyand Geography Syllabus


Instructor Information

Instructor / Email / Contact Information
Jaimie Akins / / (931) 248-6637

General Information


In the course of this year, students will gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of the history of the World History from the Industrial Revolution to the present. In this class students will participate in class discussions, take notes from lectures, read both the text book and several primary source documents, and complete several writing assignments. You can find the TN State History standardshere.

Expectations and Goals

All students this year will be required to actively participate in their own learning. In order to facilitate that learning, the following expectations are upheld in class:

  1. Treat yourself, others, and the school with respect.
  2. Be on time and prepared. (In seat ready to work when bell rings)
  3. Follow all classroom procedures and school rules.
  4. Try your best.


Almost all of the behavioral issues will be handled in class. The usual consequences involve detention, phone calls home, and conferences. Some activities (like sleeping) will result in all three. Classroom consequences are given at my discretion. Certain activities will result in administrative action, they are: dress code violations that are not easily fixed, cell phone use not okayed by me, insubordination, constant disruption, bullying, and disrespect.


It is imperative that all students are in class and working when the bell rings. If, for any reason a student is late, they must produce a note from a faculty member, if they can’t produce that note, the tardy will be considered unexcused. All unexcused tardies will result in a detention.

Leaving the Classroom:

It is important for all students to be in class for the entire period. As classes are less than an hour long, I do not allow students to leave my room, except for emergencies. Students are given adequate time to take care of all of their needs between classes.


If you have an absence, you are responsible for making up the work you missed. The following steps must be followed:

  1. Take your note to the front office BEFORE school starts to get an excuse.
  2. Show the note to each teacher.
  3. Get the missed assignments from the “What you missed…” folder on the bulletin board.
  4. You have 1 day for each absence to make up your work, if you turn it in after the day it is due, it falls into the category of late work. **If you do not have an excuse I will still accept missed work for a 5 point reduction in grade per day.**

Missing/Late Work:

While you are in school, you are expected to act as a professional student. Therefore, it is your job to turn in all work on time at the beginning of class the day it due. If you do not turn in your work on time, you must turn in “missing work” sheet instead. Late work will result in a 10 point reduction of your grade per day.

Missing Work Slips

If you do not have your work completed at the beginning of class, you must fill out a “Missing work” sheet and turn it in. ***You still have to turn in the assignment you are missing.***

Study Halls

I am available most mornings by 7:40 AM and every afternoon for students to get extra help or to have a quiet place to work on assignments.

Writing Assignments

Several times a year, students will be given short (1-2 page) writing assignments. The assignments may be in response to lectures, documents, or current events. Students will complete these writing assignments outside of class time. They must be written neatly and edited for correct spelling and grammar. All plagiarized work will result in a zero.


Students may retake any test before or after school. They must retake the test within 5 days of the day it was given. I will accept the highest grade.

Students may correct all daily work and quizzes for ½ the points they missed back.

Google Classroom

This year, a large portion of the work will be done using Google Classroom. This is a free app students can access from a computer or their phones. Students are responsible for turning in assignments and taking quizzes on Google Classroom on their own time. If a student does not have internet access at home, they may stay before or after school with me to complete the work, or request a written copy of the documents.


Classwork/Homework= 20%
Quizzes = 20%
Tests = 30%
Class Participation = 10%
Semester Tests = 20% / A= 93-100
B= 85-92
C= 75-84
D= 70-74
F= below 70

Course Materials

Notebook to keep track of class materials

Paper to take notes

Black, blue, and red pens

Sticky notes


Highlighters (several colors preferred)

Required Text

World History: Modern Eratextbook, Ellis-Esler

I have read and understand the above information/policies.


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